Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cloudy Dreams : Do the Tag.

So I joined the winter wonderland challenge over at Cloudy Dreams check it out if you haven't.
So 1st task is to do answer a whole bunch of question kind of like a tag..
  1. What is your favourite winter drink? How do you make it? Why is it your favourite?
    Coffee black..One doesn't simply change favourite drink when weather changes! :P
  2. What is your favourite winter month?
    Winter in New Delhi,India is like 2 months long so we only have December and January..December is my favourite no doubt about that..We have Christmas and New Year eve  in December.Layering up in December is always fun but so is wearing nothing warm and feeling cold.
  3. Do you get snow where you live? How much?
  4. What is your favourite winter activity?
    I love when it's so cold out there that smoke comes out of mouth on speaking...I love to blow out a whole lot of smoke from my mouth and pretend I'm a fire Pokemon :P
    Eating Ice-cream in winter is also fun.
  5. What is the best thing about winter?
    Hot Baths and Hot drinks and just the overall change in climate around here seems pleasant.
  6. What is the worst thing about winter?
    Waking up and getting out of hot blanket.
  7. Favourite winter-associated symbol?
    Snowflake never seen one in real life for obvious reasons stated above but all hail internet :D they seem so pure and wonderful.
  8. Tag one blogger to support you whilst you do the challenge/ do it as well.
    Felicia @ A Silly Girls Thoughts would you do this??


  1. Aha I'm the first commentator this time:)
    I love eating ice cream in winter as well! But people normally look at me like I'm crazy..
    Lol Fire Pokemon haha!
    Have a wonderful winter:)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Hahah yes that you are :P
      There is nothing better than eating ice-cream during winters you might catch cold but it is worth it :P

  2. I eat ice cream all year round. It's not weird at all! hahahah I can't stand black coffee, it's too bitter for me and we don't get much snow here in Spain as well =(((( Oh, and I so agree with you on question 6. Hate to wake up in the morning and getting out of a warm bed :)

    1. Nothing worse than getting out of a warm bed :P

  3. Haha ice cream in winter you little troll... :) I think I'd do that but I'm not such an ice-cream fanatic. The smoke part is so fun as well! And if you ever visit a colder place let me know whether snowflakes are all you dreamt they would be.

    xox thank you for doing the tag! Yasmine

    1. I scream, you scream..we all scream for ice-cream :P

  4. Okay, I will xD
    Thanks, really, for wanting me to (:

    - Love, Felicia

  5. For the third question, I can understand your reaction and it cracked me up :D
    Living in South India, it's even harder to come in terms with the no snow thing.
    And Fire Pokemon. Lol! Nice answers! :)


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