Wednesday, January 14, 2015


So When She Writes tagged me for this award which I'm thankful for..funny story no one has given me as many awards and tags in real life as many you people have out there..that's why you people are awesome :)

Anyone who hasn't done this tag can do it and use the same questions..I've tagged people I guess once or twice it was weird doing that mostly because I'm not habitual of giving out awards and stuff XD :P

1. What has been the most memorable time of your life so far?
Umm..don't know...maybe the time when the kids from Teach for India called to tell me they won..that was awesome :D
2. If you could go back in time, what would you change?
Let's go back to comic 2or3,yes that time..I'd walk right upto young me and slap him right across the face. :P
3. Most embarrassing moment ( i can't wait to hear some of these!)
There was this cute girl in my friends class in 11th and I just wanted to leave everything behind and move on you know..and I told the friend I think she's cute and he went and told the girl I like him and made up was really embarrassing..I never went to his classroom after that.
4. Chocolate or sweets?
Chocolates are sweet XD
5. Favourite blog?
Umm..I love a lot of blogs and choosing among them is really can see some of my favourite blogs in blog of fame tab above..but if I have to pick one..well..
I can't..It's a tie between Picking up the Pieces/Emo Wolverine Writes/Parranoid Puppet/A Silly Girls Thoughts..mostly because I've been following these blogs for some time now and have interacted more with them than any other blogger..but I love all the blogs I follow. :P :)
6. Most precious belonging?
I'm gonna be materialistic and say my mobile and laptop.I can't go through a day without them..Seriously.
7. Tell us something we don't know about you!
Sometimes while making Daily Diaries Comics I feel like a 14-15 year old whiny teenager XD :P
8. Day or Night?
Night always night..I hate Mondays and mornings.
9. Sum yourself up in 3 words
I don't know..
10. Favourite TV show?
Friends. I've seen that show like 10 times I know the lines by heart..and I can watch it on mute and still laugh at all the jokes in I know it that well :P I'm a huge Chandler Bing fan and when people say I have a very Chandler Bing-ish sense of humor I feel proud. :D :P
And how awesome is Phoebe..Let's sing.."Smelly Cat..Smelly Cat..."


So Noor @A Little Bit of Sunshine also gave me this award thank you very much Noor ^_^
here are her questions :
1. How long have you been blogging for?
Since August 8,2014.Best decision ever :)

2. Favorite dance style?
I don't know seriously no idea at all :P

3. Favorite blogs?
Check my Blog of Fame page.. :D

4. What is the most creative thing you have ever done? 
I once made a stuffed 3-d card for my mother's birthday :D

5. Top 3 blogger besties?
Kanra..Envy..Felicia..Paranoid (You didn't notice there are 4 :P)
All Hail Queen Envy

6. Favorite word?
This question made me laugh..I don't know never really thought about it...chimichanga is a cool world I think :P (Deadpool anyone?)

7. Craziest thing you've ever done?
Ohh..that's a toughie..I've done a lot of crazy stuff...once me and friends started laughing while performing in a play on stage in front of whole school XD

8. Fave thing about my blog? (hehe I'm sneaky) 
How much effort and excitement you put in your posts,that is amazing :D

9. Do you like the number 9? 
I don't hate it :P

10. Opinion on Nutella? 
Interestingly I've never had Nutella :P (I can feel the judgement..on this one..:P) 

11. Biggest blogging pet peeve?
follow for follow blogger :P

That's All Folks.


  1. Great answers!
    And oh my god I ADORE Friends! I've seen all the seasons so many times, I'm actually just watching season 10 with my mom. :D I feel like none of my friends want to listen to me anymore because I keep making references and telling Chandler jokes, but I just think it's the best sitcom ever made, the first time I watched it I thought to myself I'll never be able to watch any other sitcom. :D

    1. Actually my friends are as crazy for FRIENDS as I am so they don't get annoyed when I make them references ^_^
      Yes it is the best sitcom ever :D
      I watch other sitcoms but I won't rewatch them 10 times like I do Friends :D

  2. Wait a second, the guy told the girl you liked HIM?!?!?! Why did he do that?
    And fun fact here: I remember trying to see friends back in the days (I was probably 15 or something) and I just didn't find it funny but for like two years now it was the only show they put in the mornings while I was having breakfast and so I watched and loved it. Maybe my sense of humour changed with the years hehehe

    1. Yup because he's a moron >.<"
      I started watching it when I must be 17 and it was the best..I remember first episode I ever watch was "The One With The Phoebe's Cookies" and I laughed so hard it was the best feeling ever ever since then I'm hooked to the show :)

  3. Haha, I love Friends, especially Phoebe :D I love how her songs always end with lalalalalala. :D

    - Love, Feliia
    ( )

    1. I love Phoebe I love Lisa Kudrow I love the songs I love Friends ^_^ :D

  4. That must have been super embarrassing o.o
    Also, #6- definitely laptop and mobile xD OH WAIT YOU FORGOT THE WIFI DEVICE. D:
    Thanks for the favorite blogger mention :D

    1. Embarrassing, yeah very much O_O D:
      Wifi..internet access but I was trying to be less greedy :P
      Dude your blog is like super awesome I had to include it :P :D

  5. 'Smelly cat'! Ahahahaha Classic!
    That embarrassing story is so funny! She must have been so confused!! :D

    Golden Ducklings

    1. Must be don't know :P :P
      Smelly Cat is the best :D

  6. Like how you're keeping to your schedule and coming up with the posts in a week as you said. :) For number 3, that must have been a really embarrassing situation! I've never watched Friends, my adolescent/preteen days were filled with Disney sitcoms and cartoons like X-Men and Spiderman, haha.

    1. It is really tough but I've planned atleast so I might just pull it off for a couple of weeks.Yes it was,most embarrassing situation I've ever been in.You have never watched Friends O_O O_O O_O
      Disney sitcoms as in Suite Life of Zack and Cody?Hannah Montanna etc? they were awesome :D
      X-Men and Spiderman cartoon that brings back so many wonderful memories :D


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