Sunday, December 28, 2014

Your Year in Review

Awesome Catalina Blue tweeted a post on looking back at your year..basically it's bunch of questions you answer..She is also doing this post on her blog do check it out..:D

Here's my year:

1.What one event, big or small, are you going to tell your grandchildren about?
Ans. One day I'm gonna look at my grandchildren and then say,"Kids let me tell you a story..story of How I Met Your Grandmother" and then start telling all the random stories starting from 2014 XD.About Teach for India,This Blog, College etc.

2.If you had to describe your 2014 in 3 words, what would they be?
Ans. Better than 2013 :)

3.What new things did you discover about yourself?
Ans. I am literally incapable of following a schedule for more than 3-4 days..I finally learned this earlier this year and stopped trying to work according to a schedule.

4.What single achievement are you most proud of?
Ans. Teach for India's volunteering no doubt about that. My kids won at the event :D

5.What was the best news you received?
Ans. When Marvel announced their movie slate that was so cool I was so excited that day :D
I mean they released Age of Ultron's trailer - seen that?It's awesome!!
Black Panther,Doctor Strange,Captain Marvel coming to big screen!!and Benedict Cumberbatch is freaking Doc.Strange!!

6.What was your favourite place that you visited in 2014?
Ans. Haven't been out of Delhi this year (Except for that one trip I blogged about in early stages of my blogging) so I'm gonna go with somewhere in Delhi..."Saket" when I went to the newly opened India's first Burger King! :D Burger Kings makes McDonald's look like the under achieving sibling XD

7.Which of your personal qualities turned out to be the most helpful this year?
Ans. Cheerfulness...When you're cheerful people want to talk with you.

8.Who was your number one go-to person that you could always rely on?
Ans. My sister. :D

9.Which new skills did you learn?
Ans. Making comics. I always loved reading comics and I love to sketch...this year I tried to put the two together and I think I've improved a bit in past couple of months..hopefully with a little more practice maybe I'll start making better comics :)

10.What, or who, are you most thankful for?
Ans. My mom, sister ,friends and all my readers :)
This is creepy but he is Sherlock, he is allowed creepy :P
11.If someone wrote a book about your life in 2014, what kind of genre would it be? A comedy, love story, drama, film noir or something else?
Ans. Drama! you've read my comics.

12.What was the most important lesson you learnt in 2014?
Ans. One doesn't simply drink a cup of coffee at 3 in the morning, it makes falling asleep too damn hard.

13.Which mental block(s) did you overcome?
Ans. I had a No Sharing Thing for past couple of years I never shared any thought or anything personal with anyone and it kind of bottled up you know how it is..But this year I've shared a lot of different aspects of my life majorly on this blog. I'm glad I did, it feels better this way.

14.What 5 people did you most enjoy spending time with?
  1. My mom - I usually spend a little time with her  after I return from college.
  2. My sister - We watch TV shows/movies together after she returns from her job while eating     dinner.
  3. Kids from Teach for India - they were so cool :D
  4. School friends -  we didn't hangout much but the times we did was so much fun :D
  5. College friends 
15.What was your biggest break-through moment career-wise?
Ans. I had no idea what I wanted to do for my post graduation course..but this year I thought about it a bit more and now I know what I want to do.Sorry it's too early to tell. :)

16.How did your relationship to your family evolve?
Ans. will answer this in comics :P probably next chapter will clarify alot.

17.What book or movie affected your life in a profound way?
Ans. Transformers 4 - I watched that movie and I realized those were the 3 hours of my life I'm never getting back.

18.What was your favourite compliment that you received this year?
Ans. My cousin got married this year,a lot of relatives saw me after a long time a lot of them said I look nice. - I liked that.
Recently a 1st year said I'm one awesome senior - I liked that.
When you people give kind and positive feedback - I like that
The person under whom I volunteered at Teach for India was happy with my work - I like that
I get real red when someone compliments me seriously saying like blushing sister usualy ends up laughing when she sees me at that time...wide cheeks.Sometimes even when I'm reading comments here. :P
19.What little things did you most enjoy during your day-to-day life?
Ans. Sketching..Wasting time in college canteen with friends...making comics..blogging,reading, watching movies and TV shows.

