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Hi so on this page I'll post all the tags I'm tagged in :D


Catalina Blue tagged me for this one :D
Thanks Catalina :D
Rules :
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. List some major things you are grateful for.
3. Tag ten bloggers.

Thank you notes :
1. Thank you mom and sis for being there for me every single day of my life.
Neal Kind.
2. Thank you internet for bringing this huge wide world into my room.
3. Thank you bit torrent for being there so that I can download any movie and TV show for free :P
4. Thank you to everyone who has ever touched my life..I'm who I'm because of you all.
5. Thank you Computer department in my school you people helped me choose a career.
6. Thank you to all the experiences good or bad,happy or sad or heartbreaking.
7. Thank you Spongebob,Pokemon,Dexters Lab.,Jhonny Bravo,Powerpuff Girls,Flintstones,ScoobyDoo,Dragon Ball z,Treasures of the hidden temple,Asterix for coming to tv a the same time every single day and making my childhood fun :D (Seriously what is up with cartoons these days?)
8. Thank you Ice-cream for being so delicious.
9. Thank you people in metro for being so rude and ignorant if not for you I'd get someplace comfortably.
10. Thank you guy who spreads rumors for making people famous.
11. Thank you to my friends for sharing laughs with me.
12. Thank you Ummmm.... for filling uncomfortable silences.
13. Thank you Harry Potter books for being so awesome.
14. Thank you swear words for making arguments when all other words fail you.
15. Thank you that one teacher who hates you for no apparent reason you taught me to not give a crap what you think.
16. Thank you FRIENDS for being the funniest show ever..thank you Chandler,Ross,Joey,Monica,Phoebe,Rachel,Gunther,Janice..thank you :)
17. Thank you Dc and Marvel comics.
18. Thank you Kardashian's for a creating a mystery for why the hell are you all are famous..(seriously does anyone knows why they are famous?) 
19. Thank you to June from The Journeys of my Beating Heart for being my first ever follower it meant alot :)
20. Thank you all of my regular followers...you people make me want to post more :)
21. Thank you anyone who reads my comics...you people are awesome :)
22. Thank you watsapp and facebook for making it easy for stalkers to stalk people -_-
23.Thank you text message for being a way to communicate with people you don't wanna have long conversations.
24. Thank you that one odd relative who drops by in years and expects us to remember him/her. :P
25. Thank you all bloggers who don't read post and simply comment "follow each other? blah blah" and don't follow back after you follow them..
26. Thank you sarcasm for not failing me..and making me have a quick witty reply for everything :P


So I was tagged by : Another teen on the web.
Rules :
1. Answer The Questions2. Write them on a piece of paper3. Tag some people

I don't write this neatly even in exams :P I think this one is alright considering how I usually write..:P


I was recently given the Sisterhood of the world blogger award by Paranoid Puppet from The Inside Mind of a Paranoid Puppet and yes her blog is as cool as her name. :D
Thank you Paranoid Puppet.

1.  What's your favorite book and why?
All the Harry Potter books I try to read them at least once a year.If I have to choose one among them I'll pick Half Blood Prince mainly because it tells so much about Voldemort (oops..I said The Dark Lord's name O_O).His history is so interesting and that scene where Dumbledore dies and his funeral.I feel sad every single time first time I read it I so hated Snape but now I can't even do that. :/

2.  How did you start reading? 
This is really interesting..I was feeling really blue one day, very lonely and I found a book in my room.My school gives book as a prize to all the toppers well my sister has always been a topper so she has like a lot of books but people at my school are kind of corrupt so they don't put a lot of effort in buying quality books but that time I found the converted work of William Shakespeare by someone related to Charles Dickens and I was hooked.I read most of them I love them. Merchant of Venice and Julius Ceaser are my favourite .I read Julius Ceaser's original work I was awestruck how beautiful it was.

3.  A book everybody loved and you didn't?
Abundance of Katherines?I read so many good review about it but I kind of got bored with it after 50 pages.

