Sunday, January 18, 2015

Winter Wonderland Challenge 6

This is it people..the last of the Winter Wonderland Challenge..I lost T_T T_T...but I'm glad my friend Envy won :D

In this we just have to say goodbye to the task..
Here are all the task I did :
1. Winter Wonderland Challenge 1 : In this we had to do a tag it was fun.
2. Winter Wonderland Challenge 2 : In this we had to post OOTD..quite frankly I had no idea what it meant so I had to Google it and I wouldn't have done it but Yasmine was kind enough and let me draw an outfit instead so I did it :D
3. Winter Wonderland Challenge 3 : This was a Christmas post..we had 3 options in this and had to do only one I did all 3 :P
4. Winter Wonderland Challenge 4 : New Year themed was the worst because I had a very lousy New Year I had exams and it just might be the most boring post you'll read here..though I tried making it better by adding the Korra I drew :)
5. Winter Wonderland Challenge 5 : Had to write about January..January could've been anything month or a character..I used both concept to make a little story..I was rather pleased with the reaction to it as I am not a writer like you people are but that did make me feel better and made me want to write or think about writing a bit :D

What I liked about this task was how all the bloggers did something as a group..yes there are tags and stuff but they aren't a group activity per se...we got to know other bloggers a bit better..met a few new bloggers (little yarn of blossom,sparkly kid) and I discovered a whole new side of myself which got was very excited for Christmas..I also like the thought process behind the challenges..I hope it's bigger and grander next time around :D

There wasn't anything bad about this task only thing that could've been improved is punctuality of the task but Yasmine had school and tests and had to go a week with no internet so that's understandable :D
Other than that the task was just the best :)

Thank you Yasmine :P :D


  1. Thank you so much, Neal! I'm so happy you liked it! And I agree I should have been more punctual, but I'm glad you understood! Ah, the hardships of going a week without internet. :P I've received lots of positive feedback, so I will definitely have a Winter Wonderland Challenge next year again! Your fifth post was genius; I really loved it, and it was my favourite of the bunch!

    And Neal, I've already told you. THERE ARE NO LOSERS! Winners, yes, I made the mistake of including those, but honestly, the whole thing was just for fun. ^U^

  2. Completely agree with your feedback Neal - I'd love an eight week challenge next year!

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. I think all challenges are great because of what you said, it allows you to meet new people and learn more from the ones you already knew. Although I did not participate I had a wonderful time reading your posts, especially the challenge 5. The idea of that post was very beautifully executed ;)

  4. HURRAY! :D :D
    Oh, I've been away from the Internet for three whole blog posts from you! I'm going on a maniac catch-up feast today xD

    - Love, Felicia
    ( )


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