20.What cool things did you create this year?
Ans. Comics! :D
Daily Diaries Comics! :D
21.What was your most common mental state this year (e.g. excited, curious, stressed)?
Ans. Early in the year : frustrated
        Middle : Nervous on turning 19..I was really freaking out.I was excited at 18 I mean it marks               you as an adult but 19 just means getting old..I don't wanna get old :O
        Now : Excited

22.Was there anything you did for the very first time in your life this year?
Ans. A lot of of them having a birthday's not as bad as it family is a bunch of religious nuts who believe that cutting a cake on birthday is a bad omen so I've never had a birthday party and since my birthday always comes during holidays my friends usually forget it until the day itself. I get presents, my mother cooks my favorite meals...go out if I want to..but this year my sister and her friends planned a surprise party with a cake so I blew out candles and cut the cake for the very first time this year :) (Not that exciting I know :P)

23.What was your favourite moment spent with your friends?
Ans. There is this tradition that 2nd years in a college arrange a party for the new coming 1st years and we arranged it this year for the new coming batch in our college. I was handling the decoration committee which had all my friends...we bunked classes and prepared decorations + posters for the party it was really fun.

it was so large don't have a single image of whole :P and this one doesn't do justice to it.
24.What major goal did you lay the foundations for?
Ans. Post graduation..I started working on it. :D

25.Which worries turned out to be completely unnecessary?
Ans. Well I sometimes worry for no apparent reason so let's move one to the next question because there are so many answers to this question you'll get bored.

26.What experience would you love to do all over again?
Ans. Teach for India...I think I'll volunteer again next year if I can.

27.What was the best gift you received?
Ans. Harry Potter Book set :D I've read all books like 5 times but in e-book format (I read most of books in that format,they are easy to manage I think). My sister got it for me couple of weeks ago and now I have my own Harry Potter set!

28.How did your overall outlook on life evolve?
Ans. It's a wonderful life :D

29.What was the biggest problem you solved?
Ans. I am not sure if I have a big problem...or which of my problem is biggest.

30.What was the funniest moment of your year, one that still makes it hard not to burst out laughing when you think about it?
Ans. How can I answer that?I mean there are so many funny moments how can I pick one.

31.What purchase turned out to be the best decision ever?
Ans. I don't angry bird balloon?it just sits there on my desk(which I never use) next to my bed and stares at me all day long :P
Me and my balloon :D
32.What one thing would you do differently and why?
Ans. This year??..Umm..I would tell myself to stop myself on wasting time on something I won't get (you'll understand it someday in comics and no I'm not talking about a person here).

33.What do you deserve a pat on the back for?
Ans. Passing 2nd semester XD I think would need another pat next year for passing 3rd :P

34.What activities made you lose track of time?
Ans. Surfing through my social media accounts..I waste a lot of time...I'm always active when I'm at matter what I'm doing studying,eating,sometimes even sleeping if I like get in middle of night I check my mobile I really need to stop that.

35.What did you think about more than anything else?
Ans. How cool it'd be if a dinosaur attacked this class..or I was a wizard sitting in this class and two evil wizard attacked...these thoughts come and go while I'm taking a class in college :P (Okay you got me, girls :P :P)

36.What topics did you most enjoy learning about?
Ans. Creative : I learned photoshop and then making comics in it...
        Coding : I learned HTML/CSS that was awesome.
        Cooking : I tried Indian roti, chips, pasta, different kinds of sandwiches etc this year :P

37.What new habits did you cultivate?
Ans. I've started sharing more with people (Over the internet) sometimes over sharing :P
        I read more this year...I've been reading for some time but not this much..always been busy with academics.
38.What advice would you give your early-2014 self if you could?
Ans.  "Carpe diem" and "Hakuna Matata". and "Bhai tum rehne do tumse na ho paega" (hindi :P)

39.Did any parts of your self or your life do a complete 180 this year?
Ans. Nah..not really....every part of me and my life is as lazy as I am (get it?) :P

40.What or who had the biggest positive impact on your life this year?
Ans. Most positive impact has been this blog I started it in mid August..i.e. at the start of this semester and this last semester has been pretty amazing..all because of this blog and you people who read it and are kind to me and my blog. :)

FOR 2015
41.What do you want the overarching theme for your 2015 to be?
Ans. Career...I'd like to get somewhere in that field.

42.What do you want to see, discover, explore?
Ans. I'd like to go on a tour of all the nearby Haunted sites :D
We are kind of in middle of deciding where to go after exams..trekking or Haunted fingers crossed :D

43.Who do you want to spend more time with in 2015?
Ans. Mom,Sister,Friends.

44.What skills do you want to learn, improve or master?
Ans. A language (all my life I've known only 2 Hindi and English adding a 3rd would be great), I'd like to learn to make comics like professionals do...Learn a new coding language most probably Python...and I think I'll even work on my Patronous..I'd like to have a corporeal patronous by next year. (I hope it's of dragon shape)

45.Which personal quality do you want to develop or strengthen?
Ans. I got no clue about what to answer here.

46.What do you want your everyday life to be like?
Ans. Like Stan Lee's...That dude knows how to live.
On a different note : Happy Birthday Stan Lee!
47.Which habits do you want to change, cultivate or get rid of?
Ans. Worrying..sometimes I overthink and worry too much I'd love to stop that.

