Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Winter Wonderland Challenge Task 4

First of all Happy New Year!!It's Jan 1 @ 00:01 and we are officially in 2015.
First thing survey still open here it was so fun reading your answers XD

Fair warning : This might be the most boring celebration you will ever read. :P

Any fair occasion in my family every celebration starts and ends with good food.We don't really spend time with each other and that's how it always has been this year has been very different than others because usually every year I have my sister I spend my new year with..we usually end up watching a lot of movies but this year she started at her job and ever since she's been busy with work.My mother was busy in kitchen cooking and me, I've been sitting in my room staring at my laptop trying to study for exams.I hate you people at University >.<" >.<".
Anyways let me tell you about my day...31st December well I slept at 4 in the morning, I was trying to study but unfortunately was unsuccessful,Who gives a damn about subjects I'll never need?They should rather add subjects which actually help us in our field for a change -_-.
Since I slept at 4 I didn't wake up until 10-11 am after which I had breakfast and went to market to buy groceries for dinner preparations and ever since then I've been in my room trying to study stupid 'Circuits and System'.

Evening was better though..My sister has arranged a bonfire party with her friends on the roof tonight and they all are there on the roof I went upstairs for a while it was fun..sorry I don't have any photographs.
Then we had dinner where I worked as a waiter to help my mother :P
Menu Today :
Evening Snacks : Tomato Soup, Spring Rolls, Boiled Sprouts.
Dinner : Pav Bhaji, Makhani Daal , Rice and Roti (Sorry these are all Indian dishes so you might not understand a word here)
Dessert : Pineapple pastry.
So well food wise it was a good day :D
Now I'm sitting and blogging while most of people are enjoying I'm trying to stay awake and trying to read a little to pass my exams :P
I just realized this is my first post in 2015 and it is very mundane so to add a little something to it let me present to you Korra I made recently :

I'll post a better post which I was planning tomorrow or the day after tomorrow :)
Stay Tuned.
Meanwhile learn from mistakes of 2014 and try to do better in 2015 :)
Have a great day!

UPDATE : After I wrote this post I was sure night would end but it didn't I returned to the roof party and flew candle balloons with everyone :D
I would post more pictures but they all had faces and I'd had to blur them so maybe sometime later :D (you understand that right?)
Now the night ends for real. :D


  1. You scared me! I was like, "It's not January 1st yet!!!!!!" But then I remembered we have different time zones. Whew! I am not ready lol
    Yeah, school sucks but you're almost done...let's hope. :p
    And spending time with fam is super important, that's what I learned this year. Or rather these past few months. Make your sis quit work! lol

    Happy 2015 to you!

    1. Bwhahaha XD
      My college always have exams around Christmas and New Year and ruin it :P
      Being in 2015 I can say it doesn't feel any different than 2014 :P
      Nah,she worked too hard for it :)

  2. Great post - mine will be up at midnight GMT.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. It funny that you've gotten to 2015 before the rest of us! You're a year ahead of me!! I hope you have better luck studying next time (chocolate helps.)

    1. Yes I'm from the future XD
      Chocolate sure does helps but to study :P
      Happy New Year :)

  4. It's 2015 so make it a resolution to study harder! :P
    That Korra is amazing!! <3 I actually don't like the series, though... I prefer Avatar ^^
    I love candle balloons! So pretty! Great post, Neal! :) x

    1. This was the most boring post I've ever written :P

  5. Happy New Year Neal!!!!! I agree with you... exams are the worst and I hate University people... I'll never understand why you have to demonstrate what you know by answering questions in a piece of paper. I'd rather do a practical task to show what I know. Exams sometimes don't show that but oh well... I hate the school systems so much hahahaha
    Anyway, I hope 2015 goes well for you and good luck with your exams;)

    1. Thank's not about practical knowledge it's about having ridiculous subjects in our curriculum least they can do is give us relevant subjects :P
      Happy New Year

  6. Sounds like you had a good celebration in the end flying candle balloons. All the best for your exams! Hard work will eventually pay off :)

    1. Well balloon thing was rather fun :D
      Thanks :D

  7. That Korra ;n; is absolutely beautiful.

  8. I'm so glad it's 2015! It seems to be a good year. 2014 sucked!
    Happy New Year, Neal! :D

    - Love, Felicia
    ( )

    1. Wasn't as bad 2013 was or 2012 was for me but yeah it's cool that it's done with :D


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