4.  A book everybody hated and you didn't?
Twilight?...Kidding I hate that book.Umm..I usually check how a book is before reading so I haven't really read a book everyone hates.Suggest a few you hate I'll try them. :P

5. What's the biggest book you have ever read?
A Song Of Ice and Fire : Clash of Kings..that is one big ass book.(Tyrion you're one awesome dude!)

6.  Favorite comic? 
Comic?Comic?COMIC!!!!(*Takes out a trumpet and blows it*) everyone here know I love comics.Every Wednesday is a blessing when I download new comics.I have a little over 100 GB of comics.I'm proud to say that I have digital editions of 1st appearance of Batman (Det. Comic 27) and of Spider-Man and I have every single Spidey and Batman comic ever.I like other characters as well.Flash,Superman,Wonder Woman,Spider Woman,Captain Marvel,X Men etc but favourite are always Batman and The Amazing Spider-Man.What about you which one do you like?
I'm making my own comic as well it includes a lot of big comic book names.

7. Favorite comic hero?

Bat Family (this was 2nd attempt at Digital Art)
This was the cover of DETECTIVE COMICS recently.My sister actually helped me with this one.(This is using paints)
This was my first attempt at digital art,I was pleased with it :)
Spider-Man..Spider-Man does whatever a Spider can. (You sang that too?right?)
8. Favorite comic Villain? 
Who else the Clown Prince of Crime himself..HHaahehehaahahahuhuhahaha..THE JOKER!
This is part of the comic I'm making
This was also cover of some comic recently (This is using sketch pens)
9.  Best series you've ever read so far?
Umm..book or comics?
 Books : Harry Potter..I can read/watch Harry Potter anytime and anyplace.I read e-books in class recently while my teacher was saying who knows what. :P (I'm stuck at Deathly Hallows because of my stupid examinations >.<")
Comics : Batman-this series only follows batman and Alfred and no one else..yes there maybe few guest appearance by other Bat family members.This series has been the most consistent yet..and before I forget this might be a good time to start reading this one because Joker returned recently and he has disabled freaking Justice League and he's out for blood..it's madness right now trust me. I need the next issue DC!!

10. Do you like classics? 
Yes,love them..They are called classics for a reason.Some I've read : LOTR,Hobbit,Shakespeare,Sherlock Holmes (Freaking awesome book),
I'll read To Kill a Mockingbird next. 

I did it so now you'll have to do it too :P :
Envy @Picking up the pieces
Kanra Khan(Catalina Blue) @The Emo Wolverine Writes/The Lunar Descent
Dian THC @The Happy Candle
Felicia @A Silly Girl's Thought
Tudda Pudda @The tudda Pudda Diaries
Yasmine @Cloudy Dreams
Elizabeth @Lizzie Drippigs
Kathie K @A Sea Change
When She Writes @When She Writes (that was funny,no offence When She Writes)
Marian @Ivory Cloud
(Noelia I was going to tag you as well but I think Paranoid Pupper already did so there was no point)

I'm not sure if this makes us sisters, I asked Paranoid Puppet haven't heard back yet XD XD.
(I did she said yes we probably can be XD)

1. Your guilty pleasure?
2. One book you wish you could read all over again for the first time.?
3. Worst book you ever read?The one which disappointed you the most.
4. If books could talk like actually talk which book would you like to talk to?
5. (Okay this might be toughest of them all) Favourite character from any book you've ever read ?
6. Your favourite Song,Artist and band?
7. If you are writing a novel and you want to include someone you know, who would you choose?
8. What genre do you usually go for?Which is your favourite book outside that genre?
9. Book that made you cry after/while reading?
10. Your views on Twilight movie or book? (Imagine me in that 'The Saw' joker mask saying :"I want to play a game" bwhaha)


So When She Writes tagged me for this award which I'm thankful for..funny story no one has given me as many awards and tags in real life as many you people have out there..that's why you people are awesome :)

Anyone who hasn't done this tag can do it and use the same questions..I've tagged people I guess once or twice it was weird doing that mostly because I'm not habitual of giving out awards and stuff XD :P

