Wednesday, February 18, 2015

BLOGSCAR : Ranting

We rant a lot sometimes we don't even need a proper reason..

The nominee for the best ranting post are : (Click on names to read the post)

1. Star Girl : Ever heard of ranting in a poem?Well she did it :D

2. Lorraine : Ranting on uninterested friends something we've all gone through at one stage or another.

3. Felicia : I agree with her..there is a special place in hell for people who go off telling spoilers just for fun :P

4. Lizzie : Health related ranting :)

5. Jollygirl : Gender discrimination..okay I don't know anything about it being a guy never been at the receiving end of it but what about you girls out there?

6. Neal : Am I the only one who isn't a huge fan of examinations?

7. Bryleigh : Is money=power?the answer is yes..humans are destroying the very planet they live in and just for their own selfish purposes..let's not do that.

8. Paranoid Puppet : Do you ever behave in a certain way just because people expect you too even if you don't want people tell you that you can't do something..anyone tell you you're not smart enough or pretty enough or thin enough...well tell them..'Fuck You'. and live your life the way you want and do what you want :)

9. Noor : Is your post size long enough?or is it short (I think you have to read this one XD)

10. Eliza : Never make fun of someone if you can't understand what they're going through..ranting on how people respond to her having a medical condition..I think it was really enlightening :)

11. Kanra : Politics is a bitch..number of countries it's ruining is too damn high.

12. Esmme B : People ever post indecent hurtful comments or messages on your blog or any other social media? ignore them and just don't bother stooping down to their level :)

13. F : You watch Mad Men?Would you like to live in Retro America? We agree this blog is amazing?

14. Envy : All you selfie taking people bow down to Queen Envy!

15. Jenna : Future is uncertain that's why we rant about it :)

Woah Ranting attracted a lot of nominees..we sure do love to rant don't we :D
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  1. Some of these rants are so... depressing! But a few are quite empowering!
    I particularly liked Felicia's one. Book spoilers are horrible!
    I'll have to read the rest tomorrow.
    ....too tired... zzzzzz

    1. Yeah there are a couple of posts which are too intense but there are some really funny as F's or Envy's or some really inspiring like of Paranoid :)
      Yeah Felicia is awesome :D
      I was tired writing it it's so long :P
      and I had to read them all before writing that took like forever..

  2. Rants are great. Why? Because you can complain about everything and oh, boy do I love to rant hahahaha

    1. Yup ranting is great everyone loves to rant :D

  3. Ranting is an art. It's like Beethoven with music or Da Vinci with painting :P They're just excellent when a valid point is provided and you get to indulge in the emotions expressed by the rantee( definition- one who rants) Can I get a virtual high 5?

    1. Da Vinci with painting lol XD XD
      Hell yeah! High five!! :D


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