Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Okay This Is Important

Hope you all are well and having a great week :)
I just wanted to tell thank you all for reading Daily Diaries and tell that next chapter i.e. CHAPTER 8 : Truth or Dare a major one do come back for me it is...will try to make it as good as possible but with all the coming practical exams in college it might take a couple of days :)
So will post random useless post until then :P
For previous Chapters CLICK HERE
So for now I'll just post some of non-Daily Diary work :)

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Batman Catwoman color

I'm a crazy batman fan I have every single batman issue since 1939

The Hulk (Puny God :P)

The Amazing Spider-man (I'm crazy spider-man fan as well)

Joker and Bat Family

Justice League

Random sketch I made for a friends Birthday Card

Random sketch from the same card

The Joker
PS- Yes I'm a crazy comic book fan (and I am not a nerd) :P

Neal Kind


  1. Wow, you are quite talented! I might have to catch up with your story before reading the next chapter =)

    1. Thank you :D
      If you do would love to hear (read :P) what you think :)

  2. So talented!


  3. How long have you been drawing, Neal? (Oh, and the title of the next chapter makes me look very much foward to it!)

    - Love, Felicia
    ( )

    1. As long as I can remember. I've always loved to sketch ever since I knew what drawing and sketching was :)
      Yeah next Chapter is very important. Though I hope to finish it and post it asap been busy with other stuff past couple of days. :D

  4. Oh my... very amazing drawings.. you made me speechless. :)

  5. Wow, your drawings are great! I like doing art as a hobby, but I would have to practice A LOT to get to the type of skill you have:)


So this is my comment know what to do :D :D