Friday, May 8, 2015

CHAPTER 25 : Basic Instinct

In last chapter Apple went to RV's birthday but didn't come to mine.I was kind of upset about it until later that evening when I talked to her but I couldn't shake off the RV thing.It bugged me how she would talk to him but not me.RV and me,we didn't get off on the right foot.It was a weird incident when we met the way he reacted and the way I did.

What I did : nothing besides thinking way too much into it

What I should have done : why should I bother what someone else thinks,right? :)

Did I tell you about the time when someone in our class said that Apple and I am boyfriend/girlfriend when teacher asked why were we always together.She didn't sat with me for a few days after that.

Have you ever faced similar problem?
Like people giving you grief for being friends with a member of other sex?
Ever got off on the wrong foot with someone?


  1. That was rude of him to say. Especially since he just met you! If maybe he was like a close friend or something whom you normally joke around with, it probably wouldn't be so bad. But that was kind of uncalled for. . .Ugh, when people try to pair others together just because their friends, is ridiculous. And then it makes you self-conscious. I'm not close friends with many guys mostly because I know my family will make fun of me every chance they get. :P

    There was this one time at college there was this guy and I who had guitar ensemble and choir together. I did kind of like him. But I didn't know much about him except that he was really good on guitar and he sang well too. We didn't really talk much though. One time, just once, we actually had a conversation. Then these two girls in front of us started whispering about us, "Hey, they're actually talking to each other now. . ." and so forth. :P They weren't exactly subtle. Our conversation stopped right there. Maybe one I'll understand people. . . or not.

    1. Well I agree..
      Those two girls sounds rather stupid.It's a shame that your conversation ended because of those stupid girls.
      Did you ever talked to him again?
      When the silly girls weren't around?

  2. I've been thinking about how much time it takes to draw comics and how hard it must be to put ideas and experiences into that format. So tell me, do you have some sort of superhuman power, are you like the Kung fu master of your talent? Your comics are amazing and them being based on actual events makes them so fun to read. But there's one really serious question I must ask- Is Llama their real name or just a cover? Because to me it seems like a legit name.

    1. It feels like some people can't seem to grasp that a boy and a girl can hang out without them being an item. He's one of those people and that's rather immature. Jokes about this are so infuriating especially because you'd just met. I would have called the unicorns on this RV guy, teach him a non violent but valuable lesson:P

    2. It takes a little while for me to make them but I'm getting faster with every comic so it's not that big a work if I can make it anyone can.Yes I do have superhuman power *Flicks hair and takes superhero pose* and yes I am like Kung fu Panda xD
      All the names are cover names for a little privacy thingy :P

    3. Yes they can hang out without being an item :P
      I should've released the unicorns on him xD

  3. Okay, I still think Apple behaves so wrongly and then I read what you said at the end, that she didn't sat with you after what that teacher said. I think that is so stupid. Like you said, who the fuck cares what others think of us? Cannot a girl and a boy be friends? Jeez.... but anyways, what RV said was very asshole-ish but well, people sometimes make jokes believe they are actually funny...

    1. People in India aren't that open minded.If a girl and a boy speak to each other one of them have to like the other and there has to something between them.RV would do a lot of asshole-ish things in future chapters :P
      This is just beginning :P

  4. That was so rude of that guy! And I also think that it wasn't nice of Apple to just stop sitting next to you because she (and you) shouldn't give a crap about what other people think! Can't a boy and a girl be friends?


    1. That was years and years ago when we were kids.A girl and a boy can absolutely can be friends.

  5. How rude of RV. Seriously, I think you have a right to feel a little mad. I have close friends who I hang with that are guys, and I've gotten a fair share of teasing when I'm just with them. But that guy was a jerk, Apple's your friend and he had no right telling you to stop hanging out with her!

    I'm still not quite sure about Apple. I've read up to 15 now, and you liked her so she must be nice or have good qualities. She seems nice and sociable, but on the other hand...did you ever feel as if she was using you? I don't know, this is just the vibe I get.

    This was a fun chapter to read. I'll have to finish all your previous ones this weekend. xD

    1. I know right?Why can't people just mind their own business o.O
      She was a good person trust me.She was so much fun to talk to and she was a total tomboy until all this stuff.People liked her I think? :P
      I can't answer that question yet xD
      Thank you it was fun to make :P

  6. When I was little, me and this guy Mark were best friends, and everyone at school said it was because we were boyfriend/girlfriend, and we have been, what eight years old or something, so we were both "EEUUWWW, NOOOOO!" The most annoying thing was that it kept going as we got older, and finally we just stopped being friends, probably because of that. It's so stupid, such things!

    1. That's awful! >.<"
      People just can't keep their noses to themselves they have to say such stuff >.<"
      I know how it feels when people say stuff like that.

  7. Omg!
    I loved your work!! You've put so much effort into all of this, it's beautiful!
    As for the story, I really feel that it's irrational of people to assume that guys and girls can never be best friends. Honestly, that thing is so overused and so lame.
    I' nearly lost my guy best friend thanks to our common friends teasing us! :/ At that time, while our friends teased us, he started behaving really rudely, so nastily that I would often end up crying. It was as if it was MY FAULT that people teased us.
    Ah well, never mind about that now. There's no point in dwelling in the past. What's over is over.
    By the way, I've nominated you for the Creative Blogger award because your blog is really, really creative!
    Anticipating more of your blog posts!
    Stay awesome as ever,
    Much love,
    Archie <3

    1. Thank you it's not that much effort trust me :D
      Yes it is kinda irrational of them to think that.It's getting old really fast :-P
      You did!?That's awful.That's not cool of him to behave rudely and make you cry.
      Yes there is no point in dwelling on past.
      You did?I can't find a post of the same your blog though,can you give me a link or something :D
      Thank you very much :D
      You stay awesome as well :D


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