Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MARVEL's Cinematic Universe

Do you feel that?
Is that excitement?Is that fear of reading a spoiler somewhere?What is it!! :D
Avengers : Age of Ultron is here people!!!

So I thought let's go through why we love these Marvel movies so much!
Iron Man was the first Marvel we all saw and we were like "I don't know what I just saw but it was just so beautiful ^-^".Last Marvel was Guardians of the Galaxy and sorry we can't be friends if you have seen that movie and don't like it xD

1. Iron Man (2008)

Starring : RDJ,Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, Terrence Howard,Jon Favreau.
Tony starts off as a playboy millionaire who makes weapons for USA army until he is kidnapped by a terrorist group and asked to make weapons for them.He finds that the terrorists have access to his weapons as well and were using them for bad stuff.He builds a suit while captured and escapes.On his return he announces he won't be making anymore weapons and starts working on his Iron Man suit.Pepper pots his loyal assistant has a crush on him which he enjoys and at the end of the movie the two get together but before that there is this awesome robot suit fight between Iron Man and Obadiah Stane (Jeff Bridges).Tony finds out that Stane was the one who was smuggling weapons to the terrorists and had build himself a suit like Tony's using his blueprints from the cave.

RDJ is awesome!We can all agree on that and ever since this movie we all believe that Tony Stark and RDJ are one of the same thing :P

My rating : 8/10

2. The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Starring : Edward Norton, Liv Tyler,Tim Roth,Ty Burrell.Tim Blake etc.
I am not the biggest fan of this movie.It's a origin movie for Hulk.At young age Dr.Bruce Banner is exposed to Gamma Radiation in an experiment gone wrong and ever since then he is Hulk that's it adios.
I like Mark Ruffalo's hulk though.
My rating : 5/10

3. Iron Man 2 (2010)

Starring : Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Sam Rockwell, Scarlet Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Don Cheadle, Clark Gregg, Mickey Ruourke etc.
Okay I agree this wasn't the best Marvel movie and had many loop holes.Have you seen the Honest Trailer for this movie?It's hilarious. But this movie is important in MCU timeline.It sets up SHIELD and Thor and many other future Marvel movies.Tony Stark is almost dying in this one of poisoning and thus doing out of control stuff and his friend Rodey (who is changed in this movie lol) decides to stop him.Samuel L. Jackson gets into play in this one with his Avengers Initiative and sends Natasha Romanoff to work for Tony as Pepper's secretary.While Justin Hammer hires a criminal Vanko (who wants to kill Tony Stark) to make Iron Man style robots for him.Vanko overrides the robots at the end causing mayhem and after a long robot battle Justin Hammer is imprisoned and so is Vanko.

Let's take a moment and appreciate how cool is that scene in the gif above??
My rating : 7/10

4. Thor (2011)

Starring : Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Kat Dennings, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan SkarsgĂ„rd, Clark Gregg, Idris Elba, Jamie Alexandar etc.
We can agree that Tom Hiddleston and Kat Dennings stole this movie away from all other characters.Tom Hiddleston is to Loki what RDJ is to Iron Man.I didn't care for Natalie Portman in this movie much but Kat Dannings was just so amazing!Clark Gregg was awesome as usual it's a shame he isn't part of main universe any more.I also liked Lady Sif.
My rating : 8/10

5. Captain America : The First Avenger (2011)

Starring : Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Dominic Cooper etc.
This movie isn't too great story wise but the characters in this are pretty epic.I guess the reason I don't like the movie much is due to bad camera work.Red Hood is so well portrayed by Elrond (get it? xD).Howard Stark is also so well played so is Bucky Barnes.The one person who steals this movie is Peggy Carter.Why is this movie important?I tell you because it has tesseract in it!!Yes people this movie is where it all starts!
My rating : 7/10

6. The Avengers (2012)

Starring : RDj, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston, Scarlet Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, Sam. L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Clark Gregg etc.
This is it end of Phase one of Marvel movies!This epic movies binds all the heroes and puts them together on a plan with the Hulk!Oh the brilliance of Loki in this!
My rating : 10/10

This was it the end of Phase one.
You think this was good?Well then what will say about Phase two!?

