Sunday, March 29, 2015


The phenomenon of internet predators that fabricate online identities and entire social circles to trick people into emotional/romantic relationships (over a long period of time).
Possible motivations: revenge, loneliness, curiosity, boredom

Blogging world.People are really casual here we believe what we read and we assume that what people write is how they actually are in real life.But are we??

A lot of us use a fake name and usually we're open about it sometimes we're not why is that?
Does not using the real name makes our posts less true?
Does a name really matters that much??
What if a blog is an escape from our life with our regular name and blogging under a different name is just  refreshing after a long mundane day of work?
Whatever the reason be people do use fake names on the internet.
So are we all Catfishing?Trying to catch some lost soul's attention?Trying to get over that boredom?
People do Catfishing I agree but how to identify the real deal and catfishers?
that's what is tough.
I'm no expert but I can pretend to be one after Googling it and here's what I have to say about spotting a Catfish online :
- They would refuse to talk to you on phone.
- They won't tell you where they live or tell you they're moving every now and then.
- They would tell you they love you after just a couple of hours of chat.
- Might ask for cash online.
- Tell you rare physical attributes him/herself. eg. weighing less than 50kg and being over 6ft at the same time.
- Their profile picture is of some object or is text.They might also use some random person from the internet to set as their profile picture.In this case ask for another same picture of the person and since he/she has shared one picture with you,he/she shouldn't have problem sharing another.
- Asks a lot of personal stuff about you without telling you some about him/herself.
- Their new posts after starting chatting with you and older one's have don't match up
- They seem unsure about their own history and past
- Makes plan to go out with you but flakes at the last moment.

Is there only one kind of Catfish you ask?

No!There are a lot different kind of Catfish :
- Lonely kind : Usually lurks behind people and tend not to talk to people in real life but have a real active online life.
- Creepy Romantic Kind : Usually tell people they're everything they were looking for in life and try having intimate relationships online.
- Scary Kind : Likes to break hearts and tell awful stuff.
- and many more

Is catfishing bad?

Yes,really bad you play with someone's emotions which is never good online or offline.

Is it bad getting Catfished?


So my real question is should we avoid all kind of online friendships??Assume anyone with a fake name is Catfishing??

My initial plan with this blog was avoiding all kinds of friendships and just post comics but you know how that changed with time and I took the name Neal Kind.It took me time to warm up to blogging people.So am I a Catfisher?I don't know that's for you to decide..
Are you a catfisher? That's for me to decide fortunately I don't think you any of you are.
Can I do something to help you decide whether I'm one or not?
Yes I can do a lot of things..
But am I that desperate?
But will I?
Because there are a lot of amazing people here I've met via blogging and they deserve to know if they're catfished or not and make an informed decision.

So this is me trying to do right by those amazing people and this is all I can do while still maintaining my privacy
So what are your views on catfishing?
This is serious and important!
Be aware be safe :)


  1. I've only heard of catfishing a couple of times (I'm only 11, what do you expect.) but I hear it is bad. Great post, this really made me think!!

    a little bit of sunshine

  2. I haven't seen Catfish in ages but I saw an episode today!
    I have quite a few online friends, sometimes I don't give information out about me if I feel uncomfortable
    But yea, it's best to try and stay safe!

    Neeny x

    1. I didn't know there's a show Catfish until your comment :P
      Yeah better safe than sorry :)

  3. I think Catfishing is bad but I also think in the blogging world you are lucky enough to also get a glimpse into people's lives and make a judgement about them from there.

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. And here I thought people didn't judge in blogging world :P

  4. Honestly, I reckon interacting with people online, who you're not sure really exist, is dangerous overall. I mean, I love the blogging community, but it's mainly just for me to share stuff and read what other people share. All this bloggers meeting up and social bloggers doesn't appeal because online friends aren't real friends. And I do trust all you bloggers, but it only takes one. So have an online life sure, but try to restrict your friends to the ones in real life.

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I don't think it's bad having friends online as long as they aren't catfish.We can try giving people a bit space and time before trusting them just like in real world.There are catfish in real world as well.One can never be sure you know.!

  5. Loved reading this. It really makes you think! Any blogger can be lying about- well everything really!


  6. I don't really know that much about it, but from what I do it is pretty bad. I HARDLY ever talk to anyone in my real life and am a lot more active and social on the internet, because I don't have any friends outside of the internet. I have some from school but we've kinda seperated. Does that make me one? No idea, no and if yes then of course I don't want to cause anyone harm.

    After reading the other comments I feel a bit uneasy, hahah :/

    ~India or Tudda Pudda

    1. No it doesn't you're simply resorting to people on the other side of the earth and making friends with them.You're open about the fact you use a fake name and share a lot of personal details plus your photographs are same in all the posts so people know you're a real person and not a catfish pretending to be someone you're not.
      Don't feel uneasy you're awesome! :)

  7. Ooo, interesting post, Neal. Like most here, I'm no expert on this. However, I personally think that there's a big difference between "catfishing" and what many of us are doing. At least in terms of how bad it is. offers a similar definition to the one you provided: "to deceive, swindle, etc., by assuming a false identity or personality online." I think it comes down to intentions and what you do with your online alias.

