Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Winter Wonderland Challenge Task 2

So Yasmine @Cloudy Dreams posted the second be frank I wasn't thrilled about it..
Task was to dress up for winter and post a photograph..with makeup and all..I don't believe anyone would like to see me in a dress wearing makeup and I don't really have any desire to wear a pretty dress and put makeup on.As it turns out Yasmine is really thoughtful and she made an exception for me...I can sketch and post my pretty winter dress so thanks for that :D
I started thinking about it and then made it and do you know what I discovered..I would make one lousy fashion designer XD.
So anyways I think girls look even more  pretty in winter than they do in other might sound weird but that is true...They look comfortable in cozy jackets and stuff...
And here is how I'd look in a pretty winter dress XD :P

I went into manga kind of direction for sketching in this..I've never tried manga was so cool :D
This might not be very good but hey atleast now I got something to enter in the task :P

Let's name her...Think of a name for her would you??



  1. Neal it's amazing! (Although I have to admit I'm a bit biased because I LOVE manga!)
    This is seriously your first time? You're really good! Thanks so much for your entry! <3

    1. Yeah the very first time...manga style is so different than others..I like that :D
      thank you for making it possible for me to enter :D

    2. What? Thank you for entering!
      It is: and I agree that I really like that about it. I've been drawing manga for two/three years now but I'm still amazed by what you drew! o.o

    3. You are very kind...:D
      Now stop it my face is getting very red (seriously) XD
      I've seen your sketches they are brilliant!

  2. I think the sketches are pretty nice! And about a name for her.... what about Violet? I thought it was cool with the purple hair ;)

  3. What? You never went ventured in the manga side before? XD I love manga! And this drawing! Hmm, can we name her Violette? She looks like a Violette to me haha ^^ Or Livia :)

    1. Nope..never did..but now I think I'll try some more manga style..I mean they're fun to watch but never knew they're fun to sketch as well :)
      Violette..I like that..Violette it is :D
      Thank you.

  4. So cute. I love it
    Would you like to follow each other ?
    I'll follow back after it

    1. Thank you :)
      Sure checking out your blog :)

  5. Such a cute drawing! Violettte suits her :)


  6. Wow you are amazing at drawing!
    Would love if you could check out my blog if you get a chance!

  7. Your artwork is so good! Manga is a refreshing change from Anime, of which some of my friends are slightly obsessed! I thoroughly Lol'd at the start:

    'I don't believe anyone would like to see me in a dress wearing makeup and I don't really have any desire to wear a pretty dress and put makeup on.' Hahaha!

    Golden Ducklings

    1. Thanks..I'm not that into manga but I'm always in the awe if the artwork in it :)
      Hahaha..thanks :D

  8. Hi there! Thank you for finding my blog and also for the follow *thumbs up*
    You have a lovely blog here! And your drawing skills are serially good. I wish I could draw manga - I'd say my cat could do better than me :D
    I was gonna suggest Ebony but I also think Violet / Violette would be suitable.
    (oh, I just realised they are both colours...)
    Marian ^_^

  9. I think it was very good! :D
    Hahaha, though I'm laughing at the idea of a pic of a guy in a winter dress - with make-up!

    - Love, Felicia

  10. Such a fun challenge. I love your sketches!
    Melanie @


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