Saturday, December 6, 2014

I'd Study but These Shows Won't Let Me

So does it ever happen you start watching a show and can't stop?? Like at the end of each day you say just 1 episode more??Happens to me everytime I find some awesome show..
So here is the list of shows I absolutely love to watch..

FRIENDS - I think it's the best sitcom made like ever.The way it focuses on a group of 6 friends is amazing..I've seen it over 5 times (the whole series)
There are so many hilarious dialogues in this show..
genre : Comedy,romance
favourite Character : Chandler Bing,Phoebe Buffay,Joey Tribbiani,Ross Gellar, Monica Gellar, Rachel Green,Gunther,Janice,Jack Gellar,Judy Gellar.
No. of Seasons :10 (all equally funny)

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - This show is legen..wait for it..dary..legendary..! Neil Patrick Harris is simply brilliant as Barney Stinson.Show eventually loses it's magic tough towards the end but still show is pretty awesome and I wouldn't mind recommending it to others.
genre : Comedy,Romance
fav. Char. : Barney Stinson and Robin.
No. of Seasons : 9 (I love S1-7)

THE BIG BANG THEORY - This is again hilarious show which surprisingly focuses on a bunch of nerds..Ohhh..Sheldon!..Penny (kaley cuoco) is so hot! Some people don't get alot of science related jokes but studying physics chemistry made it easier for me to get those jokes and they're really nerdy and hilarious :P
genre :Comedy.Romance
fav. Char. : Sheldon (like there can be anyone else) and Penny.
No. of Seasons : 8 and counting.

BREAKING BAD -"Say My Name".."Better call Saul" "Science Bitch!"...there are so many epic lines from this show..Walter White!! *_*
Fav. Character : Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Saul!
genre : Crime, Drama
Seasons : 5

GAME OF THRONES -"Brace yourself Winter is coming" man this show is amazing...I was reluctant to watch it at first but then I saw 1st episode I knew this show is my favourite..younger audience should definitely stay away from this one though...I can rant on and on about this one...
Genre : Fantasy,Drama,Action
fav. Char. : can't choose it hurts too much when they die :/
Seasons :4 (waiting for 5th :D)

HOUSE MD -"Hugh Laurie" do I need to say anything else about this show??
The way this show focuses on Dr.House and his unusual yet effective way of working in a hospital causing a lot of mischief and causing havoc along the way is simply amazing..I love his on-off relationship with Dr.Cuddy.
Genre : Drama,Comedy
Season : 8
fav. Char : House, Cuddy, Wilson,Foreman,Chase,Cameron,Hadley

SHERLOCK :Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman man they be crazy! I love the way they've re-imagined Sherlock in present world I mean older Sherlock Holmes was awesome but this one is epic..I hate that it has a 3 episode season and now will have to wait till 2016 for next season..the fact each episode is like 90min long helps though...This is a show that one must/should watch!
genre : Mystery,Crime,Drama
Seasons : 3 and counting
fav. Character : Sherlock,Watson,Lestrade,Molly Hooper,Moriarty,Irene Adler (I love her :P)

SUPERNATURAL: Okay might not be the best show around but it's first 5-6 seasons are really worth watching.Two brothers hunting all kinds of monsters, demons, gods and whatnot the storyline is really interesting and does raises some serious questions in a very subtle way...they've totally ruined it since then..season 9 was awful...season 10 the last one (ongoing) is still better than 9 here's to hoping it'll end on an exciting note..
genre : Fantasy,Drama,Horror.
Seasons :10
fav. Character : Dean, Castiel, Crowely, Ruby,Jo,Death,Yellow eyed demon,Garth,Chuck.

SCRUBS :This show is hilarious...Zach Braff is fantastic in this...they also kind of ruined the show towards the end but starting season are really funny and the story line is also very sweet and simple..just few new doctors trying to make it in a learning hospital...Best thing about this show : Has guest appearances from Courtney Cox and Mathew Perry...Yay!
Seasons :9
Genre : Comedy.Drama
fav. Character : JD,Turk,Reid,Cox,Kelso,The Janitor XD

ARROW :Re-imagined show based on Green Arrow comics...this show takes sci-fi comics and turned it into crime show....Action...costumes...Story..amazing...
Seasons : 3 and counting
Genre : Drama, Crime, Sci-Fic.
Fav. Characters : Arrow, Felicity, Diggle,Detective Quienten,Deathstroke!!!,Nyssa

THE FLASH :Spin-of of Arrow...equally with superpowers and all...effects are brilliant for a tv show..
Seasons :1
Genre : Drama,Sci-fic.
Fav. Character : Barry, Dr.Wells.