7. Iron Man 3(2013)

Starring : RDJ, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and many more I'm tired of writing celebrity names.
People didn't like this much but I loved this one.It showed how Avengers effected people and Tony Stark he was the only one who wasn't a soldier or super human among all the Avengers.I also adore the kid in this movie and Happy is awesome in this one as usual.RDJ's sarcastic comedic portrayal of Tony reaches a new high in this one it's simply amazing.Yes I agree this movie has a few plotholes but all the cool robots and RDJ makes up for it :P
My rating : 9/10

8. Thor : The Dark World (2013)

This movie was so cool.Thor effected by Avengers.Every world in state of chaos and war.Loki is in a bad shape in this one and the scene where the mother dies idc much how Thor reacts but how Loki does is so sad.She was all he had in that place.I don't care much for Natalie Portman's character as well she's so whiny and thinks she's the center of the earth.Kat Dannings is awesome as usual in this one and so is Selvig! :D
My Rating : 10/10

9. Captain America  : The Winter Soldier (2014)

This movie..this movie...THIS MOVIE!This has to be the best Marvel movie yet!Yes it is better than Avengers.It features Captain America,Nick Fury,Black Widow,Winter Soldier,Cross Bones,Falcone,Maria Hill and many more big names from comic book.It's full of so many easter eggs for comic nerds.They are even saying there was a special guy in a special truck but they haven't revealed who yet.This movie has so many epic scene (Elevator scene anyone?Or the one where Falcone first flies?).It goes deep into Hydra root and Nick Fury dies in this!! >_<"
My rating : 10/10

10. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Funniest Marvel movie ever.I laughed so much in this one while the pretend geeks were sitting there pretending to enjoy it.Rocket Raccoon was amazing and so was Groot and others!I love the soundtrack I love the jokes I love the character I just love this movie.Rocket's line are simply amazing.I want to rant on this but I can't because you wouldn't appreciate me wasting your time like this and I wouldn't wasting mine either xD

My Rating : 10/10

And there are so many yet to come!
Which is your favourite Marvel movie?
Which one are you most looking forward to among the ones yet to come?
Any thoughts?
How is your week going?
Until next time : We Are GROOT! :D


  1. Not much toward the movies, but have you seen the series daredevil now out on Netflix? I watched only two episodes so far, (they are really long!) what are your thoughts on that one? :D And out of those I guess my favorite was the Hulk :)

    1. Yes I have and I love that series!I'm so excited for Season 2!
      2 wait until season finale it'll only get darker you'll love it! :D
      Hulk was my least favorite xD

  2. The Winter Soldier and The Dark World were my two favorites as well. I seriously adore those movies. Bucky and Loki stole my heart. lol. I am SO pumped for AOU. Like I cannot wait.

    1. Bucky and Loki are just so awesome!
      I can't wait either :D

  3. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE AGE OF ULTRON.. LIKE, I'M GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE GANG ALL TOGETHER AGAIN AND KICKING ASSES!!! But I have to confess something: I haven't seen Iron Man 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy yet. I didn't find the time to go to the cinema and I love to see this movies on the big screen because THEY ARE DAMN AMAZING and I just couldn't this time around and I haven't even try to find a torrent for them. I should watch Iron Man 3 before The Age of Ultron so I guess I would buy the DVD and do it this weekend.
    My favourite movies were The Captain America ones. I really love IronMan too because R.D.Junior is like the boss and about Thor... what I love most is Loki, I think Tom Hiddleston did an amazing job with the character and it's no surprise most people like him better than Thor. He's so wicked but so funny... he's fantastic! and I hope we will see more of him in the future films hahahaha and I hated The Hulk movies. They were very dull for me and I didn't like the actors but I do love Ruffalo's Hulk.
    And I will shut up now because Marvel always makes me very excited! Damn superheroes!

