Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sisterhood of the world blogger award

I was recently given the Sisterhood of the world blogger award by Paranoid Puppet from The Inside Mind of a Paranoid Puppet and yes her blog is as cool as her name. :D
Thank you Paranoid Puppet.

1.  What's your favorite book and why?
All the Harry Potter books I try to read them at least once a year.If I have to choose one among them I'll pick Half Blood Prince mainly because it tells so much about Voldemort (oops..I said The Dark Lord's name O_O).His history is so interesting and that scene where Dumbledore dies and his funeral.I feel sad every single time first time I read it I so hated Snape but now I can't even do that. :/

2.  How did you start reading? 
This is really interesting..I was feeling really blue one day, very lonely and I found a book in my room.My school gives book as a prize to all the toppers well my sister has always been a topper so she has like a lot of books but people at my school are kind of corrupt so they don't put a lot of effort in buying quality books but that time I found the converted work of William Shakespeare by someone related to Charles Dickens and I was hooked.I read most of them I love them. Merchant of Venice and Julius Ceaser are my favourite .I read Julius Ceaser's original work I was awestruck how beautiful it was.

3.  A book everybody loved and you didn't?
Abundance of Katherines?I read so many good review about it but I kind of got bored with it after 50 pages.

4.  A book everybody hated and you didn't?
Twilight?...Kidding I hate that book.Umm..I usually check how a book is before reading so I haven't really read a book everyone hates.Suggest a few you hate I'll try them. :P

5. What's the biggest book you have ever read?
A Song Of Ice and Fire : Clash of Kings..that is one big ass book.(Tyrion you're one awesome dude!)

6.  Favorite comic? 
Comic?Comic?COMIC!!!!(*Takes out a trumpet and blows it*) everyone here know I love comics.Every Wednesday is a blessing when I download new comics.I have a little over 100 GB of comics.I'm proud to say that I have digital editions of 1st appearance of Batman (Det. Comic 27) and of Spider-Man and I have every single Spidey and Batman comic ever.I like other characters as well.Flash,Superman,Wonder Woman,Spider Woman,Captain Marvel,X Men etc but favourite are always Batman and The Amazing Spider-Man.What about you which one do you like?
I'm making my own comic as well it includes a lot of big comic book names.

7. Favorite comic hero?

Bat Family (this was 2nd attempt at Digital Art)
This was the cover of DETECTIVE COMICS recently.My sister actually helped me with this one.(This is using paints)
This was my first attempt at digital art,I was pleased with it :)
Spider-Man..Spider-Man does whatever a Spider can. (You sang that too?right?)
8. Favorite comic Villain? 
Who else the Clown Prince of Crime himself..HHaahehehaahahahuhuhahaha..THE JOKER!
This is part of the comic I'm making
This was also cover of some comic recently (This is using sketch pens)
9.  Best series you've ever read so far? or comics?
 Books : Harry Potter..I can read/watch Harry Potter anytime and anyplace.I read e-books in class recently while my teacher was saying who knows what. :P (I'm stuck at Deathly Hallows because of my stupid examinations >.<")
Comics : Batman-this series only follows batman and Alfred and no one else..yes there maybe few guest appearance by other Bat family members.This series has been the most consistent yet..and before I forget this might be a good time to start reading this one because Joker returned recently and he has disabled freaking Justice League and he's out for's madness right now trust me. I need the next issue DC!!

10. Do you like classics? 
Yes,love them..They are called classics for a reason.Some I've read : LOTR,Hobbit,Shakespeare,Sherlock Holmes (Freaking awesome book),
I'll read To Kill a Mockingbird next. 

I did it so now you'll have to do it too :P :
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(Noelia I was going to tag you as well but I think Paranoid Pupper already did so there was no point)

I'm not sure if this makes us sisters, I asked Paranoid Puppet haven't heard back yet XD XD.
(I did she said yes we probably can be XD)

1. Your guilty pleasure?
2. One book you wish you could read all over again for the first time.?
3. Worst book you ever read?The one which disappointed you the most.
4. If books could talk like actually talk which book would you like to talk to?
5. (Okay this might be toughest of them all) Favourite character from any book you've ever read ?
6. Your favourite Song,Artist and band?
7. If you are writing a novel and you want to include someone you know, who would you choose?
8. What genre do you usually go for?Which is your favourite book outside that genre?
9. Book that made you cry after/while reading?
10. Your views on Twilight movie or book? (Imagine me in that 'The Saw' joker mask saying :"I want to play a game" bwhaha)



  1. Great tag Neal - I'll try and get it done tomorrow.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Answer to question One - I APPROVE! *high five for being a HP fan*
    That is such an interesting way to start reading. I can't even remember why I started or when.
    I don't know if I'd use the word hate but I didn't overwhelming like To Kill a Mockingbird so to kill two birds with one stone (excuse the pun) as you already want to read it and because I "almost hated" it.
    And thanks for the nomination!!! :D
    Happy New Year! ^_^

    1. *High Five* :D
      Bwhaha XD XD (I see what you did there)
      Then I'm gonna read 'To Kill a Mockingbird' and like it XD
      Had to your blog is so wonderful! :D

  3. such a great post!

    from helen at

  4. Great answers! Funny enough, I've already done this tag like millions of years ago but apparently it came back LOL
    Harry Potter is of course the best! The Half-Blood Prince is not my favourite of the seven but then again, I've never really been able to pick only one hahaha
    And the Joker is freaking amazing!

