Friday, February 20, 2015


I'm not a poetry person can't understand it much moreover I don't understand why people are always assuming and second guessing anything written long ago by a poet and trying to make a meaning out of it even if the intention of poet was very straight forward and had no deep meaning...don't hate me but that's what I think
These poetry are kind of cool though..I'm sorry if I didn't understand the deep meaning but yeah I liked what I read :)

Nominee's for best poetry : (Click names for post please)

1. Star Girl : A poem on inner beauty..I like the flow in this one..

2. Lorraine : 'Undeserving'..oh that's the poems name :P

3. Lizzie : A poem on January

4. Jollygirl : Okay people say it's not whats outside but inside that matters but is what's inside always good?

5. Paranoid Puppet : Bipolar

6. Kanra : Monsters...we stopped looking for them under the bed when we realized they were not there but where are they?

7. Envy : Black and white photo and poetry competition entry of hers it's interesting :)

8. Vanshi : Color outside the box people!

That's all you folk!


  1. Replies
    1. lol can't relate sorry never wrote poem :P
      But it was cool to read :)

  2. I have troubles with poetry as well; I wish I could understand it better and there are some poems that really stand out to me but most of the time teacher and professors are over-analysing stuff and I don't like it. At all; so I don't read poetry unless is requiered for Uni

    1. I'm glad I don't have to read poetry for college :P


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