Thursday, December 4, 2014

Is it December Already?

It's December last freaking month of 2014 and then it'll be another new year..So my exams are coming apparently university thinks it's funny to schedule all the exams around Christmas and New Year Eve (It is so not people >_<)...I got practical exams coming up next week in which we have to perform a given experiment followed by a viva and at the end everyone gets marks based on how much teacher likes you no matter how you perform -_- Then after that it's theory..and I recently realized I should study because I don't know anything in syllabus for most of subjects :P
So I published 1 comic this month..chapter-9-aftermath which deals with how I dealt with the events in chapter-8-truth-or-dare but next is going to take time I can draw it but I got something else for you. :)
Do you remember how I asked for Halloween stories to make comics??
I drew Felicia's story and Catalina Blue's story and what I found was it was weird making someone else's comic but good kind of weird I was excited to post those and see whether they like it or not...I'm glad they did thank you for that btw both of you. ^_^
And now this is me coming to the point :
I'd love to make a Christmas themed comic book and I need your help...well we do celebrate Christmas in India but it just might not be same as you celebrate so..
I'd love to make Christmas comics based on your Christmas experiences if you'd let me :D :D
you can put your story in comments or use the contact me form in the right side widgets..however you like...
I'm not saying I'm very good at it...but I'll try my best and make it as good as I can :D
PS - I started working on a fan comic book of my own actually I've been sketching it for a while but recently added colors to tell me what you think about it..and if I need to add something to make it better :)

Told you I'm a huge comic book fan :P

Not a big superman fan but well he is superman can't hate him either

Wonder Woman -she's awesome!

Page 1 end product


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    1. You are very kind to say that *blushing face* :D

  2. I feel you about exams. Most of mine are after Christmas which means my holidays are gonna consist of me studying my brains out and not really enjoying the festivities as much as I would like *sad face*
    In Spain, Christmas is "different". Originally we didn't have Santa Claus, we just added it a few years back (before I was born actually). We get our present from the Three Kings of the Bible ( the ones who went to see Jesus? yes, those fellas) the night of the 5th of January so all the kids get to see their present the 6th of January but since classes start again the 8th now most people use Santa Claus as a way of giving the presents a little bit earlier so kids can enjoy them more. Which I think is a nice idea LOL
    The comic looks super cool =)

    1. So it was celebrated on 5th Jan before?
      Wow this is interesting :D

  3. I cannot believe finals are coming up. It's insane. Would you like to follow each other on GFC?! Let me know and follow me on my blog, I will follow you right back on both GFC and Bloglovin!

    1. been following you for a while now :P

  4. Answer: Yes, it is December already.
    I'm so psyched to be out of 2014 soon xD It hasn't been the best year ever.

    - Love, Felicia

    1. I hope next one is better for you and for me :D

  5. Wow! You drew that?! That's astonishing! Thanks for checking out my blog, Neal! ^-^ X
    - June

    1. Yes I did :)
      Thanks for checking out mine :P XD

  6. Hi Neal.
    I'm sorry that you didn't get any stories you could turn into a comic. I've been thinking about a Christmas story I could tell, but only one came up. It's a sad story, but I'd like to tell it anyway.

    When I was six years old, I spent the first day of Christmas with my parents and my Mom's parents. We had a great night, though it was always a bit difficult to get together with my Mom's parents. My grandpa was disabled, you see. He had MS and couldn't walk more than two meters on his own. He had a wheelchair, with which he went out for rides that ended in the river sometimes. I never really knew the man, but I do remember playing in his wheelchair when he was asleep.
    So my grandpa was disabled, but granny took good care of him. They had many, many years ahead of them and we had a wonderful Christmas together.

    That year on Boxing day, the phone rang. My Mom answered it. I was six and playing with my Christmas presents. Still I wanted to hear what was going on. My Mom only hmm'd and uhuh'd into the phone. When the call was over, I asked her what it was about. 'Nothing serious. I'll tell you after Daddy gets home,' my Mom said. She didn't.
    Later that day my Mom left the living room and didn't return. I went after her. I found her sitting on her bed, crying. When I asked what was wrong, she said: 'Promise me you won't cry?'
    I promised.
    'Grandpa died this morning.'
    I didn't cry. I didn't say anything. At six years old, I hadn't quite grasped the concept of death yet. But my Mom cried, and cried on many Christmases after that one.

    So yeah... This is the reason I don't have any fun Christmas stories to share. I think that it'll always remember my Mom of the loss of her dad and that it'll always influence our holiday season a bit.

    1. I know how that feels being small and failing to grasp the concept of death...I had 8 grand parents..and 5 of them have passed away all while I was a little young..and I'm glad I was young because I'm don't how I'm going to do in such situations...that must've been hard that too on Christmas..I'm sorry about that..You remember this you remember him that's all that matters you knew him or not :)
      Thank you for telling me this beautiful story :)
      I'll try and post it asap hoping to do justice to the story :)


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