Monday, February 9, 2015

BLOGSCAR : Funny blogger

We all love funny stuff don't we? I do!
I want to fill this post with funny memes but let's not XD
Funny is the category I think everyone wins and they should all these posts are hilarious XD

Here are all the nominee's for this category : (kindly click on names to open the posts)

1. Star Girl : I don't know what's funnier her post or my conversation with her below it XD..we're going on a unicorn capturing trip people XD

2. Lorraine : Her poem is really beautiful :)

3. Neal Kind : Well all I did was thank some people in this post :P XD

4. Paranoid Puppet : She is simply amazing and one of my favourite blogger..and I love this post the sarcasm and the humour in it compliments each other so well it's amazing :) XD

5. Noor : So Noor explores why people think she's cool well I think because she is :P

6. Eliza : Never buy anything from a guy in white creepy van lol :P

7. Kanra : All I want to say is #JerksUnited lol..Kanra is awesome I think we can all agree on that those who don't can suffer in silence :P

8. F : Okay let's take a moment to salute the master mind behind TBC..*applause* her blog is amazing...this post is so amusing...I don't really have words to describe it here kindly click and read :P XD

9. Envy : Envy why you so awesome..Envy style of dealing with unexpected encounters has been in talks to be introduced in disaster management course in school seeing it is so effective it scared the fox away..this post is one of the most hilarious post I've read yet XD

10. Kate : Snowmen Snowmen everywhere!! ^_^

So let the voting begin :D


So this is my comment know what to do :D :D