1. What has been the most memorable time of your life so far?
Umm..don't know...maybe the time when the kids from Teach for India called to tell me they won..that was awesome :D
2. If you could go back in time, what would you change?
Let's go back to comic 2or3,yes that time..I'd walk right upto young me and slap him right across the face. :P
3. Most embarrassing moment ( i can't wait to hear some of these!)
There was this cute girl in my friends class in 11th and I just wanted to leave everything behind and move on you know..and I told the friend I think she's cute and he went and told the girl I like him and made up stuff..it was really embarrassing..I never went to his classroom after that.
4. Chocolate or sweets?
Chocolates are sweet XD
5. Favourite blog?
Umm..I love a lot of blogs and choosing among them is really hard..you can see some of my favourite blogs in blog of fame tab above..but if I have to pick one..well..
I can't..It's a tie between Picking up the Pieces/Emo Wolverine Writes/Parranoid Puppet/A Silly Girls Thoughts..mostly because I've been following these blogs for some time now and have interacted more with them than any other blogger..but I love all the blogs I follow. :P :)
6. Most precious belonging?
I'm gonna be materialistic and say my mobile and laptop.I can't go through a day without them..Seriously.
7. Tell us something we don't know about you!
Sometimes while making Daily Diaries Comics I feel like a 14-15 year old whiny teenager XD :P
8. Day or Night?
Night always night..I hate Mondays and mornings.
9. Sum yourself up in 3 words
I don't know..
10. Favourite TV show?
Friends. I've seen that show like 10 times I know the lines by heart..and I can watch it on mute and still laugh at all the jokes in I know it that well :P I'm a huge Chandler Bing fan and when people say I have a very Chandler Bing-ish sense of humor I feel proud. :D :P
And how awesome is Phoebe..Let's sing.."Smelly Cat..Smelly Cat..."


So Noor @A Little Bit of Sunshine also gave me this award thank you very much Noor ^_^
here are her questions :
1. How long have you been blogging for?
Since August 8,2014.Best decision ever :)

2. Favorite dance style?
I don't know seriously no idea at all :P

3. Favorite blogs?
Check my Blog of Fame page.. :D

4. What is the most creative thing you have ever done? 
I once made a stuffed 3-d card for my mother's birthday :D

5. Top 3 blogger besties?
Kanra..Envy..Felicia..Paranoid (You didn't notice there are 4 :P)
All Hail Queen Envy

6. Favorite word?
This question made me laugh..I don't know never really thought about it...chimichanga is a cool world I think :P (Deadpool anyone?)

7. Craziest thing you've ever done?
Ohh..that's a toughie..I've done a lot of crazy stuff...once me and friends started laughing while performing in a play on stage in front of whole school XD

8. Fave thing about my blog? (hehe I'm sneaky) 
How much effort and excitement you put in your posts,that is amazing :D

9. Do you like the number 9? 
I don't hate it :P

10. Opinion on Nutella? 
Interestingly I've never had Nutella :P (I can feel the judgement..on this one..:P) 

11. Biggest blogging pet peeve?
follow for follow people..fashion blogger :P


Another Teen on Web and Jessica and Brleigh tagged me, thank you very much for that :)

Rules :
  1. Thank and Follow the bog that nominated you
  2. Tell us 11 facts about you
  3. Answers the questions that were set up for you
  4. Nominate 11 and make questions for them
11 Fact's about me :
  1. I'm right handed.
  2. I'm a foodie.
  3. I love watching movies and TV shows.
  4. I love animals and plants!
  5. I love to read but I don't get much time for that.
  6. Comics are a huge part of my life.
  7. I'm from India.
  8. I have a sister.
  9. I've never been on a date :P
  10. I'm 19.
  11. This is the 11 fact I'm writing.
Questions by Another Teen on the Web :

1.Who is your celebrity crush?
Emma Watson <3

2.Fruit or vegetables?
Either I don't mind.

Your top 3 favourite blogs?
Head hurts by trying to decide.

What is one talent you wish you had?

What is your favourite food?
There is this Indian dish Rajma Chawal..love it..and pasta..pizza..pretty much all junk food and healthy food :P

If you could choose you last ever sentence what would it be?
Money is hidden underr....<dies>

Facebook, twitter or instagram?