    1. I had seen Guardians of the Galaxy on theater but I got so excited when torrent for 720p movie was uploaded xD
      I agree with everything you said like everything!!! :D :D

  4. THE AVENGERS HYPE IS REAL! Basically, I agree with everything you said except for your Thor: TDW and CA: tWS ratings because I have yet to see them! I was surprised at how good the Guardians of the Galaxy was, it didn't get as much publicity at first as the other Marvel movies, but it should have. Anyway, great post :)

    1. Oh you definitely should watch CA:TWS you might not understand future movie without watching this one.It was one of the most important movie in Marvel timeline.Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome!You know it is one of the highest grossing films from Marvel xD

  5. I don't feel the excitement yet and that worries me because the movie starts in a few hours O-O
    I didn't even now there was a Hulk movie in phase one XD I did see a Hulk movie once and I liked it, but not as much as I love the Captain America movies. Guardians of the Galaxy was so awesome, I talked about it for months. Thor is my least favorite, but I like the movies because of Kat Dennings XD

    1. Get excited Envy Awesome Internet Curiosity Batman Fisher!!
      You're going for Age of Ultron!!

  6. Thor ^.^
    But I like all the movies!

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

  7. I confess. I have seen none of the Iron Man movies. :( The first time I saw RDJ, he was Sherlock, then he was assembling Avengers.

    I love both Thor movies. Hemsworth did well. But you are totally right. Hiddleston and Dannings stole the show! I love the storyline and the confusing brother relationship.

    Also the Avengers. That movie makes me laugh every time.

    Captain America 2 was fantastic also. The first was good, but the second things really start happening. The elevator scene is so amazing. Also I like how Cap and Fury kind of keep each other in check.

    1. You haven't seen Iron Man movie? o.O
      Well 1 is good so is 3 but I don't think they're really that important to MCU except for the 3rd one which does something important to Tony Stark.
      Kat Dannings is awesome :D so is Tom Hiddleston :D
      Avengers makes me laugh as well,that scene where Tony Stark is eating and offereing Bruce blueberry is so funny :P
      Cap 2 was best Marvel movie yet!The elevator scene was seriously so cool!
      Nick Fury is simply awesome!

  8. Hey, Neal! Those are such great reasons to love those movies. Love the GIFs you picked out too. :) My favourite would be either Avengers or Captain America The First Avenger. Probably because superheroes uniting to save Earth is pretty cool. Plus, I have this huge girl crush on Peggy. :)

    And I just watched the entire season of Daredevil already and I can't wait for season 2! I heard it's coming out in 2016. I love how its so dark, and yet there's some kind of humour in it, and I just love how it ended. His suit is awesome and there's just so many themes and depth in all the characters. The characters are explored so well and they're not not one-dimensional. I was always at the edge of my seat every time Fisk appears on the screen because I was so afraid he might kill someone, haha. The actors are really good, and Charlie Cox was wonderful playing the role. All the elements of drama, suspense, symbolism is so intense and well-conveyed. It's just brilliant! Can't wait for Jessica Jones coming out at the end of this year too. Hope it'll be as great as Daredevil. :)

    1. I spent unusual amount of time finding these GIF's glad you like them. xD
      I have a crush on most of them Maria Hill,Black Widoe,Peggy Carter etc etc ^_^
      Daredevil!I wasn't expecting that show to be this good to be frank but it turned out to be one of the best shows around.I like how dark it is actually giving you the creeps and feels that it is a crime show and they're dealing with an underworld mobster.I am so excited for season 2 as well.Yes all the actors played their part really well.Even Foggy was so cool being a comic element in such a dark show and Charlie Cox was simply wonderful.Best thing about the show was it's action choreography it was so well done and not at all that fake stuff they do on Arrow and Flash.I can't wait for AKA Jessica Jones and also for Iron Fist I hope those shows are also as good :D

    2. Totally understand why you have a crush on them ('cause why not), haha. :)

      Yeah, I love Foggy too! He was really likeable and they made all the characters so realistic. I also love the title sequence, I'd usually skip it in other shows but this one is really great to watch because the soundtrack was so cool, it had a mysterious and gloomy edge to it. And yes, the action choreography was fantastic, love all the swift moves and stunts, they were definitely much better than Arrow and Flash. Arrow's latest episode was a little disappointing. Oh yes, Iron Fist is pretty exciting too, can't wait to see what's in store in the future. :) And I'm so sad I'm only watching the Age of Ultron on Monday, can't wait to watch that either.