    Most of us bloggers who use fake names, and who won't give up certain things such as where we live or what we look like, do it because we're uncomfortable sharing our real information (since that's just as dangerous as catfishing. Can't win lol). I know I don't have to tell you that—I'm just putting it out there. So I mean, there are good reasons for assuming fake names and identities, and I'd hate to call us all catfishers. But there are things you should and shouldn't do with those identities. If you plan on talking with someone more than once, informing them that you're using an alias is a must.

    1. Yes exactly what we do with out false identity is what makes us catfish or not a catfish but that one bad fish in the sea is what makes us all dirty.People think anyone who assumes a fake identity is bad but they don't realize that we do that for a reason sometimes and more often than not it's what makes us feel a little comfortable.
      I think it's fine to have an alias if that makes someone feel comfortable sharing something as long as they don't misuse it!
      And we should always be aware.

  8. I think the main reason I assume a new name on the internet is for escapism. I mean, I can be whatever I want. I don't have to drag my shy personality everywhere. And it gives me satisfaction to know that even if I can't manage to look interesting in real life, at least Kanra is there for me. I guess she's like those really comfortable pair of slippers you wear after a long day of dealing with real people.
    I might be deceiving people online into thinking I'm this amazingly confident person who's jumping all over the place and is really sociable or whatever but at least I'm not purposefully throwing such hints around. Whatever people think is their own thoughts.
    This was a really interesting blog post. I didn't know that there was a such a specific category for people like that.

    1. I can understand that and you've been really open about your alias and the fact you're kind of shy in real life.

    2. If I could '+1' or 'Like' Kanra's comment, I would. :)

  9. I've heard of it, but I never knew it was called "catfishing." That's some pretty bad stuff. Kind of creepy too. Writing under a different name isn't bad in itself though. It's like an author going under a pen name. It's why they are going under a different name that makes it "catfishing."

  10. This is so interesting! I've never really thought of it this way but you make a really good point - we all catfish at times and we all have different reasons, I guess being insecure with ourselves is a reason too. I don't think we should avoid all online friendships - if we did I'd never have met amazing bloggers online :) Great post!


    1. Thank you for this interesting comment :)

  11. If you have a blog, the purpose of that is usually to share your thoughts and emotions with people you don't know in real life -making you feel safer to do so, as the opinion of your readers will not directly influence you. Blogging, to me, is something just as personal as maintaining a friendship in real life, and I don't think (or at least, I hope not! ^^) we'll find many Catfishers in the blogging community. :) I started out with a fake name (several in fact! First I went by Girl in Ebony, and then just Ebony), but that doesn't automatically make me a Catfisher. I suppose it was for protection of my real identity/ to be able to escape into a new world. I think what you do and say under the false name, and more importantly your reason for it, makes you a Catfisher.

    I'm obviously a bit 'under-educated' on the subject ahah! ^^ Your post was really interesting! Thanks for sharing!

    x Cloudy Dreams

    1. I didn't know you went by a pen name.I was surprised to see how often this happens.Thank you for your views. :)

  12. This topic is very very interesting and one that will never go away because many people do it. I've heard about Catfishing before and I've seen the MTV program, which I loved even though it makes me cringe a lot of times. Honestly? I don't think you're catfishing anyone, or at least that's my opinion. For me, catfishing is when someone lies on the internet for whatever reasons and takes advantage of that. You're telling your story and of course, it's alright to use a fake name (not only for yourself but for the other people involved) because it's okay to be cautious. I love blogging, I've virtually met amazing people, who share my same hobbies and that's amazing because otherwise I don't know who I would talk about these things hahaha

    1. I never knew about that show before this post :P
      Well I know I'm not but something happened recently that made me do this post can't tell you what though :P

  13. Ever since that day we don't talk about, I've been seriously confused about the whole situation. My friends all say I'm a total catfish, though everything I tell is true (except for my name). And you know what? Sometimes I feel like I'm a catfish, since people on the internet think I'm kinda cool, but in real life I'm just your average geek girl. At least I can say I don't have any bad intentions, but I guess you've figured that out by now ;)

    1. I don't know what to say that was really messed up.I don't know if I should've written this post neither do I know if I should talk to you as much as I do.I know you have no bad intentions :)

    2. Well, you're stuck with me now and I'd cry my eyes out if you stopped tweeting me because of my stupid classmates

  14. I think Catfishing is always bad, but I think it's only catfishing when you are deliberatedly trying to deceive others. Using a fake name does not equal that. Like, we all know your name is not Neal; you're honest about that - hence, not catfishing. I think the best defence is not to get too attached to people you don't really know - that said, I've done the exact opposite thing when I was a teenager, and I did actually meet some good friends over the Internet. We met up in real life(in a totally public space!) and that way became 'real' for each other. I have also been exposed to Catfishing which is really uncomfortable when you find out someone are not who you thought they are. So be critical on the Internet, always!

    1. You have a lot of experience of a lot of different things.You met your online friends?That is so cool :)
      I've made some cool friends as well via blogging and I think know that they aren't a catfish.

    2. I'm old and wise :D (And not really friend with any of them anymore.)

  15. If your blog is an authentic expression of your opinion and life story, well then there's no need to worry about being a catfish or not. If you're keeping photos of yourself or your name hidden for privacy reasons, then I don't see why that should be a problem.

    I don't at all think you're a catfish, you've said from the start that 'Neal Kind' isn't your real name, why should we know your real name anyway?!


So this is my comment know what to do :D :D