If you were stranded on a desert island who would you want it to be?
Any wildlife expert since they'd know how to survive..

What is/was your favourite subject at school?

What is/was your least favourite subject at school?
Chemistry and Biology

Most embarassing moment of your life ever?
Hmmph..I answered this recently..:P

Questions from Jessica : 

Do you have any hobbies?
Sketching :)

What's your favourite TV shows?
Friends :D I love that show..

What's the best thing about where you are from?
Food..Indian food ^_^

What kind of cell phone do you have? 
Samsung Android Quatro.

Whats your favourite animal?
I love all of them no discrimination. :D

What's an embarrassing moment you've had?
I've answered this :P

What's the meaning behind your blog name? 
I post comics based on my life..like a daily diary so daily diaries :D

What's your favourite type of music/artist?
I don't have a favourite type per se but I like Snow Patrol..Led Zeppelin..Justin Timberlake..Lifehouse..Imagine Dragons..Maroon 5..Daivd Bowie..The Beatles..Billy Joel..Nirvana

What is one thing you can't live without?
Oxygen lol :P

What is one of your life goals?
To see a penguin..and am not even kidding right now..

What's your favourite sport? 
Not much into sports but if I have to pick Cricket..:)

Questions by Bryleigh :

Have you ever learned to play an instrument? If so, what?
I tried Harmonium as kid took 4-5 classes learned a couple of songs on it then stopped attending class.
Cats or Dogs?
Cats...no dogs..no cats...no dogs..okay cats..but dogs...>.<"

Do you know how to play Checkers?
Nope..I know chess though.

Do you have a favourite YouTuber?
Umm..I like watching Late night shows (Conan..Jimmy Fallon..Seth Meyers etc) on Youtube does that count?

E-book or real book?
E-books are easier to handle and can be read easily anywhere while real books have a good vibe to them so I'm pretty  much okay with either :)

Soup or salad?

Gold or Silver?
I don't know lol :P

What's the hottest temperature ever been where you live?
It goes over 45 degree Celsius on a daily basis during summers in Delhi.It's get too freaking hot here.

Do you like ice cream?
I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream !! ^_^ like?Nah..love it :D

Where do you blog?
As in the physical place?My room..:P

Favourite candy?
Pretty much any I get my hands on :P

Liebster Awards 

I've done this award before though.
This time it was given to me by Elizabeth who blogs at Lizzie Dripping
Thank you very much Elizabeth :)

1. What is your favourite book?
Harry Potter all of them can't pick one too tough :)

2. Name one hobby that you have. 
Sketching lol :P

3. What is your biggest achievement?
I'm not sure to be quite frank D:

4. Favourite colour and why?
I love all the color..true story :D

5. Favourite food and why?
Pasta I love me some pasta and there's an Indian dish named Rajma Chawal..which is basically kidney bean curry and rice it is ridiculously delicious :D

6. What is/was your favourite subject at school and why?
Maths because I loved solving problems and during 11-12th C++ because I loved to code :D

7. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Everything >.>

8. What is your favourite thing about Autumn?
I have a terrace garden and most of my plants dry during that season so I'm gonna say nothing :P

9. Best ever holiday?
My holidays are rather dull and mundane but there are a couple interesting one like one holiday when I went to Mumbai it was really fun it must be in 2008 :)

10. What always makes you smile?
Animals every single time they're so cool :D

11. What are you most looking forward to in 2015?
Avengers : Age of Ultron ^_^

Blogging Buddy Award

Thank you M :)
  1. Why do you blog?
    To tell a story and entertain people and it calms me it's like having a free psychiatrist.

  2. What are on your bedroom walls?
    Nothing literally nothing there's only one wall in my room that's free...one wall has huge windows running from one end to another..one wall has huge cupboards..one wall has study table and a mirror so only one wall is truly what you can call a wall I like it empty.