    3. Monday is almost here!I'm going tomorrow i.e. Saturday and I can barely keep it together!So excited :D

  9. I love Marvel, as well as everyone else I know, but I can't help but become seriously annoyed whenever Thor is mentioned. DO SOME RESEARCH, MARVEL! Ugh, and the fact that he and Loki are brothers is the worst. They've jut taken Norse mythelogy and completely fucked it up. Loki and Odin are blood brothers, and yes, correct, Thor is Odin's son, and he has two brothers, out of which Loki is NONE of them. I'll never watch a Thor movie or anything with that hero.
    But I do like Marvel and also DC! (Well, DC has Batman - 'nuff said!)

    1. I didn't know that about the mythology thank you :D
      But I think you'd be surprised how much work these people put into mythology and stuff before doing something.I guess they're just taking an inspiration from the mythology and changing it according to them.It is played in movies and written so well in comics that I can't complain :)
      Yes DC has Batman!Every other argument is invalid because Batman is awesomest thing ever :D :D

  10. OMG I JUST WATCHED THE AGE OF ULTRON, LIKE, 5 HOURS AGO, LOL. I love Marvel, but I can NEVER catch up with the stories in the movies. I already watched half of the ones you put here (all the Thor/Iron Man/Captain America movies... and the first Avengers movie) because my family always makes me watch them, but because there are so many of them I literally COULDN'T remember what happened already. I even got confused watching Age of Ultron due to my lack of memory in the previous movies, haha :P Poor me. Have you watched it already? :)

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

    1. Sorry I stopped reading your comment I can't it might have a little spoiler I hope you understand and not get offended I hope you like the movie!I'm going this Saturday :D :D

  11. I'm super excited for it! I've loved what the MCU has done so far - although that being said I've never cared to much for the standalone Hulk movies. I also really like the X-Men movies, especially the last two. :)

    1. I'm not the biggest fan of X-Men movies but I do love the actors in that movie and they act so well :)
      I'm a huge MCU fan! :D

  12. My top 10 favorite Marvel movies in order are:

    Guardians of the Galaxy
    The Avengers
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Daredevil (it's too good to qualify as a TV show!)
    The Winter Solider: The Elevator Scene
    Daredevil: The Hallway Fight Scene
    Loki Again
    Awesome Mix Vol. 1
    Anticipating Age of Ultron.

    Hehe. But I'm serious about the first four anyway. And I like all the Marvel movies (except Hulk, it's just so bad compared to Mark Ruffalo's...). And I enjoyed reading the reviews and watching the gifs, and I'm so excited for Age of Ultron! :D

    1. Best list ever :P
      Mark Ruffalo's Hulk rocks :D
      Thank you I wasted a lot of time finding the Gif's :P
      You should totally go and watch Age of Ultron as soon as you can it's so awesome I went today :D

    2. Oh man, you've seen it already? It's not out here yet, but I'm going as early as possible next week when it does! Just got my tickets. :D

    3. Great I'll look forward to your review on your blog then :D

  13. Thanks for making this list! I haven't seen any of these (except GOTG) and since you sort of put them in order, I'll try watching them one by one.
    Great post- a bit picture heavy (I had to wait five minutes for the GIFs to load, but yes, that iron man gif is really cool o.o)

    1. You are welcome Catalina ^_^
      I'd love to hear what you think! :D

  14. Ahh, Marvel is so amazing. I'm just watching the whole thing again and this is my favorite cinematic universe. :D

  15. I love Marvel, it's my fangirling life. (Sorry I haven't visited in a while, by the way. I was scrolling through your blog and I found the word "Marvel") My favorite (now) is probably the Avengers: Age of Ultron, but Avengers, Iron Man(s), and Captain America(s) were all super cool.


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