Thursday, April 30, 2015

CHAPTER 23 : All By Myself

10th is the time when parents ask you a dreadful question.
"What are your future plans?"
and if your family is like mine there's only one correct answer and that is what they think it is.We need to decide what we want to do so that we can have it easy when we enter 11th class and actually have to make a decision.I wanted to choose commerce ( Business Studies,Economics,Accounts etc) but I chose sciences (Physics,Chemistry etc).Why?Read to find out :

And just like that I was mind washed to take up science.In 10th I took admission in a tuition center where they taught school related stuff.I only joined it to get habitual of studying and tuition because after taking sciences and choosing engineering as a career path I knew I'd have to take extra coaching of all the subjects.Will explain this more later in related chapter.
I was so fixated with everything going with Apple that I had neglected a bit my other friends.I don't think I did but they do.I always felt it was them who did so but we'll never know who did it first.
It was Young Mulberry who was the reason others were whispering in each others ears whenever I showed up to hang out or talk with them.Eventually I stopped trying.
And Apple was still asking for the space she needed so badly.

Umm...idk any thoughts or anything?
Seen Age of Ultron yet?


  1. Nothing worse than wanting to do something and everybody else is trying to make you do the other things.... social pressure is not a good thing :S at least I hope you are enjoying what you're doing :) and I don't like Apple... I think I've said this a few times now lol
    Watching Age of Ultron in two days and I'm dying, literally, of excitement

    1. Nah it's not good.Yes at the moment I'm enjoying what I am doing :)
      Yes you've said that xD
      2 days!! :D

  2. I feel that if someone isn't giving you the same importance you're trying to give them after you've tried repeatedly to get things back to normal then you should let it go. It sounds harsh but ultimately you can't mess up how you are due to others problems.
    Pressure to do something that you don't want to is the worst. Luckily, I was free to choose what I wanted to do so it was good. Hope what you're doing now is something that you like :)
    I still haven't watched Age of Ultron. I'll be super busy in the weeks so I guess I'll just have to watch it later -_-'

    -Kathie K
    A Sea Change

    1. Well I've always had trouble letting things go (I'm no Else xD).
      That is a good advice thank you. :)
      It's good that no one pressured you and you made your own decision.If you'll ask my family they'll say I made own decision as well but what they won't tell is that I only had 1 option to choose from kind of like having only 1 option in MCQ :P
      Yes I'm happy at what I'm doing currently :D
      You should totally watch it,it's awesome! :D

  3. I had a conversation about my future plans with my parents the other day and I swear, they said the same thing! And now I'm beyond confused because I don't know if I should choose what they want (something that will guarantee me a job), or what I want (something creative and challenging) *sigh*

    1. I'd advice you to consider both the options and best approach would be to find a middle ground between the two :)
      I know it is tough and you'd probably have to think way too much about it but it'll be worth it :)

  4. I can kind of understand. I'm still having ups and downs with this. Of course my parents want me to have something solid. But almost nothing I'm good at would promise a solid job. I'm into creative things and I just can't seem to do practical work and definitely can't do anything administrative. Administrative work is so tedious to me. I can't focus on it. But at the same time, doing what I want to do is kind of scary. Because there are no guarantees and its a big world of uncertainty. I think the biggest thing is not having my parents full favor with the idea and feeling like they don't really believe in me. I know I'm an adult, but my parents' opinion still matters to me a lot. Maybe too much. :/

    1. I can understand that,I hope you chose what you wanted to and are happy with your decision and your parents are too :)
      that stuff is pretty boring. >_>
      Parents opinion always matter D:
      Thank you for sharing that :)

  5. I think we all feel like this sometimes Neal.

    Lizzie Dripping

  6. I've seen Age of Ultron! Came out last week for us :D :D You?

    A very thought-provoking set of cartoons, and one I can relate to because I just finished choosing my electives for high school. Luckily, my dream career (scientist) and the "respectable" career (doctor) basically require me to take the same subjects, so I'll take those for now and see what life deals me next.

    1. Yes I've seen it!Twice actually! XD
      You want to be scientist?That is so cool and so is being a doctor.Although I've never been fascinated by bio or chemistry xD
      All the very best with your ambitions and schooling I hope you get where you want to go :)

  7. I may think I've made up my mind, but I know that when the time comes making a decision about which career path to follow will be extremely difficult, and I don't think anyone can make a good decision under pressure. I had the impression you were kind of happy with engineering, though, Neal? If not, (and it is really not my place to say this but I will anyway), you should follow your dreams and so something else (but be careful!)! :)
    Your comics have been improving a lot! They've always been good but compared to the first one I read by you, this is a lot easier to understand.
    I haven't seen Age of Ultron...
    Have a nice weekend!
    Yasmine //Chasing Cloudy Dreams

    1. Thank you so much for the advice yasmine :)
      This was all a few years back time changed so did I.I like what I am doing right now but I didn't feel the same way back then mostly because it felt like it wasn't my decision to do it. :)
      I hope you decide what you want to be wisely :)
      All the best ^-^

  8. I don't think you were mind washed to take science, maybe you decided it subconsciously too? I don't know, but I always believed things happen for a reason whether it was the decisions we make in our life or other events that are happening to us. Are your friends also Apple's friends too? Or are they just from a different clique? It must have been sad to be drifting apart from friends because of Apple.

    And I am so disappointed I didn't get to watch Ultron on Monday as I had planned! My plans were cancelled because of something else urgent and I only get to watch it maybe this week or next week. Plans just don't turn out the way we want them too sometimes. :(

    By the way, I've just tagged you for the Liebster Award. You probably been nominated before, so it's okay if you don't intend to repeat the tag again :)

    1. It felt like I was being forced to take sciences.I'm glad I took science but it took me a while to adjust and be comfortable with my decision.Yes it was a big group of friends of ours but we all had mini groups in that group like me,Apple,that purple haired girl was one group; these 4 were another; and there were 2 other girls who were a different group so it was like that.This thing about them avoiding me had nothing to do with Apple,one of them years later just said that it was because I was always talking to her didn't have time for them that they avoided me.He was just trying to be mean and gain sympathy that's all because he's like that >_<"

      Trust me I know about cancelling plans!Amount of plans I've had to cancel is too high.I hope atleast that urgent work was done right and you get to watch it as soon as you possibly can :)

      Thank you very much! :D
      I'd love to do it again :D

      PS : What happened to your college applications and stuff? :)

    2. I see. :) My college applications went pretty alright, I managed to go for some interviews and got offered some places into several (local and overseas) universities I applied for. Now it's all about making a choice of which of these offers to accept. :)

    3. Awesome :D
      All the best :)

  9. I understand this sooooo well. I am so lost in my life right now as well. Though now that I am a bit older its getting even worse. To see everyone around you know what they want and finishing college. And I am here with a degree that is helping me do nothing. Good luck to anyone with this problem. Great stuff

    I am also a new blogger check me out =)

    1. I know right it feels stupid when that happens! >_<"
      I think you should just believe that everything will be alright and it will be.Trust me it will be alright :)
      All the best to you too :)

  10. My favoite cousin, the one from India, went through this with her parents too. Her parents wanted her to study science, just like yours, but she wanted something else. They're always really trying to controle her life. She ended up doing what she wanted and went with economics.
    Did you at least end up satisfied with your choice? (:

    1. Most Indian parents are like that I am not surprised they try controlling your life.Atleast she chose what she wanted to :)
      Yes it took me time but I got comfortable with my choice :)


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