Tuesday, May 5, 2015

CHAPTER 24 : All I Wanted for Birthday Was Her.

10th grade had been a funny time for me.It started out so well but then Apple broke up with her boyfriend A.Then went into some kind of space needing frenzy where she didn't talk to a lot of her friends including me which felt weird because we used to talk all the time.Around the same time my other friends also started acting weird they'd always be in a small group discussing something clearly not wanting to be bothered by me or anyone else so I left them alone.I talked to other people in class sure but it wasn't much fun.
Slowly and steadily the sad smile on Apple's face turned into a genuine one but she still wasn't talking to anyone.Well anyone except RV,Koyal (purple hair girl),Jasmine( short blue haired girl),A.Llama (Guy who introduced her to A - first boyfriend) and another friend AC.Me..I was just there to ask her if she is okay and say hi once a day maybe..or solve her problems that's it.
I started taking tutions because my parents thought it'd be good for me to adapt myself to sitting in a 3 hour long class after school since I'd have to do that from next year when I take science.So I had extra pressure to sit in a class where they taught stuff I already knew and aced the tests.Kids there didn't like me because I didn't talk to any of them or ever participate in class.

What I did : Went out with other friends and tried having fun (did have some) but all time thinking why she made such a lame excuse.
What I should have done : just have fun.You only get birthday's once a year.

So what about you?
Ever been on either end of a lame excuse?
Any random thought?View..??Suggestion?

Until next time,bye! :D


  1. It was so much fun reading this and aww poor you :( But you're right, you should have just had fun!

    Neeny x

    1. I have no idea how to respond to that poor me thing 😅

  2. Aw, that was sad. But I think you're right, birthdays should be fun!


  3. OH, that was not a experience I wanna live.... again! Because yes, I've been giving lame excuses as to why someone can't come to a party or whatever social gathering. But you know what? I'm starting to feel like I don't give a damn anymore to be honest. Losing my time because of that kind of people? Yeah, not gonna happen.
    I have a friend who the only things she does is lying. We all know about it. She knows we know and she keeps doing that. I don't know why. It's so lame and freaking frustrating. But instead of getting mad, I simply couldn't care less.
    And that's my point of view. I know it's harsh but nobody should feel horrible inside because others don't give a shit. Even less, if it was your birthday? What kind of person does that?

    1. I was 16, I liked the girl need I say more? :P
      That is a stupid age :P
      I don't really care much anymore myself (Yes.I'm growing wiser each passing year xD)

  4. Awh no...but she was your best friend!
    So I recently started getting into your diaries because they're so much fun, I read down to like 18, I think, so far. Did all these things with Apple happen in the past? Because I hope things are much better now. :)

    1. Yeah she was :P
      18?Cool,would love to hear what you think :D
      Yeah like 4-5 years ago :)
      Things are much better thank you so much :)
      Thanks for reading ^_^

  5. Awww neal! :( I am sorry to hear this. But, birthdays should be fun! I normally don't like birthday parties for myself, but I definitely have fun on my birthday :/ I am glad this wasn't recently and it's long gone Neal! As always your comics are AMAZING xD Keep up the good work! ^-^
    Ohh ps: I am so sorry I didn't reply you about the shinning! I think we should SO do that! I just haven't got a copy yet :( Just paid my rent on the first so I am a bit broke right now haha :p I shall get paid next week so I will get a copy then. Did you finish the book yet? Let me know ^-^

    1. I've only had one birthday party in 19 years,this here more like a hangout not so much a party.I do have fun on birthday though at home :P
      I'm glad too,to make this and realize how stupid I used to be is kinda frustrating :P
      Thank you,you're awesome :D
      I replied about the Shining thing on your blog :D

    2. I actually had 3 FORCED birthday parties. Yep, my parents forced me to have them, there are pictures of little me crying throught my 8,9 and 10th birthday BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT TO HAVE THEM. They are not very nice people lool But, the photos are funny! We all grow up, and to do that we all do silly things. But, I think if I was in your position even now I would probably do the same thing ;/

