Monday, November 24, 2014

Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur

Hope you are all well :)
I will post next chapter next month...3 comics in this month I think that's more than enough :P
So now back to this post..
Past few months my college has been a playground for a cat family..1 mother and her 3 kittens :D
Now the kittens have grown a little and they are always roaming about in the college halls or in the ground...
We students we share our lunch with them which they are more than glad to eat..they love to eat chips though :P I love sharing my lunch with them (I'm crazy about animals) :D
I have only 1 complaint they won't let us pat and scratch them you might touch their fur if they aren't paying attention I've touched only twice for only a couple of seconds :O

In the meanwhile kindly suggest some new kind of post :P what would you like to read :P
Neal Kind


  1. I love cats! It's sad you can't touch them really because that's what I love the most, playing with them. I used to have a cat and I want one once I get my own place, as well as a dog LOL

    1. atleast they aren't afraid to come near anymore.. :D
      What if the dog flips the cat off??(kidding) :P

  2. That cat is absolutely adorable.

    (Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr, Purr, Purr!)

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. Aw so cute!!


  4. Aww they are cute! Haha cats revolve around you guys:)
    I'm crazy about animals as well, but I wouldn't get a cat because I have 2 birds at home.
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. getting a cat would make it interesting then the fear and thrill :P :P
      You know what I think that I'm some kind of cat magnet :P


So this is my comment know what to do :D :D