    1. I know,How can one pick single book out of me it was toughest decision I've made so far.I think if someone doesn't get emotional reading Sirius Black's,Dumbledore's death and while reading the last part he/she is a robot.I was reading that part where Harry finds Lily's letter to Sirius and it was so emotional.
      Thanks!Joker is brilliant,he's the best character there ever will be :)

  5. This is so cool! And thnx 4 da tag! :3

  6. Interesting answers, Neal. I've only read Harry Potter The Prisoner of Azkaban out of the whole series though. Haven't gotten through reading all of them although I do love the Harry Potter series, haha. And those are really good illustrations! Thanks for the nomination. :)

    1. *Gasps*You haven't read them all?You totally should!! I've been trying to get my sister to read them for ages but she just wouldn't :/
      Had to,Your blog is so awesome :D

  7. I am probably the only book lover in the whole world who has never read Harry Potter! Yes, I never read it :( I think I knew you would choose the joker as favorite villain, because WHO WOULDN'T? I think me and joker has a secret relationship... deep down, all he wants is to marry me :) Thanks for answering these questions ^-^ It was fun reading them!

    1. No you aren't there are a lot of book readers I'm following who haven't read Harry Potter yet,but you should it's lovely :D
      Joker!!I just have one advice for you,beware of Harley Quinn..She will try to take Joker away :D :P

    2. SHE'S GOT NOTHING ON ME! MUAHAHAHAHA *Evilness strikes Paranoid Puppet*

    3. hahaha..XD hahhaha XD I'll type a comment after I'm done laughing...hahaha XD
      Then she better find some cover...And let "Age of Paranoid" begin! XD

    4. hahahahaha I love the idea of Age of Paranoid! :D yep I will make that happen ^-^

    5. And I will wait for that to happen ^_^


    I hated Abundance of Katherines either! It was the worse John Green book I've ever had to read, but I just pushed myself to finish it. And I felt like I didn't accomplish anything after reading the entire thing lol. I don't understand how people like it, though :P

    1. It was so booooring! :O
      I think I read more pages of twilight than I did of Abundance of Katherines :P

  9. Thanks so much for tagging me! <3

    I feel like the crusher of fun right now but I don't like Harry Potter very much.
    For that, I didn't like Divergent, the Hunger Games (although it's not that bad) or Throne of Glass either. I am horrible when it comes to popular fandoms. ^^ I've never read Abundance of Katherines, but I don't think I will after this post! And I may be the worst teenager ever for this but I love Shakespear! (I can already feel the judgement on me right now aahaha)

    It's so cool that you had your art on covers! I am really jealous. ;) I much prefer Ironman to Batman, but I agree on the Joker.

    Love the header, by the way! (Haven't said this yet but I really like it!)

    Cloudy Dreams

    1. Shakespeare is awesome!No one judges you!
      Ironman is so lame in comics it's Robert Downey Jr. who brought that awesomeness in the character but all Batman are awesome :P
      Thank you wasted a lot of time making it :P (thanks for noticing as well)
      And I'm gonna pretend I didn't read that Harry Potter line :/ :P XD

  10. Great tag! I haven't read An Abundance of Kathrines yet, but I was so disappointed with The Fault In Our Stars that I don't think I'll read any more of his books. :/ I also haven't read any of the Harry Potter books. I don't think I will, because they're so long and there's so many other books out there to read!
    A Little Yarn Blossom

    1. Thanks..that book was rather a waste of time.I will try TFIOS though reviews seem nice and I liked the movie.
      Thanks for your kind comment.
      Checking out your blog :)

  11. Oh my goodness, I hate Twilight and An Abundance of Katherines too!
    your art is amazing

  12. haha none taken! I was going to answer twilight for that question too! ( but I got to admit I quite like the film) I love batman ! have you ever watched Gotham, I think you would like it:) thanks for the nomination, I will try to do this next week :)

    1. Yes I've seen Gotham but I'm kind of disappointed with that was supposed to be on GCPD and Det. Gordon instead they've put every Batman villain grown up..what will Batman do when her grows up in like 15 years from now..they all would be too old for him...Though Penguin is awesome in that show :D I like Arrow and The Flash more (Have you seen either??)
      You're welcome! :D

  13. Wow this is cool. your art is great!

  14. Thanks for tagging me! :D
    I'll do the tag as soon as possible. (I'm actually just sitting at at café, preparing my next many chapters, so I think I'll do it right now.)

    - Love, Felicia
    ( )

    1. I want to read you next many chapters D: D: :)
      Had to tag you!coz you awesome :D

  15. I think Goblet of Fire has to be my favourite. My copy of the book is literally falling apart because I've read it so many times! I used to have this ritual where just when a new book was about to release, I'd go on a marathon read of the entire series up to that point.
    Julius Caesar is amazing!! We studied the original play at school for two years as part of our curriculum and omg Shakespeare is extraordinary!
    I genuinely enjoyed to kill a mockingbird. Did you manage to get to it yet?

    1. Goblet of Fire!That book is awesome.I'm so disappointed by that movie though,they left out so much of the plot in the book.I bought the book set recently so it isn't falling apart yet (Had digital copies previously).Yeah I read it last month,it was amazing I loved how the story progressed and the way it was written.All the characters were so interesting especially Boo Radley.
      Cheers yourself :)
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  16. Thank you for the nomination! :)
    I did the post recently even though I am really late :/

    -Kathie K


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