Wednesday, February 11, 2015

BLOGSCAR : Emotional post

We all have bad days..we all get sad..we all get angry...we all cry..that's what make us's just part of life..blogging is one platform I think is best way to let all the negativity and sadness out..everyone here is so nice, supporting and understanding :)

The nominee's in this category are : (click on names to read the posts)

1. Star Girl : She wrote a poem inspired by Thirteen reason why..I got no poetic skills but I think this is amazing :)

2. Lorraine : A poem on missing people who've gone far away I like it :)

3. Felicia : Her blog is the one I can relate to the most..she is such a beautiful human being..she is also really funny..this post of hers is really sad when I read this I got sad..seriously..we all do it when people ask us how we's instinct to say fine even though we aren't just because we don't want to tell people how not fine we really are..we don't to hear ourselves saying we aren't fine..

4. Jollygirl : This is kind of inspirational as well to be frank..I like the message in it :)

5. Neal : Most embarrasing post on this blog and that's saying something seeing how many embarrasing comics I post about myself :P I was sad this day for reason that I didn't miss the girl as I did every's almost funny.I planned to delete this somehow didn't.

6. Paranoid Puppet : I'm not sure what to say..all I can say is Paranoid if you're reading this you're awesome :)

7. Eliza : Her story of surgery recovery I think it is also kind of inspirational..I had a surgery once..I'll tell you about it someday it's quite a story :P

8. Kanra : I hope your country never undergo any terrorist attack or any riots..India have had too many terrorist attacks than it cares to admit..Kanra here shares her view on the whole Israel-Palestine thing that happened a while ago..You know in midst of all the politics and terrorism and fighting etc it's us the common people and humanity that suffer..Let's take HP for example..Voldemort is terrorist and magical ministry is government so while ministry is busy slamming Potter as liar Voldemort does his work and media keeps a blind eye to all this...and the only people who suffered because of that are the one's who lost loved ones fighting Voldemort.

9. Esmme B : Self harm is a serious issue these days..I have a chapter of comic on that as well..I think it's right next to suicide and should have laws against same as suicide.

10. Mae Murray : She so kindly sums up how it feels to have your heart broken. ( I think she has removed her blog so I'm not sure about this one maybe she's doing some changes and it'll be back up again)

11. Envy : Sometimes when we get hurt enough we build a cage in our mind we stop sharing stuff with people we wonder if there's is something wrong with's awful..I'm glad Envy got rid of her cage and is the awesome person she is :)

12. Kate : Fuel for fuel up or run out of gas?

13. Vanshi : Living away from a city you love is tough and living away from a city like Mumbai is very tough..I've been there like 3-4 times and I think it's really good city

So what are you waiting for?
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  1. Oh these are all wonderful! I voted, can't wait to see who wins :D

    a little bit of sunshine

  2. Hey Neal! I changed my name SORRY! Here is the new link:

    Sorry for the confusion!
    Mae :)


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