Sunday, February 15, 2015

BLOGSCAR : Musical

I love music can't go through a day without listening to it..
I can't write lyrics.or sing or dance...I have stage fright but I love music! :P

Here are nominee's for musical post : (click names to read post)

1. Star Girl : She can write lyrics..I hope she converted them into a song at school :D

2. Lorraine :Ever heard a song by birdy?Well check them out if you haven't

3. Jollygirl : She shared some of her favourite songs here..a lot of Lindsey Sterling in there :)

4. Eliza : Her band story is really interesting and it is the most different post in this category :D

5. Esmee B : Sharing her music she listened over the summer.

6. Jenna : do you love old classic music I do..The Beatles..David Bowie etc if you do then this post is like treat for you :D

7. Kate : Music jokes I have to admit I didn't understand most of them lol :P

So let the groove in and let the voting begin!


  1. Voted!
    I love music too! I have to listen to music every morning before I go to work.

    (I'm hosting my first giveaway! Check it out!)


    1. Music is one thing I can't go through a day :)
      Will check it out :)

  2. I love listening to music but unfortunately, I can't write any LOL

  3. Hey! :D

    There are SO MANY categories! It's gonna take me forever to go through them all.
    Jenna sounds like my kind of music. Love LOVE the Beatles and David Bowie.
    Anyway, how are you? Long time no see yada yada etc. ^_^

    1. Hey!
      Yeah Jenna's taste in music is awesome Beatles and Bowie awesome :D
      I've been a bit busy with college stuff etc etc what about's you who's been gone from blogging world :D


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