  3. Type out some lyrics you love.
    "remember the times we spent together on those drives
    We had a million questions all about our lives
    And when we got to New York, everything felt right
    I wish you were here with me tonight"

  4. Describe one of your friends in lots of detail, without naming them.
    I have this friend he's energetic and lazy at the same time..he's generally nice to people and usually doesn't have to resort to sarcasm for being funny..he loves his family and I don't know how to describe more :P

  5. One photo.  Any photo, as long as it's of you or taken by you.

  6. What's the last book you read, and what are your thoughts?
    "To kill a mockingbird" : I think this book is called classic for a reason I love how this book is told from a 9 year old's point of view and how she deals with racism..rape..and adults telling her to be a woman..the book can be slow at times but it sure does has all the old time drama in it.
  7. Share a good blog post from any blog, including yours
    I'd pick one from mine : http://diaryforneal.blogspot.in/2015/02/chapter-15-birthday-bells.html
    This is my favourite chapter so far.
  8. Share a story of something that happened recently.
    We found a guy who had 50 shades of Grey book in Hindi lol XD
    That said we sure did make fun of him and the book :P
  9. Go on facebook and message someone you haven't talked to in at least a year, or someone you've never spoken to at all.  If you don't have facebook just text, call or go visit.  What was your conversation?  Word for word:
    Lol not happening..
  10. What are your thoughts on selfies?
    Not a big fan of them I prefer being behind the camera instead of being in front of it :P
  11. What's your favourite movie and why do you like it?
    My Favourite movie...hard choice so instead I'll answer with the one saw last : Big Hero 6 (fist bump badalalala)

  12. What's a quote you love and why do you love it?“So, I guess we are who we are for alot of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them. But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.” - Perks of being a wallflowerI love this because it doesn't tell use that unicorns exist it simply says we have to do our best with whatever we have..it's inspiring I think.

  13. Have you ever been kissed?*Sits in a corner weeps*
    I wasted my entire teenage running after a girl..never been on any date neither have liked any girl ever since..never been kissed..yes make fun if you have to... >_<"

  14. What country do you live in and what's it like?INDIA...People always have something to say on anything...everyone is a religious nut..people here have so many problems I can't even begin..but it has many cultural and historical stuff and we got food!! FFFOOODD!! :D

  15. Write a paragraph on your train of thought.  Anything that comes into your head.
    Last thought that came to my mind : What am I doing with my life
    I procrastinate all day..twitter Facebook Blogging Snapchat Whatsapp but do I really do worthwhile..am I really doing anything to make a difference..

Share the Love Challenge

This tag was given to me by Ally R. @ The Scribbling Sprite

Rules :

  • Display the tag on your post along with the instructions.

  • Display the link to the blog whose author tagged you.

  • Insert their ‘about me’, biography, or profile text (unless they don’t have one). And if you wanna go all-out, add their picture too (if they have one)!

  • List or talk about some things you LOVE about their blog.

  • Mention your favorite post by that blogger.

  • Tag as many bloggers as you can! Share the love! (And remember, the more you tag, the more people will hear about you and your blog.)

  • And don’t forget to let the bloggers know you’ve tagged them.

  • I was tagged by : Ally R. @ The Scribbling Sprite

    About her : Hello, fellow book drunkards. Readers. Bibliophiles.

    Whatever you like to be called, I'm glad you're here. Here's a little bit about me. In third person, because it sounds oh so much more professional.

    Ally loves to read and review books, while always keeping a Christian perspective. In her spare time, she likes to write, draw, and eat ice cream frozen yogurt. Some of her favorite books include the Harry Potter series, the Mark of the Lion trilogy, Jane Eyre, the River of Time series, and the Anne of Green Gables books. Ask for one book recommendation and she'll give you at least four. She thinks she's a mythical creature. Let her think that. It makes her feel unique.

    Welcome to The Scribbling Sprite! I hope you'll join me on my reading/writing journey. If you want a specific book to be reviewed, just send me a request through the contact form.


    Things I love about her blog : Sense of humor!Period! It's that mild sense of humor in her posts that makes me smile and read the post.I don't usually read book reviews of a lot of people but this is the one of the few blogs of which I do so there's that. :)

    My Favourite Post by her : Haters Gonna Hate, Readers Gonna Read


    Do you know Sarah @ How to Watch a Movie and Ashley G. @ [Insert Title Here] they tagged me for this.

