Monday, May 11, 2015

CHAPTER 28 : Highway To Hell

I sent a few texts which were supposed to be harmless just me taking my frustration out but then Jasmine went ahead and forwarded those to others in a wrong way betraying my trust.It was awful time in my life,I had never been so lonely.I tried to talk to Apple everyday, everyday she'd ignore me and when I ask if she was angry she'd say no and carry on ignoring me.Needless to say I tried my best even made a few startling decisions.

You should have heard his theories and stuff for women,they were appalling.I had always known kids who you can call were deatheaters because of this boy I shared school cab with everyday he was a part of that club.But never had I been associated with them and their crazy stuff until this very moment.I got myself deep into crazy world of all such people after I started talking to A.Llama more.Sometimes I found myself wondering why was I doing it?
I started it to get into Apple's new friend circle so that she'd have to talk to me someday.Plan failed miserably xD

WHAT I DID : Made a plan to infiltrate her friend group trying to get her to talk.

WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE : Tell her why I did what I did,if she accept then she accept if not then her loss.She doesn't deserve to be a friend if she can't understand something as simple as that was.

Ever made a plan like this?
I've read one on a certain blog I love to read  :-P 


  1. I've never really made a plan similar to that..Of course, I've never really been through a similar situation as you. -Jollygirl

    1. Good you have never been in any such situation.I hope you never are in one either.

  2. The ceiling fan joke. XD I've tried that, too. Somehow I ended up with a group of people I didn't even like, and I'd wonder why I was even there. It didn't fare well for me...

    It's too bad A.Llama thought bad stuff about women, otherwise you might've enjoyed hanging out with him. And Apple would have to talk to you. :)

  3. I still make it whenever my sister asks the same xD
    Yes he had few weird thoughts and did some crazy stuff but when he wasn't doing that he was alright and somewhat fun to talk to but not my choice of friend although I still have friends like that.

  4. Nope, I've never done such a plan. They are bound to end terribly. I'm looking forward to read what comes next :)

  5. Wow that does sound extreme! But I can understand why you did it. It's hard and weird when friends just ignore and communicate why.

    Once there was this new girl at church and I became friends with her, because she was kind of shy and people can be so clickish. We were pretty close. Then maybe after a year she started becoming popular with everybody else, which is cool because she was really fun. But we kind of drifted apart because I wasn't popular, though we still spoke, just not as much.

    I tagged for a, uh, tag! It's a lot of fun.

    1. Well I'm not proud of a lot of stuff I've done and this is one of them.
      Atleast you still talk if not much :)
      Thank you I'll check it out ^-^

  6. Oh, the plan! We all make plans! :D And they kinda always fail... Mine does at least.
    "RV must be happy, he got his wish." This was exactly the same thing I thought about the Boy's girlfriend, quite bitterly, when the Boy and I stopped being friends. They got us out of the way pretty good, didn't they?

    1. This reminded me of your plan.I've included a link to your plan post up there did you find it? :-P
      Yes he must be happy but idc now :-P
      Yeah they did,that isn't cool!


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