Thursday, February 12, 2015

BLOGSCAR : Inspirational

Inspired pen can write what a talented one can't.
What inspires you?

The nominees for the inspirational posts are : (click on the names to read the posts)

1. Star Girl : You tell either of us (me and stargirl) we can't catch unicorns and we'll tell you otherwise..she says we can do anything if we dream..we should dare to dream big!

2. Lorraine : Bible is considered to be very inspiring..I don't know much about bible...the things I do know about it are because of book The DaVinci Code (read that?).

3. Lizzie : New Year Resolutions..they inspire us to do better than last year..the rush to make sure we check more boxes on our list than last year inspires us to do better :)

4. Jollygirl : I'm not very good with changes..I freak out whenever something changes in my life..if you're like me you should probably read this :)

5. Paranoid Puppet : Don't worry be happy..worrying destroys happiness :)

6. Eliza : Let's leave the free gift cards for someone who needs them more than us from next time okay?

7. Kanra : I hate the kind of people who blog for followers..their online existence is just don't make readers you make friends while blogging because you're sharing what you like with them and they are doing the same and I think that's what friends do..and Kanra is one of my most favourite friends..I love interacting with her on twitter :D

8.Esmee B : Resolutions and stuff can inspire us to do better :)

9. Envy : Well Beatles said it "All you need is love" ( how cool is that song huh?)..a little out of the box thinking and instead of preaching and being the motivational speaker she went the other way and spreading the message of love..that's the best kind of inspiration there is :)

10. Jenna : She isn't inspiring but what she is doing is telling us what inspires us and making us actually think what really inspires us..once we know what inspires us it is gets real easy :)

11.  Kate : Religion inspires a lot of people..

12. Vanshi : Let's try making 2015 better than 2014 :D

What about you non nominee one?What inspires you?


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  2. Wow, some of these posts are heartening and uplifting. Can't wait for all the results to be out. :)


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