48.What do you want to achieve career-wise?
Ans. I'd love to find a couple of internships next year. :)

49.How do you want to remember the year 2015 when you look back on it 10/20/50 years from now?
Ans. I'd like it as the year which changed my life for good....It'll be final 6 months of my teen life in 2015 and I'd like to look back and say yes finally something magical happened in my teenage.

50.What is your number one goal for 2015?
Ans. Having fun..and Entertaining everyone :)

Hope you all had a great year!
Wishing you all an even better 2015!



      1. "bhai tum rehne do tumse nai hoyga" hahahahaha best advice xD
        The gifs are great, well selected (:
        (I got lazy and just did the post title lol)

        1. haha..Thanks :D XD
          Your answers are brilliant even without the gifs :)

      2. Haha love these questions and answers! I especially love the 3 word description "better than 2013" lol

        The Life of Little Me

      3. That's so great you can rely on your sister for anything-- I've learned a lot about your 2014, Neal, this was a great post!~

        Vanshi x

      4. Aww I love reading personal stuff like this. Really great answers! :)

        Christina ♥

      5. i just love your posts and the funny little gifs:)

        1. hahaha..thanks :D
          I love your posts too :)

      6. very nice post. loved the Q/A , and the pictures are so cute :)
        great blog, very inspiring
        lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)


      7. I'm so excited about all the Marvel stages! It's gonna be so epic and I'm just hoping to see all of them even though I still have to watch Guardians of the Galaxy (I know, I know.... I didn't make it this summer but I'm buying the DVD because that's what I do with all Marvel movies LOL).
        Receiving a Harry Potter boxset is the best thing ever! And Hakuna Matata is the best advice you can give to yourself ;)

        1. I was so freaking out while reading the live blogging updates of the Marvel event...I mean Civil War is coming to big screen!!That series was brilliant!!and Infinity Wars!!Thanos will destroy half galaxy O_O 2019 and I'm freaking out about it in 2014!! and all the great movies they said are coming wow!

      8. Great tag - I might try and do it. I love everything Marvel.

        Lizzie Dripping

        1. I wish DC would start moving ahead a little faster than it is doing at the moment...been waiting for a badass DC movie since Nolan Batman Trilogy :/

      9. The Marvel movie slate is so exciting! I heard Captain Marvel is going to have a female lead. Have you heard of the Inhumans? I think it's part of the movie slate too and it'll be related to the TV show Agents of SHIELD - I just love that show! Keep up the good work with the comics too! It's great that you made a little reflection on 2014 and made plans and goals for 2015. :)

        1. Yes Captain Marvel is a female character..she is a badass! :D I hope they cast some equally badass actress :D (But seeing the casting Marvel does I'm not that worried :P)...I've been waiting for her and SpiderWoman to come to big screen for so long but since SpiderWoman won't come to MCU until Sony sells Spidey franchise back..I am content with Black Widow and Captain Marvel...!:D
          I'm keeping any views on Inhumans until I see the movie..I read the comics didn't find them interesting..but movie might be better :) Agent of Shields..I don't like that show..totally ruined SHIELD in that show..finished S1 only because they said Samuel Jackson will return in finale :P

        2. Haha. Season 2 of Agents of SHIELD was pretty good, though! I'm planning to watch Agent Carter too until Agents of SHIELD comes back for the third season. :)

        3. Oh yeah! Agent Carter..I'm waiting for that looks nice in trailers and all..I'm also excited for the Netflix series from Marvel : Daredevil,Jessica Drew and all :D
          Have you seen DC Comics TV shows??They're pretty good too :D

        4. Yes! I watch the Flash and a little of Arrow. Those are the few. I used to watch Wonder Woman as a kid too - it's a really old TV series. Haven't gotten round to watching Gotham though. :)

        5. Gotham iis waste of time, Smallville is better it focuses on Superman as a teenager discovering his has all the teenage drama with comic book stuff :D
          I've seen some episodes of Wonder Woman it's so old looks funny :P

      10. lol, i love this!

      11. Ahaha I love the angry bird balloon!:) Doing a review of the year is so meaningful, great way to recap!
        I'm still having trouble with html/ code works stuff.. urgh its confusing! I love your new blog design! It's awesome!

        1. haha lol :P :D
          Thanks for noticing! :D
          I think it's amazing you know that I didn't know anything when I was your age..drop a question anytime if you have any question regarding coding :)

      12. Great post! This is an amazing recap. I'm the same, I can't stick to schedules for the life of me! I've tried, I've failed!

        1. I try and try and try but never in my life have I ever been able to follow a schedule :P

      13. Great post! It's always nice looking back upon your year and see how you did or where you stand. It helps to make plans for the future with much more clarity.

        -Kathie K

        1. Thanks..yes it does help,you feel that your year wasn't a total waste after did atleast something..if not much :)

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