Tuesday, April 14, 2015

250 days of Blogging

Can you believe this blog is already about a 250 days old?I started it in August last year and ever since then it has been a big part of my life.I've posted like 21 chapters.It's fun posting them and reading views of people around the world :P

CHAPTER 1 - Welcome to my life : An introductory chapter showing you all the members of family in my house.

CHAPTER 2 - I talk about my high school here.My friends and my school life.The chapter it all started.

CHAPTER 3 - You know I liked my best friend but do you know when,why and how?This is where you'll find it

CHAPTER 4 - Did you know a stray cat lived with us for a while.We fed it we kept it for a week until it's new born kittens could really walk,run and look after themselves after which they ran away. T_T

CHAPTER 5 - Schooling and academics are a big part of everyone's life and so is family.But what when you have family in school.Do you ever had siblings and cousins in the same school as yours?I did.

CHAPTER 6 - She was the best teacher I ever laid my eyes on.She taught well and she looked so good.I actually liked her.She was one of the few teachers that I liked.There was only one problem...Read that xD

CHAPTER 7 - Me and that awesome teacher were doing so well until an unexpected guest came to my classroom to meet the teacher. :P

CHAPTER 8 - Truth is powerful.YES! But truth can also hurt you.It's a gamble telling truth you can never be sure whether to tell it or not.You can never predict how someone will react to a truth.
PS : If you call someone your best friend tell them you have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

CHAPTER 9 - We all have to make some decision at certain point in our life and then live with the consequences but how do you decide whether to tell your best friend that you like her when she tells you she has a boyfriend she didn't tell you about for months?

CHAPTER 10 - I made a decision and now it was my turn to live with it.

CHAPTER 11 - Well I talk about some stuff.

CHAPTER 12 - So I like a girl I am with her I am talking to her and what are we doing?Writing a letter to her boyfriend and finding a dumb pen he gave her which she misplaced in a closed room -_-.

CHAPTER 13 - Perversion isn't something you're born with it comes from the kind of people you hang with and what kind of thinking you have.It's okay to look at girls but not okay to compare their body parts to well some perfect body type you've formed in your mind.I hear few guys saying shit about Apple and when I look up to see what they were talking about I saw what they were talking about.Her breasts were clearly visible because she was bent over my desk.Needless to say it was very embarrassing.

CHAPTER 14 - I've never been in a real physical fight.This is when I came closest to one.A guy was saying mean things about Apple and nobody says mean things about my friends.

CHAPTER 15 - What if your parents say you can't have a birthday party?Apple's did because her mother bought her a mobile and dad didn't want her to have one that young. (It was 2009 mobiles and technology were still young..no smart phones were there then)

CHAPTER 16 - Couple fight.We all know that.But self harm is something I can never support no matter who you are.I find you doing that be sure I'm telling the right person and making sure you never do that even if you hate me.Unfortunately when I should've done this I didn't.

CHAPTER 17 -We're all looking for something in our lives and that something never ends it only changes from food to love to education to career.It's a never ending chain it goes on and on.We'd all like to find someone wouldn't we?Even the ones who say they're happy being single.I'm not saying being single means unhappiness I'm happy and I'm single but having someone to share that happiness wouldn't that be nice?Yes it would be it's a matter of are we desperate about it or not.I'm not I used to be because I could see the girl I liked slipping away.I tried asking her in this chapter it didn't end well.

CHAPTER 18 - Family trips are fun aren't they?Mine used to be.

CHAPTER 19 - Someone ever disappoint you?It's better to let that frustration out when you can instead of keeping it in like I did.It'll only be a burden in your mind.Some things are better left unspoken?I beg to differ.

CHAPTER 20 - Exam cheating 101.Help your friends Daily Diaries way. :P

CHAPTER 21 - Couple get together and break up way too much every day all around us does that effect us?But what it's that girl or boy you like that just broke up?

Now you people tell me what you like about my blog and what you don't?
(We all have to keep improving coz don't we? :D)

Thank you for being awesome people!


  1. Congratulations on 250 days, Neal, that's amazing! Good for you :)

  2. This is a huge achievement! Congratulations :) I haven't finished reading all the chapters yet but I love how now I can click the links and read them all just from this post :)

    1. Thank you very much :)
      You can always find all the chapters together under the Daily Diaries Comics tab in the top toolbar. :)

  3. Congrats! :D
    I love how we started ALMOST at the same time. Mine is 253 days old :D

    1. Thank you!
      That is so cool :)
      I've been reading your blog for a long time now.
      I love reading it.

  4. Congrats Neal! I'll be looking forward to more chapters even though I know the story won't end well :(

  5. Awesome blog!

  6. Honestly, you haven't even been blogging for a year and your blog is already so successful! There's literally nothing that can be faulted, the comics are great and so is your writing! Keep up the good work! :D

    Golden Ducklings

    1. Thank you very much you're really kind to say that :D :D

  7. Congratulations! I'm sure you'll reach your blogoversary with much awesomeness. Great recap of the posts you've written -- I haven't read through all the archives yet so this was quite helpful. Particularly liked the anecdotes about the fab teacher :D

    1. Thank you very much :D
      Yes that teacher was awesome :D

  8. Hi there,
    Congratulations on 250 days, Neal! You have such a great blog, I must say!


    1. Thank you very much you're kind to say that :)

  9. Oh well done Neal! Blogging is a huge commitment and 250 days is a long time. I know a lot of blogs that are really good at the start but lose interest after a few months.
    I can't believe that I've been blogging for almost 3 years!
    Marian ^_^

    1. Miss reading your post with you being busy and all :P
      3 years!Congratulations :D


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