Friday, January 9, 2015

Winter Wonderland Challenge Task 5

I know it's Friday but remember I participated in in Winter Wonderland Challenge?we're on 5th task and that is why I'm posting this instead of "Pro's and Con's" :D
This week we have to write about January..
Well most of you know I'm no writer,I suck at it.So I'm really nervous about it but I've tried my best.
This story is about everyone of us..we all are this guy at certain point of time. A new year is supposed to be a fresh start but is fresh starts only available on New Years?Are we that afraid of changes?Do we prefer to blame the year instead of accepting our faults?Why are we so attached to 31st December when we hate the whole year??

Each year the baggage
increases why not dump
it instead this year?
*What if I made the wrong decision? What if..what if..Was I too quick to get out og it all..??I should go back..Oh..the gate is locked..*
*It's 23:55..I want to go home..What good home is without her..why did she leave me..I know I never had time for her but I loved her..I was trying to do better.*
*I just want it all to be over..I wanna quit and di... BONG BONG BONG...what was that?*


 00:00 WELCOME TO 2015 ^_^
*2015..has it been an year already?But I'm not ready to leave 2014 behind yet..I have so many things to many things to say...*
*Should I try 2015 first?It might be good..but 2014....well gate to 2014 is locked..looks like I don't have a choice* <sigh>
*Doesn't look any different....who's that on the bench?...Oh! can it be?*

"Oh!Hi,how are you?"

I've missed you..where have you been?"

"I?I've been here,right where you left
 me last year...
waiting for you to return "

"Left you?I didn't leave you..February came
I had to leave you.."

"No,dumbo it was me..."


"Yeah,you got tired of me as
January just like any other I had to turn into
February..hoping you'll love me again..but with each
passing day you loved me less."

"I..I need you..I'm sorry"

"I know..that is why I still come back every year..hoping this
year you'll love me more than last time..but it's the same.
Still I try..coming back to you every morning with the sunrise.."

"I promise I'll do better this year."

"You say that every year what makes you so sure
about this year??"

"I..I don't know..but I'll try..
I'll try my best this me.."

"I do trust you..It's you who needs to trust in himself.
I wish you'd trust yourself,
realize how much loved you are,get your life together and
stop waiting for me to make your life better."
"You don't even realize that you don't have to wait a whole year
for me.I come to you every day with the first rays of sun that
hit the earth..with the first rain of the season..with the first snow
of winters..I'm always just don't see it yet."


"Promise me you'll do better this year..say with me, I'LL LEAVE

"I..I..January but..but..."

"I know it is difficult.."


"Please?..say it..just once loudly you'll do better"

"Okay..I promise..I promise..
To leave all my demons of years past behind
and not carry them around with me..I
promise that I won't sit back and let
the opportunities just slip by..I'll do better
I'll get my life together..I promise..I promise"

"Always remember that the night is darkest just before
the dawn...and no matter how bad things are I'll
always be there but you mustn't wait for me to come
for making things right.."

"I won't.."

"Good, I'll be watching over go
enjoy 2015..go on now.."

"Hey January?"
"I Love You.."
"I know..".

The End.

Now all you reading people..go on say with me
" I will leave the demons from past
in past and won't carry them
around with me."


  1. I love the concept of this! It so different and creative. And the drawings are cool too. I really liked this. I don't think I'll be able to think of January as anything different now.