TRUE DETECTIVE :Another no for younger audience here...but this show..this show!!!Mathew  McConaughey and Woody Harrelson two of the better actors of the hollywood star in this show what else do you need..??and to top it all it also stars Michelle Monaghan..story is slow paced and very much a mystery until mid season and there are a few spots which you might not understand but that is the way it is supposed to be because it all connects in the end and everything is clear.
Seasons :1
Genre :Crime,Drama,Mystery
Fav. Characters : Detective Cohle, Detective Hart.

SMALLVILLE:AShow based on teenage years of superman..I'm no superman fan but still this show is good enough to watch for various reason..teenage drama...good looking actors...some nice moments...DC Comics!Lex's storyline is brilliant!
Seasons : 10
Fav, Character : Lois Lane, Lex Luther,Kent's,Chloe (she is so beautiful *_*), there are so many in this can't name all!
Genre : Sci-Fic,Drama

SUITS:Show based on a couple of lawyers in a lawfirm this show is brilliant..If you are doing law or plan this :P

Season : 4 and counting
Fav. Character :Donna, Harvey, Mike Ross,Litt!
Genre : Comedy,Drama.

Honarable mentions :
ONCE UPON A TIME (This show is unique it has women lead and women villain and women kicking ass!)

What shows have you seen which one is your favourite?


  1. Ahh thank you for the list of recommendations! It's holidays now, and things are getting pretty boring.
    Never watched any of these, but they sound so interesting! I guess I'll start with friends :)
    Great post :)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. perfect time for binge watching any shows :P

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha...hard to keep it out..I've been watching some of the episodes from S1 last couple of days :P

  3. Hahaha, I know this feeling! At the moment for me it's 'Modern Family'. I knew it was a stupid idea to get Netflix!

    - Love, Felicia
    ( )

    1. OOhh!Modern Family that show has been on my "TO WATCH" list for like months but thing is I always forget to download it :P
      We don't have Nerflix in India...but still binge watching is's been a while since I binge watched a show :P

  4. I'd study but Futurama won't let me. And quite frankly, that doesn't bother me at all :)
    Big Bang Theory is awesome. It's the reason I'm not ashamed to be nerdy :) One of my friends used to communicate with me in Big Bang Theory quotes. Everyone thought he'd gone crazy XD

    1. "Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur happy kitty sleepy kitty pur pur pur"..If one no like Sheldon and the gang one no friends of mine :P :P
      People think I'm crazy too when I quote the show :P

  5. these are all shows I want to want to watch but I never got the chance to! everyone is talking about breaking bad now !

    1. To be honest Breaking Bad is pretty cool it has all these great dialogues but it isn't my favourite show...there are other shows I like more than it..
      Out of all these FRIENDS is one I would say everyone should watch atleast once. :)

  6. Love Sherlock soo much, why can't they make episodes more often?!?! As for studying.... I always have the right intentions but it never gets done! :(

    Great Post!

    Golden Ducklings

    1. 3 episode per season is just not fair..we gotta wait till 2016 for s4 :/

  7. You're so right, Neal. Friends and The Big Bang Theory are literally life!

  8. That's a great list and yes! Shows get in the way of social life and studying but you won't see me complaining LOL. I have to say there are a few I haven't watched (like Breaking Bad) or stopped watching like HIMYM or House. I just didn't care enough to continue. My favs right now is The Walking Dead, The 100, OUAT, Peaky Blinders and Vikings. Game of Thrones can be in that category because I'm still mad about some stuff they changed from the books =(

    1. GoT might be the first show/movie I don't mind the stuff they've changed from the books because it kind of works in the is kind of awesome..I love that speech Tyrion makes when he is on trial...I tried The 100 but it just wasn't my kind of show..Vikings is on my "To Watch" list.

  9. Such a great list of shows! I just nominated you for the handwriting tag please check it out

  10. i watch almost all of these! have you seen how to get away with murder?

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram // youtube

    1. No saving it until whole season comes out so I can binge watch :)

  11. I watch most of the ones you put up here! The ones that I do are amazing! I also love Criminal Minds, Castle and even though the show Psych is done, I'm still a huge fan!

    1. I'm waiting for exams to get over so I can binge watch some shows :P


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