NAME : Neal Kind. (not real :P)..My real name is really long and hard to say :P

Why Neal Kind? : My parents seriously considered naming me Neal before giving me a boring long hard to say name. The Kind part is clever though...you take all the vowel out of Kind and from my last name both have K N D as the output..I just made a word out of K N D using one of the vowel in my last name :P

Why Daily Diary and comics ? : Well mostly because I sketch events from my life kind of like you write in your diary so Daily Diaries and as for why comics??Why not comics? :)

20 Facts About Me: 
  1. I am from India.
  2. I love to eat. I can always eat..One doesn't simply say No to food ^_^.
  3. I believe Harry Potter is a biography,your argument is Invalid.
  4. I can be sarcastic sometimes (Okay a lot of times but I've been holding back a little)
  5. I love to sketch...I doodle on my copies when in class...I doodle when I'm studying at home..rest of the time I'm actually sketching :P
  6. I like to know about historical events...visit old castles and forts..museums or zoo's :) 
  7. I'm currently doing Engineering in Computer Science....it's not as exciting as it seems to be.
  8. I love nature..I love every living thing that can't speak or think like humans.
  9. I hate stupid people.
  10. I love listening to music....Maroon 5..Snow Patrol...Imagine Dragon..Eminem..Justin Timberlake etc..I wish one of them would have a concert in Delhi or nearby area.
  11. I love making people laugh.
  12. I am a very grateful person. :)
  13. I am very much into reading comic books and I watch every single Marvel/DC movie.
  14. I watch a lot of TV shows and movies..I want to watch all Harry Potter movies one after the other but I kind of get tired after 4th movie but imaging how cool would it be watching movies for 20 hours straight.
  15. I wish I had more time to just read...it takes me weeks to finish a book with all the work...college..sketching..studying..time spent hoping to study.
  16. This is my secret life.
  17. I sometimes have confidence issues.
  18. I have trouble accepting change, like kind of you go through when you become a teenager or then become an adult.
  19. I'm 19 and I'm freaking out about turning 20.I turn 20 this year (2015).
  20. I'm afraid of being alone and miserable but I never say this out loud.

1. If you were a tree,what kind of tree would you be?
Mango tree always mango tree.It's so big and it's leaf's smell so good plus mango's grow on it!!

2. Which do you prefer : waffles,pancakes or french toast?
French toast I think. :P

3. What would you do if chickens tried to take over the world?
I'd become an eggterminator (get it xD).Also show them this commercial.

4. If you had one last meal,what would it be?
Depends whether I know it's my last meal or not.If I do I'm ordering every thing I like from Pasta to Momo's to Rajma Chawal to Pao Bhaji and many more :P

Get it? xD (no offence to anyone)
5. How old are you?
I'm 19 years old...(almost 20 though >_>)

6. How old were you when the thing with Apple happened?
15 or 16 I think when it began until I was 18 something. :P

7. What's your major?
Computer Science Engineering.

8. What do you wanna do once you're done with University?
I'm not sure at the moment there are a couple of post graduation course I got my eye on,hoping for the best. :)

9. If you could be a superhero, who would you be?

10. If you could travel through time, what time period would you visit?
I'd very much like to visit and meet some of those dinosaurs also that Roman history time period.Then I'd also like to travel into future to see how world is doing.

11. Do you play any instrument?
Nope, but I wish I could though.

12. What is your favorite planet in space? XD
Earth!It has so  much to offer.

13. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
Live?Idk..I don't mind as long as I feel loved and wanted where I am.

14. What's your favourite colour?
Umm....umm...ummm..idk too hard ot decide.

15. Who is your favourite blogger?
There are so many amazing bloggers to choose from how can I choose 1? :P
Some of the cool one's I like are Envy,Kanra,Felicia,Dian,Bryleigh etc etc. :P

16. What book are you reading?
Right now I'm reading Shining by Stephen King! NO SPOILERS PLEASE!! before that I was reading Angels and Demons and I loved that book! :D

17. What is your favorite book?
I don't know if you've heard about it or not but it's about a 11 year old boy involves all kind of magic and awesome stuff.I think it's name is.what was it I always forget..umm..Oh yeah!
HARRY POTTER! (tell me you didn't see that coming xD)

18. Am I mistaken or did you say you live in India?
No you're not my whole family has been in India ever since man could make fire. xD (Yes I do realize the fault in my logic)

19. How did you come about to live in India? (born there, move there. . . is this a dumb question?)
Born here for ages my family has been in India.We are a typical Indian Hindu family.

20. Does it rain a lot there?
Not a lot but during rainy season sometimes it does a lot I love that!! :D
Rain is awesome!

21. Cookies or pie? (because that is incredibly important!)
Cookies (Did I answer it right??Ashley G.??)

22. How are your unicorns? Well, I hope. 
One of them was sick a few days ago wouldn't let me put a blanket on itself and caught cold stupid creature but it's well now.Thank you for asking xD

23. Have you ever been camping?
There was this one pretend camp in my school years and years ago I went to that but it wasn't camp more like an over night stay in school.Other than that I've never been camping.I want to go camping!