    You list ten of your favorite screen characters and tag ten bloggers.So instead of doing this tag twice I'm gonna do it once and will post about 15 instead of 20 characters that I technically should do (10 each) :-P

    1. Tyrion Lannister  : (Game of Thrones)
    He is a dwarf.No he is THE DWARF!Had Snow White known him she would have not been tortured as much by the evil queen.He is by far the smartest man in the entire king's landing and has a good knowledge of human nature.He is a bad ass! :D
    His family has tormented him since childhood.People look down on his because he is a dwarf.Which is a big reason why he drinks and indulge himself in prostitution so much but hey who is perfect everyone has flaws that is Tyrions.
    His best moments are at the Black Water Battle.Man the way he just sent a ship against an entire army to fight was gutsy and how well did he pull that off.He won that battle like a boss.He is also amazing at his trial.

    Battle at Black Water ship!

    2. Cersei Lannister : (Game of Thrones)
    She is the lioness guarding her cubs *coughcoughevenifthekidsarefromherbrothercoughcough*.Her character is almost hate-able and she does a lot of misguided stuff but she does it because she is afraid of her children's life.She is afraid of her father.She is afraid of not being pretty and not being loved.She is afraid!I get serious hate vibe from her sometimes but that doesn't change the fact that she is a strong character.We all love a strong negative character right?She is the strongest of them all.Her qoute :"When you play the game of thronesyou win or you die. There is no middle ground." that is amazing.Also Lena Headey is so cool! :D

    3. Sherlock : 
    Who is better Sherlock, RDJ or Benedict? I can't decide but good thing that they are both in Marvel Universe now.YAY! :D
    When Sherlock is in a room he knows he's the smartest guy in the room.He doesn't understand human emotions.He is cold and calculative but he does have a soft spot for Watson and Irene Adler.I love the novels of Sherlock Holmes and I thoroughly enjoy both the movies and the show.Both are awesome in their own way. :)

    4. John Coffey : (The Green Mile)
    Have you seen this movie?It is so beautiful.Everyone is afraid of John Coffey because he is black and is really big.They even punish him for something he never did.You can see how much pain is he in not his own but of others.He is pain watching other people in pain.He nurses a rat back to life.He is an amazing human who only does good things and helps people but people can't see that.Ultimately his character is freed from this world by Tom Hanks and other police staff.This is a movie you need to see and tell me if you don't like this character.

    5. Sweeney Todd : (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)
    He is your regular barber but is her really?His wife was taken by a corrupt judge and was falsely blamed for something he never did.His wife was then abused by the judge while he was jailed and was in exile.He returns to find his wife and get revenge.He is a man on mission.He used to be a lovely young man who suffered a lot because of a man's lust and corruption.I don't like how he ends up it's so painful and so sad but yes his character is.Also Johnny Depp :D

    6. Hermione Granger : (Really need me to tell the movie? :P)
    She was my first crush *Childhood nostalgia*.She belonged to a muggle world and didn't start on the right note with a lot of her friends.She had to put in a lot of effort in order to fit in with all the magic folks.She read all the books even before she boarded the Hogwarts Express.It's not Emma Watson flawless beauty but Hermione's brain that I find more attractive.She is smart in an obvious kind of way.If not for her Harry and Ron wouldn't be able to do anything.They would've died in the first book itself when Devil's snare catches them.Agaisnt all odds she rose up and went on to become as Sirius put it "Brightest witch of her age".She is awesome! :D
    I so wanted to include Ginny in this list but they kind of ruined her character the movie makers *sobs*.

    7. Severus Snape : (HARRY POTTER!)
    Alan Rickman, nough said.
    All I'm gonna say is it takes courage to admit one's fault and to do what he did to make up for it.He is the silent guardian a dark protector.Not the professor Harry wants but the professor he deserves.He is Severus Snape.