      You know you are sooo right about that post, it just felt wrong. I will write whatever comes to mind ^-^ Thanks your comment actually inspired me to write a few things that I have been thinking. Paranoid Puppet doesn't ask much questions, so I deleted that post :p Ergh, dont you sometimes wish we had a bloggers chat room or something? haha That would be nice, especially so we could fangirl/fanboy over Steven without spaming each other boxes hehe ^-^
      And omg I laughed more then I should have with the birth control thingy hahahahha :') thanks for aways commenting on my blog, seriously it really makes me happy that you are always reading my posts =)

    3. Forced?Hahahaha xD
      I am not sure what would I do in such situation now :P

      Finally!This is the Paranoid Puppet I know!Yes she doesn't ask such question she does what she wants :P
      Waiting to read what you post.Yes I do wish there was a chat room but comments works too I love writing and reading comments.I also have a twitter and I talk to a few bloggers there so we can do that I think..?
      That joke was staring right in the face xD
      You are welcome,reading your posts make me happy as well :D

  6. Hi Neal, I'm actually the kind of person who gives excuses to these things, haha, but mine is usually rational. I just hope people understand. It's not that I don't want to go, sometimes I do, it's just the situation says otherwise. :)

    Being that kind of person, I actually kinda think her excuse was pretty valid (but I definitely don't know if I'd accept it if I was a 16-year-old and had an expectation for someone like a best friend.) :) Maybe her excuse was a little reasonable, and she really couldn't come as much as she wanted too? :) Every time someone gives me an excuse (regardless of how lame or reasonable it is) I always like to think of it as fate. Like maybe those people weren't suppose to come to the invitation/event, and there was a reason for it? I don't know, but I guess I've always believed that everything happens for a reason, haha. I'd just comfort myself with "It's just fate, that's all."

    But at the same time, I suppose you had the right to be upset the way you were too because you were just disappointed that she couldn't come to your birthday celebration like how she did for RV. :) It's definitely disappointing and I might just be if my best friend gave any excuse too, whether lame or reasonable. Maybe if she cared enough, she would go all the way to prevent herself from going to her cousin's wedding and giving an excuse for that so that she can come for your celebration? But maybe she just prioritised her family?

    Anyway, all these 'teenage' experiences has passed and I think it's great that you always put a little ending note to it about what you learnt from these experiences and make it a point to move on.:)

    1. I've been saying since the start these comics are made from my POV because I cannot possibly know someone else's POV in real life unless they tell me which in this case didn't happen.It felt really bad when she made such an excuse for not coming it did and after when she went out on RV's it felt like she just didn't care enough.I was really young and was not adapting well to the Teenage and all the quick changes that happened in a span of few weeks in my life.

      You've raise some good questions and you seem to understand her side of this better than I can.I'm also a very excuse making kind of person and now I've given up like at all I just say I can't come because I'm busy or just sleep in and then text after I wake up that I slept in so can't come :P She would've put her family over friends if her brother did got engaged :P
      Everything does happen for a reason.I believe that too bad stuff happen so that we appreciate the good ones more.
      I can't comfort myself by saying it's fate if you can't tell the devil runs my mind like it does in comics to be honest with the same bitterness and evilness.

      Yes I was disappointed I thought we were friends and then she does such stuff.It wouldn't hurt so much had she been truthful and said no instead of the excuse but it doesn't matter much anymore does it?
      It wasn't a celebration just a hangout kind of thing because I had nothing good to do on my birthday :P

      Yes all the teenage years have definitely passed I'll won't even be a teenager anymore this year.I put that to maybe help someone who is going through something similar or trying to show the other side to someone who is doing all this to someone else.I just hope it helps someone out there who need it or else it is fun to read for others :)

  7. "Go be evil somewhere else." XD That was great!

    I almost never know what to do around people. You'd think they were a foreign species to me. I never know how to react to people or what to think of them. :P But that's okay.

    Always have fun on your birthday! I don't understand adults who are like, "Oh, yuck I'm 27, 33, or 65, etc. I don't feel like celebrating." You lived through another year, people! Some people didn't make it through that year, like you did. Life is always worth the celebration. I say: Go forth and be happy, birthday people. :)

    1. Thank you xD
      Foreign species?That is a little funny (No offence).I hope that is not true though, :)
      Yes we should always have fun on birthdays.I'm one of those who are like yuck I'm this many xD but that doesn't change the fact I like to have fun :P
      That's a good advice :D


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