Tuesday, April 11, 2017

CHAPTER 36 : College Year 1 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Yo reading human, you've probably been following my blog for quite some time now or you're a new reader. If I know you in real life we're not talking about this blog ever unless you want me to call you something bad. I returned to this blog once before as well when I was feeling a little down. Daily Diaries has always been my sanctuary, my escape, my place of over-sharing and honesty. I'm more honest with you guys than with anyone. I've posted about my ugliest thought in words of Red and my nicest thoughts in words of Pink. You guys have been with me through my thick and thin. Thanks for that.

Lately, I've been a tad nervous. Nervous about my future, it's my final semester of college and now I've literally grown up. I'm expected to do adult stuff now like getting a job and stuff. I think that feeling of growing up is what made me come back to Daily Diaries because this is where I can still pretend to not be an adult.

I was just gonna make one comic but Envy basically nagged me into making four comics. One for each year of college.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Anyways, what you guys been up to?

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