Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CHAPTER 11 : The Day All Lines Were Crossed

You love your family right?You know they are there for each other no matter each other..they're good people..right?
Yes family is important..what makes two people family?Just the fact they share similar DNA?or is family a group of people who love each other and aren't cruel to each other even if they disagree with each other..
Demons, Imagine Dragons

When you feel my heat

Look into my eyes
It's where my demons hide
It's where my demons hide

One of the earliest memories I have consist of these people yelling at each other.Most of our family trips end with my parents arguing, which led to the rule that neither of the two will speak to each other when me and my sister are in the car with them.
You must've a lot of good memories with your father.Playing with him,doing the guy's stuff,going on vacations..well I don't he never had time for anyone except himself and his stupid gods.He wants all the rights and none of the duties he wants to dictate us the terms on how to live our lives and make our lives as sorry as his is.

His mother is even worse.She throws tantrums,lies,makes her sickness worse than it is and always trying to get attention making life hell for everyone around her.She says mean and cruel stuff to anyone around her.Except me mostly because I always have a witty sarcastic reply for her which makes her shut right up.She is pure evil and her children are spawn of devil.I hope she burns in hell.
My mother and sister says I shouldn't hate them as much as I do because they're my family.Maybe they're right maybe I am right I will never know.
As a kid I thought they fought because they loved each other now I realize they fight because they all are fed up and are selfish.I tried to be nice to all of them for as long as I could but now I just can't anymore so I tend to stay in my room when everyone is home.If and when I go out for dinner or any meal it's like a meter which starts filling as soon as I sit with them and I leave as soon as the meter fills up.
I've never told anyone about any of this like never ever, maybe I was ashamed of it or maybe I just was afraid to admit to all this.From outside my family seems normal ,very nice and loving it's only the people inside it who know the shit that happens here.I might've said more bad things above than I should have about them but that's just how I feel about them.I'm not looking for any sympathy no, not at all I know a lot of people have worse and some don't have any family at all.I didn't even wanted to post this chapter at first but I have to because this is a huge part of who I am and why I am the way I am.

These people have driven my mom to the extent that she is usually irritated these days.I hate seeing her like that.
He might be sorry for getting physical he might not I don't know I eventually forgave him but never forgot I'm sure none of them even remembers this.My sister says to me,"Never treat your gf/wife like him." what I don't understand is how can two people treat each other like that.

Right now my mother and sister are the only people I consider as my family and all the other people are just related to me because of them.
I'm gonna stop writing now because I'm getting a serious hatred wave as I write this.This is the first and last time I'm gonna talk about this to anyone ever,