Friday, February 13, 2015

BLOGSCAR : Teenager

Teenage is a weird time we all agree on that we hate it but once we realize it's slipping away we wish we can just have another year being a teenager but we can't so use it wisely..don't do drugs..don't try to grow up..enjoy it while it lasts..make mistakes learn from them and repeat.. :D

Nominee's for favourite teenage problem posts are: (click on names to read the posts)

1. Star Girl : People expect too much from a teenager..our parents,teachers and friends..are we perfect hell no but we try..

2. Neal Kind : I had this incredibly beautiful teacher who taught me C/C++ in 9th and's 2 part story 1st part is in the name link 2nd part is here. Getting crushes is pretty common in teenage and having one is also kind of common (atleast for boys) and I'm not talking about the creepy kind of crush XD just the ones which makes us pay attention in the class :P

3. Eliza : Yes people who chew loudly with open mouth are annoying XD

4. Kate : Giving test are a huge part of teenage life..

5. Envy : hahaha XD Envy is one of my favourite bloggers and this post is so funny and Envy just one question...Why did you kiss that goat? haahahaha XD

So I won't be a teenage after this year that's sad..
What problem did you encounter as a teenager?

and yeah Let's VOTE!


  1. I know sometimes I honestly can't wait to leave high school and just grow up, but I know when the time comes I'm going to miss it. Maybe it's because being an adult is even worse. These posts sound really funny and relatable, so I'll definitely be checking them out :')

    The Life of Little Me

    1. it sucks being an adult o.O
      Yeah they're really cool :P

  2. I was an awkward teenager, I didn't go by the rules which meant I was not made for party LOL I prefered, as I do now still, a book hahahaha

    1. I don't party much either :P
      Books are nice :)


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