24.If you could only eat one food- three meals a day -for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Why would I want to eat the same thing over and over again for the rest of my life that's like a torture for someone like me :P

25. If you could be proficient at any skill instantly, what would that skill be?

26.Cats or Dogs?
Cogs (see what I did there?)...Idc I love all animals excepts lions..Cats and Dogs both are cute in their own ways :)

27. I take it Neal is a pen name (I think you said that)—why did you choose to call yourself Neal?
Neal Kind is yes indeed a pen name.I've been very open about that because my comics are really personal and I just can't put such details about other people who were/are in my life out there openly on the internet.As for why Neal it's because my parents almost named me Neal before naming me what they did.In past I've seriously considered to legally change my name to Neal but haven't.

28. What is the grossest thing you've ever touched?
I am not sure..:P

29. Career choice?
I already answered that I think

30. Do you wear glasses, contacts, or none?
Nope.I did for a while back then.I have a very minor eyesight number and I've been prescribed glasses for it but I don't like wearing them haven't worn them for ages now.I see just fine only drawback is I have minor headaches sometimes but well I don't have to wear glasses.:P

31. How old were you when you realized that you were a unicorn?
I think in my heart I've always known that but I really realized that when I was 19 I guess. :P

32. Can you dance?

Lol no..I don't know haven't tried ever except for a few times so don't know xD

33. Cake or chocolate? Because I'm evil like that.
Why why why!!Why would you ask me such an evil question!Both answers are right and wrong at the same time...!! D: D:

34. Anyone you look up to?
Obviously,anyone who's taller than me.!

Welcome to Daily Diaries ^_^


  1. I love India so much! I go every summer but I still feel that I should live there all the time. It's a weird feeling but I can't even express how much I love Mumbai. You're really lucky to live in my favorite country. Love your blog, by the way!

    Vanshi || Upwardss

    1. Hey! Thanks...Checking out your blog :)
      Yeah Mumbai is kinda cool I like the way people their speaks hindi :P :P
      I live in Delhi though it also cool :)

      Neal Kind

  2. Great facts we are incredibly similar I see sarcasm as a way of life haha!

  3. Your blog is very nice. I had some friends from India at my college, and I always loved learning about their culture. I hope to visit India someday.

    1. Thanks..I also like to learn about different cultures :D

  4. Nice about page! What's your real name?

    1. I'd rather not tell that for other people's privacy in my comics sorry hope you understand :)
      But will tell when time is right :)
      Thank you :)

  5. India has such a strong culture! I also have a love of learning about other places and how they do things—and India is very interesting in that way. Would love to visit sometime. I can relate to most of what you've written here, actually lol. Love nature, sarcasm is part of my everyday speech, Harry Potter's fantastic (poor Snape!). Very nice! ;)

    1. Snape is so awesome I think anyone who did not had tears in his/her eyes when Snape says 'Always' before casting the doe patronous is a robot T_T #RIPSEVERUSSNAPE!!
      You totally should visit :D

  6. Yay Indian swag!
    I'm an Indian too! *Hi Fi*
    Really, really, realllly loved your blog! It's absolutely positively fantastic. I love the theme you've used and your comics are really, really amazing! You must have put in a lot of hardwork to come up with that, I'm sure! :)
    Oh, and I'm really glad to have come across another Potterhead! :)
    Looking forward to read more of your stuff!
    Stay awesome as ever,
    Much love,

    1. Hey! Lol yeah Indian swag xD *Hi-5*
      Thank you very much,I try to make something funny and positive to read good to know it comes off right :D
      Potterhead for life ^_^
      YOu stay awesome as well :)

  7. You seem like a really cool person!
    I read one chapter of your comics and it's entertaining, so much so when I realize that it's actually drawn from real life.
    My boyfriend lives in India and he is currently working in Mumbai, I think you both took the same degree. So I got fascinated reading your about me. lol
    AND Harry Potter is indeed a way of life and I also would like to watch all 8 movies continuously but haven't tried.
    Do you read lots of books? If so, what's your favorite genre?


    1. Thank you!
      You did?Which one?
      That is so cool, I like Mumbai it's a cool city.
      Oh HP books are amazing :D
      Idk how many counts a lot xD
      I don't really have a favourite genre but I love Dan Brown and Stephen King :D

  8. "I believe Harry Potter is a biography,your argument is Invalid" - BRILLIANT!!! :) and
    "I'm 19 and I'm freaking out about turning 20.I turn 20 this year (2015)" - pssshhhtt... I'm going to be 24 in 2016 and that's what is really really freaky!!! Age; always something that will forever confuse us and abuse our emotions! :)

    1. It is a biography xD
      Oh boy 24!
      I feel the same when I see people freaking out over turning 16

  9. Hey there! It seems that you've stopped blogging, and I am too late to stop by!
    Anyway hey! I am from India too. :) And I really love your blog!

    1. Hey there! Yes, I stopped blogging quite some time ago. I think I posted my last post about a year ago. Thank you for reading blog :) I'll check out your blog asap :)

    2. You should continue...:)
      I read somewhere that you thought you weren't a writer. I think you are both an artist and a writer. :)
      Thanks for thinking of checking out my blog. ^_^ It's okay if you don't. Just commented to praise your work!

    3. But I really am not,I just vomit words. :P
      Envy Fisher and Kanra Khan these people are running good writing blogs. I'm just glad illustrations make up for bad writing and wrong grammar :P
      I'd continue but idk what to post. I'm posting 4 new chapters though so I guess that's something?


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