Sunday, May 24, 2015

CHAPTER 35 : I miss the taste of the sweet wine I miss the conversation. (This is where it ends)!

Things were very okay-ish?if that's word for me.I was still in love with the girl who I was my best friend.Only problem was she broke up with her boyfriend and had a new friend who was jealous.He didn't like me I knew that from the get go but he would do such a thing was a surprise for me.

This is it.I stood up for myself finally!
Next two years were weird.
I was tensed and under a lot of pressure. I have a weird habit of stress eating and therefore I got umm..well fat.I have shed a lot of weight now though it feels better not being fat but still not slim as some people would say.We can all agree society is not nice to fat people.I know it's not fair but that's the way it is and one person can't change it.Girls don't even look at fat guys that's a harsh truth and boys are judged when they do the same for girls.Okay that was a weird thing to say it has nothing to do with the post but I'll leave it in the post anyhoo.Hope you understand what I mean by that.
What happened next?Well for that you need to read the jumbo sized last post :D
So only 1 post left!
Excited? I am.
So tell me what was your favourite chapter?What did you like most about my blog? :)
Do you have any questions for me?
last post on 26th May :)
Be there :D


  1. I'm not excited, because it means the end of Neal Kind. :(
    I loved this post though. Did you find out who was lying? I hate gossip and backstabby things and I would've hated to be in that situation. I like everything out in the open, you know? I'm glad you stood up for yourself though. :)

    1. I never did find out what exactly happened that day. I used to wonder about it alot until a few months ago. I don't anymore. I know, I understand what you mean by that. It's best when things are out in the open.

  2. I am not excited for the blog to end... however I am happy the story with that Apple is ending! Good riddance, as they say.
    I tend to do stress eating too but unlike you I wasn't able to shed the extra weight I gained haha. You deserve better and it's good that you are able to let Apple go in order for you to be available and ready when the right one comes. :D
    And yeah I am curious if you were able to learn who lied?

    1. Thank you :-P
      No I never did find out what happened that day. To be honest I don't really care anymore either.

  3. I'm quite sad that this is ending Neal. I just hope it has a happy ending :)

    Lizzie Dripping

  4. Well, this whole situation just sucked big time in my opinion. And I'm both excited and sad to read the end because it literally means the end :( and one of my favourite things about your story was the interactions between the devil and the angel (I prefer the devil by the way hahahaha)

    1. Yes it sucked it really did.
      I'm excited for the end. :)
      Will where we go from here. :)

  5. Wait, wait, wait, wait...
    This is ending soon??
    This cannot end! This is so amazing! :(
    Keeping my fingers crossed that there should be more of these! :(

    1. Yes most probably yes it is ending. :)
      Thank you Archie :)

  6. *cries* NO PLEASE DON'T GO. I'm excited and extremely sad at the same time.


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