    8. Albus Dumbledore : (Dumbledore and the rest of the wizarding world)
    Yes that should've been the name of the series.Since the start it had been Dumbledore's plan.He let Harry make his mistakes while making sure he gets help when he needs it.He planned every thing since the night James and Lily died.His plan was fullproof.He was flawed yes a lot but it was his brilliance that over shadowed his flaws.Why I like his character?Because he choose light over darkness.

    9. Sam : (The Lords of the Rings trilogy)
    Is it only me or do you also feel that if not for Sam,Frodo would've kept the ring and not destroy it.Sam was scared all the time but when needed he was the most courageous hobbit of them all without any power ring.He carried Frodo thought out giving him strength,company and support.He tended to his needs and looked after him like a loyal friend.I hope you all have your Sam. :)

    10. Legolas : (LOTR)
    The elf who defies all rules of Physics!He has no personal greed neither does he misses his target.He is a true friend and a fun companion. Legolas is awesome!I love they included him in Hobbit the way they did.(Preach Peter Jackson!)

    11. Joker : (The Dark Knight)
    HAhaehehe and they say my jokes are bad.This must be the best comic book to live action character adaption ever.The way Heath Ledger plays him is simply freaking awesome!

    12. Kevin Spacey (Yes I said that xD)
    Have you seen Usual Suspects or House of Cards or anything he has been in?He is a brilliant actor!

    13. Black Widow : (MCU)
    She's got style you can't deny that.Ever since the moment she enters that ring and pins Happy down she has been a major MCU character much like in comics.She used to be on the wrong side but she did a lot of hard work to right her wrongs and be where she is right now.Even the super powered Avengers respect her.On a good day I'm pretty sure she can take out most of them.Plus there has been a universe where she lifts Thor's hammer..just saying..

    14. Jack Torrence : (The Shining)
    "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"
    "Here's Johnny!"
    Tell me you didn't feel shivers down your spine when Jack breaks the door!

    15. Mask : (Mask)
    Jim Carrey is fantastic in this movie!


    Guess who tagged me?
    Yeah you are right Paranoid Puppet (Okay you didn't guess but still..:P)

    Okay so here we go.

    1. I'm right handed.
    2. I'm a foodie.
    3. I love watching movies and TV shows.
    4. I love animals and plants.
    5. I love to read but I can't make as much time as I'd like for it have to resort to reading while commuting to and from college or someplace else.
    6. Comics are a huge part of my life.
    7. I'm from India.
    8. I have a sister.
    9. I've never been on a date :P (Hate this one)
    10. I'm 19.(20 in less than a month T-T)
    11. I have trouble working under an alias.I often hear people calling me as Neal instead xD

    1. Do you do any sort of art? If so, what?
    Does my comics qualify?I have a lot of other art stuff I make on this blog as well. :)

    2.  Your favorite book?
    Harry Potter series has a special place in my heart but beside that I love Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.Also The Shining by Stephen King.
    3. Do you believe in luck/bad luck? 
    I'm a weird person I don't believe in god but do in devil similarly I don't believe in good luck but do in bad luck.

    4. Worst book you've read
    I'm guessing Twilight and John Green books are one of the  worst things I've read.Also 50 Shades of Grey and Paths of Glory.These are some bad books and bad authors.Except for Paths of Glory,Jeffrey Archer is a brilliant author I just didn't like this book by him. :-P

    5.  Do you play any games? If so, what?
    In real life I play UNO with my mum and sis sometimes (like once or twice every few months :P).I don't play any video games neither do I play any online game now.Previously I loved to play Roller Coaster Tycoon,Zoo Tycoon,Age of Empires,Prince of Persia,Super Mario! :D

    6. Is there a movie that you liked more than the book?
    Hobbit Series.Yes I loved all the extra stories added in the movie people only complaint because they just can't see their precious books not being portrayed line to line.I don't mind movies straying away from source material as long as they click.Now Harry Potter I agree movies were not that great they were filled with plot holes and missed a lot but Hobbit was awesome.
    7.  Where have you traveled to?
    Outside India?Nowhere >.<"
    In India to a few states with family for trips..Rajasthan.Mumbai..UP etc :P
    8.  What do you think of written letters?
    I've never received one but would like to. :)

    9. A book character you hate?
    Bella Swan (or whatever her name was that dumb girl from Twilight)
    Mr.Grey (I don't remember his first name neither do I care to find out :P) 
    Wendy (The Shining) - She is so dumb,I believe she is a big reason for everything that happened.

