Friday, January 30, 2015

Thank You Notes #2 : People in Classroom

You must have a lot of different kind of people in your classroom and believe it or not they all deserve a big thank you..A heart felt Big Thank You!

  • Thank you..Mr.IKnowItAll for cramming all the useless books and making our average marks look very bad.
  • Thank you Miss.OhIamAGirlIDontBelieveInClassRulesAndShouldBeTreatedDifferent for going to teacher for special treatment and scoring couple of extra marks, you deserve them.
  • Thank you Guy who doesn't leave the classroom when everybody else does you make us realize how important it is to attend all classes.
  • Thank you guy who calls teacher, when we tell him not to come and get the class inspire us.
  • Thank you girl who wouldn't talk to us because you're above us for being above save us so many unpleasant conversations we'd have to have with you otherwise.
  • Thank you guy who disturbs the whole class by entering late, if not for you we wouldn't know what time it is and how long for class to get over.
  • Thank you the guy who doesn't pass any important information we like to be surprised when we get the information at the very last moment.
  • Thank you Mr.IWillCommentOnEveryFacebookStatusPostAndPhotographEvenIfIDontMakeAnySense for just being you..I salute you sir no matter how many times people tell you to stop that you never do that's determination.
  • Thank you ignorant guy for not paying attention what going on around's just so much fun to answer your stupid queries later.
  • Thank you guy who sits behind me for never helping me out in exams you keep me on the right path.
  • Thank you girl/guy who spreads wild rumors and fake stories for providing us with all the fake news and starting several fights.
  • Thank you Mr.Politics for bringing in political stuff in classroom we can stop bothering ourselves with newspapers because of you.
Now a couple of sincere ones :
  • Thank you people who hang out with me making college tolerable.
  • Thank you students in lower year than me you people are really friendly.
  • Thank you friends for mocking the similar people as me it's just so much fun mocking as a group.

You got any stupid people in your class?


  1. Thank you fat garden gnome look-alike for arguing with the teacher about the rules the examination board sent to us in an e-mail. You don't look stupid at all for saying you're not doing anything against the rules, while the rules clearly state that drinking Coca Cola during finals is not allowed.

    Pfew, that felt good. People in class can be so... facepalm-worthy.

    1. Hahaha XD
      People argue over Coca Cola during examination? XD
      Sometimes even a head shake worthy person also appears out of nowhere :P

  2. Hahah thank you that one classmate who reminds the teacher to give/collect homework because we all understand what was going through your mind when you suggested that. Seriously.

    I'm actually quite good when it comes to homework, but I still don't see the point of doing that. Agh great post! I can always rely on original content from you!

    1. Those people are the worst..randomly reminding teachers to give/collect assignments >.<"
      There's a guy in class we have to tell him to not do that like 10 times before a class starts..
      I'm pretty sure your curriculum is better than Indian academic curriculum..we have outdated syllabus and incompetent teachers and therefore there homework is literally pointless..but I'd advice you that you keep doing your homework in school it's a good habbit :)
      Thank you..I try my best :D

    2. Ahah it is indeed a good habit (one not many people appear to have! I mean, I just cannot understand the people who leave everything until the last minute)! This one girl in my History class does it all the time and nothing can stop her. It's like she wants to see the world burn.
      Oh, that's awful! But I still doubt it. ~

    3. You know what I did I tried to do as much as I could in school but I never gave it until I absolutely had too XD
      first I made sure my friends had done there's then submitted mine :P

  3. Hahaha I'm the political one :L I also like to add a bit of trivia (nonsense that no one cares about) every now and then into the daily conversing of the classroom. Somebody's gotta do it!

    Golden Ducklings

  4. I can't stand those who get late to class and they don't even apologise. I understand sometimes when there are problems with public transport but when I was in Uni there were loads of people who always got late. Like, can you not?

    1. I love it when those late coming people get into arguments with teacher :P

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  6. OH MY GOSH HAHA I LOVE THESE POSTS :D I definitely agree with most of them - except the guy who goes home late. Because the clock is always above the classroom, I always look at it, praying for time to move a little faster so school can be done :P Can you please make more of this? It's so fun reading it, and you never fail to make me smile :D

    1. My classroom doesn't lol XD
      We'd have to check our watches if not for that guy :P
      Friday's I do this ^_^
      Thank you :D

  7. These sarcastic Thank You posts are really funny. I especially agree with the one about the guy who doesn't pass any important information and we get the information at the very last moment, those people are really annoying!

    1. Yup they are and worst thing about them is they don't realize that they're stupid and annoying >.<
      Number of classes they never tell are going to happen is too damn high :P


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