    1. Thank you :D
      Neither will I :D
      I was surprised at myself after writing this to be frank XD

  2. How you executed your idea was brilliant! And I especially liked thinking that February and the rest of the months are indeed January. That was beautiful, Neal! And about leaving our demonds behind... well, that's kinda tricky. I wish I could though... there are some thing I wish I could erase but then, those things give us perspective and experience so yeah, as said, a tricky thing to do

    1. You know you did alright when someone who reads as much as you do says it's good.So thank you very be frank I was really scared+nervous about posting this..Well I gave some thought before posting it so it is much more thought out than my usual posts :P
      I know it can be difficult leaving behind demons trust me I know..I still am struggling with mine but we can stop them from ruining our present and future atleast..and the experience and perspective once we have them can't be removed it may change but never go away so even if we leave the demons behind we'll remember the other stuff..that makes us who we are :D

  3. Your drawings are really cool :D

  4. This is amazing! loved it
    " I will leave the demons from past in past and won't carry them around with me."

  5. This is such an entertaining story. Liked how you personified January and the months. Your illustrations are great as usual. :)

    1. Hey thanks..I was really scared of posting is the first time I've done this kind of post..Thanks I was hoping that might make my writing look better :P
      PS-Did you see Agent Carter,it was so freaking awesome :D ^_^

    2. Yes it was! She's super badass. Totally love her. Still really sad that she'll never be with Steve Rogers..why can't she be anti-ageing?! Hahaha.

    3. She is the only character I really like in Captain America: First Avenger..she was so awesome in that as well..and in show she is A BADASS ^_^
      I kind of wish they atleast had their dance before all it happened D:

    4. Yes, they should have had their dance! In the show I didn't like how other agents treated her and underestimated her, but she showed them who's boss by taking out so many people at once and always being first at the scene. It's really sad that she's still grieving though. And I loved Jarvis as well, he's really helpful.

      Have you seen the Marvel One Shots? Some of them are pretty funny. Agent Carter was pretty badass in that one too. :)

    5. The scene where she goes into the lobby via stair while other agents are chasing after that worker and hits him with a bag is so cool :D
      I liked the one related to Iron Man 3 in which they show that Mandarin actually exists (Mind Blown,I know!!) :D

  6. I loved this! Making it a dialouge, so good an idea! :D

    - Love, Felicia
    ( )

    1. Thanks I hope with enough practice to write as well as you do :D :D

    2. Aww, that is so sweet! I'm sure you will (:
      I'm still hoping to get better.

    3. You're a brilliant writer and I'm sure you'll get better with every post :)

  7. ...
    You have rendered me speechless. This was so great! I especially love January's character (and how she's actually February, March, etc. too), the illustrations (as always... I wish I had your talent!) and just the entire concept! The doors, the baggage! This is perhaps my favourite of all your entries! ^^

    Thank you so much for doing the task, Neal! :D

    1. Thank you :D
      You're more talented than I am :P

  8. This is so cool! Well done! You made such an amazing metaphorical story that I'm sure speaks to everybody.
    Making January some form of a character that responds back is a great idea and works so well. Important message too.
    Love it! ^_^

    1. Thank you..I actually am really tired of people saying new year new me...It's like why can't you do good any time of the year why wait for the new year..and then somehow one thought led to another then to another and then this happened..I was really nervous frankly as I'm no writer sir nah not a single writers bone in my body but seeing all you reading people liked it really makes me feel good :D

  9. This was a fascinating post. I really enjoyed reading it - definitely gave me a different perspective of the new year and months. By the way, I saw a quote of yours on another blog and really loved it so I was wondering if I could borrow it too? It's "If posts are the brain of a blog...then comments are it's heart - Neal Kind"

  10. This was such a beautiful story! Such a great metaphor for the start of a new year and it really made me think about life in general, truly beautiful!

    Oh, and loving the new layout! (Haven't been on the internet for a while, so it could be old for all I know!)

    Golden Ducklings

  11. Love this, so creative!!

    a little bit of sunshine

  12. " I will leave the demons from past in past and won't carry them around with me."

    ^ I just want to thank you for reminding me of that beautiful quote :) 2014 was such a rough year so I want to thank you for telling me to leave everything behind :) That was beautiful! You're not at all bad at writing, don't worry. I liked the concept of your written work though, and I love it :D Great work!!!

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

  13. This was amazing. You're drawings are awesome and I'm loving the concept.
    Stella -


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