    10. A book character  you love?
    Hermoine Granger :D
    Robert Langdon (Dan Brown books)
    11. What do you think of this award? :)
    I don't know I don't think about this award xD


    Do you know Heather?She is an amazing writer who blogs at Sometimes I'm a Story.Check out her blog :)
    Thank you Heather!


    1. Do you find knees super disgusting? (side note: KNEES ARE SO DISGUSTING 
    - I don't really think that much about knees..but I don't think I find them disgusting..o.O

    2. What are you currently listening to, or what did you most recently listen to?
    - Under Pressure by David Bowie and Queen :D

    3. Do you like warm hugs?
    - Depends on who's hugging me.If I like the person then any kind of hug is good if I don't then I can't even tolerate the touch of that person let alone a hug. :-P

    4. What is your favorite movie?
    - I watch a lot of movies it's a hard question so I'm gonna answer with the last movie I saw i.e. Avengers : Age of Ultron. ^-^

    5. What is your favorite snack to make?
    - Does oats count as one?I've enjoying making oats recently :P

    6. If you were going to sum up your blog in three words, what would they be?
    - Whiny teenagers drama.

    7. Have you ever seen a production on stage?
    - Nope.I would like to though.

    8. What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?
    - It has been a rough week with exams but the best thing was when I went to my terrace garden and the wind was very strong I loved the feeling of wind on my face.Also when a friend sent me a picture of sweetest lamb,ducks and geese :D

    9. What’s your favorite book tag?
    - Book tag..as in?Like an book award like leibster?
    If that's what you mean then I'm not part of any book blogger community. :-P

    10. If you could say one thing to anyone, what would you say to whom?
    - I am not sure it's a tough question :P

    Thank you Everyone :D
    If anyone is interested in doing the tag I'll tag you :D


    1. Haha, wow! Looks like you waited quite a while to get all those tags done! They do kinda sneak up on you, though, don't they?
      Kudos for picking up George R.R. Martin, though! I'm not much into high fantasy, so I don't think I'll ever pick it up, but I hear its good! As long as you don't get too attached to the characters. XD

      I followed your blog via GFC! =)

      Brittany @ http://www.spacebetweenthespines.com/

      1. No I did them as I got them it's on a different page.yeah GOT has some real big books :P
        thank you for the follow :)

    2. LOVE your answers and I'm not regretting tagging you at all!! Blogging is most definitely like a free psychiatrist, and I love the photo of the rose you took. Honestly, facebook messaging someone from your past or even a stranger isn't actually that bad. It's like having a random conversation or interaction that you normally wouldn't have, and it's not even face to face. I love your quote as well. There are many things that make us who we are, but our main goal should be to make ourselves who we want to become as time goes on. Move forward. And that train of thought is so relatable. I spend a lot of time procrastinating on social media as well, and I could definitely be doing something more productive, but when it comes to whether I'm doing anything with my life, we're still young. We don't need to be doing anything much yet. We just need to be self developing ourselves. Also, what song were those lyrics from?

      The Life of Little Me

      1. Yeah that rose was very fresh when I photographed it that's why it looks so cool.I don't mind texting once but that'd lead to long conversations and catching up and all the formalities better avoid it.I've tweeted you the song name :)
        Thank you so much for tagging :)

    3. SAAAAMMMM!!!! I adore Sam. Oooh, and Sherlock, and the Joker, and Black Widow! And the Mask! Haha, Jim Carrey is awesome! Great picks Neal! :D

    4. I'm glad you did the Leibster Award! :D "Under Pressure" is an awesome song, and your thoughts on the wind, ducks, geese, and lambs does sound awesome! Also, I really hope you get to see a stage production, because they are awesome! :D Thanks for participating, Neal. :)


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