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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter...Oh that name brings back so many joyful memories of hours wasted sitting in front of tv watching the movies...I didn't read the book until 2012 (I feel so stupid that I didn't read them until then) when the last movie came out (But read all 7 in 15 days then) the last movie was so overbooked we couldn't find tickets anywhere around Delhi for the movie premier show (1st day 1st show) had to settle for night show that day still awesome right?
So like you know I have exams next couple of days so I haven't had time to sketch (lie! i just wasted all the time pretending to study :P) but I wanted to post about social presence somehow increases during exam (I'm always online on facebook or watsapp)...last time I shared some photographs but then I was watching Harry Potter while studying when it hit me why not write about stuff like movies and TV shows  or books I like..these won't be review (I'm no expert) but just some facts about them and the things I like about them...
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - I saw it on tv first...2001 I was 6 when movie came out...I saw it when I must be around 8 - 9...I was just going through cartoon network and other cartoon channels when on 1 saw a guy flying on a bike and I saw it for a was in hindi which helped it is hard to watch an english movie when you are that age and have no subtitles on tv and your mother tongue is wasn't until goblet of fire when I saw harry potter's in english...I liked them even more in english (it made more sense :P)..
So I was watching and this huge guy with a baby gets off bike and then the movie begins...that music I can recognize it in sleep as well, hell I have recognized it...Once I was sleeping when suddenly someone switched ONN the tv and Harry Potter must be on....I heard that music while sleeping and I was up like "Harry Potter!" (I'm crazy I know :P)...
I like it's original name as well Philosopher's makes it sound even more mystical I think..some of my favorite moments from the movie and book :
- When Harry tries to read one of the letter and uncle Vernon grabs him and declares they are moving out.
- Harry goes to Diagon Alley (full seen wand, owl all the stuff)
- Weasley's meet Harry (it's shame they altered the scene in movie the book version is so cool)
- scabbers bites Malfoy (book)
- Hermione ,Harry ,Ron first see's the three headed dog..
- their punishment in the forbidden forest..
- that riddle round in which they had to drink a potion to go through a fire (book)
- Quidditch (how can one forget that) :D :D
- Harry discovers mirror of eirsed (you can't help but feel sad for him)
- Final scene with Dumbledore (dude is awesome!)...people say Gandalf is the greatest wizard I beg to differ yeah he is pretty cool and awesome but Dumledore is even better...remember that fire magic in 6th movie!WOW!
- 1st potion class when Professor Snape picks on Harry man that's awesome (Sir Alan Rickman you are amazing!!) (Book version of that class is better it shows how much Snape hates Harry for unknown reason no one can version was alright)...

Favorite Characters : Hagrid, Dumbledore, Hermoine, Mrs.Weasley,Neville,Ron (Harry Potter himself is alright :P)

What are your favorite Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone moments??

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  1. When magic is introduced. I re-read the books last year, and the first one is just so filled with magic. Like, everything is magic and wonderful and marvolous! I think as Harry gets used to magic in the other books, it isn't as marvolous anymore, but in the first book where he keeps being amazed everytime something magical happens, I'm amazed too!

    - Love, Felicia
    ( )

    1. When Hagrid visits him in that hut/Shack kind of thing and tells him he's a wizard...that was so cool...that is so true no one knows what to expect in book 1 so you are constantly surprised and amazed I read the books last earlier this year (It was my 4-5th time :P)

  2. Yes i love Harry Potter and it's my childhood!

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    1. My point exactly :D :D
      It is everyone's childhood!!

  3. I love the description of Hogwarts at Christmas.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. Yes!! I totally forgot about that!! it should've been in my list!!

  4. In other news Ema Watson dedicated her latest award to her dead we loved her less before! Man she's amazing!

  5. I've always loved Harry Potter!:)
    Alan Rickman... to think of it, I used to have a celebrity crush on him haha...:$
    My favourite part of sorcerers stone was when Hagrid crashes onto the boat while the Dursley's were attempting to escape :D
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Everyone does ^_^ ^_^
      Alan Rickman!?o.O o.O
      Mine was always on Ema Watson and then Bonnie Wright (Ginny) and Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix) :P :P ^_^

    2. Oh gosh... Bellatrix!? o.O o.O

    3. Have you seen her in other movies she's very beautiful :D
      I was so excited to see her in Harry Potter :D :D

  6. Whenever my friends are talking and I have no idea what to say, I start humming the Harry Potter theme xD I haven't watched the Sorceror's stone that much- just twice I think. I watched it recently once, because my baby brother said he'd finished reading HPATPS so I showed him the movie. I honestly can't remember any particular part. From the book, it must've the bit where harry hermione and ron jump down the trap door after the dog and harry says "we need a fire to get free of this plant!" and hermione says "There's no wood!" and ron says "You're a witch! Make some fire! You don't need no effing wood!" (I made up the lined a bit, but you get the picture)

    1. Bwahahaha XD
      It's kind of like that only...I love how innocent they all are in this part...Hope your brother enjoys it as much as we did :) :D
      That theme is awesome...even the new one they put in the last movie...that was also pretty cool :D :D

  7. My favorite moment is The Mirror of Erised scene!!!! It was just so emotional, sad and beautiful!! It was really well done in the movie too..Ah..That theme music! Always makes me feel so at peace and safe!
    They shouldn't have cut out the fire potion riddle in the movie! That Scene was totally badass!

    Eclectic Introspections @ Flickering Lights

    1. Yup best scene ever in that movie..I love that movie..only funny thing is that Harry believes Hagrid very easily in the movie that he's a wizard in books Hagrid has to explain him so much and it's such a big thing but in movie it's just like that he believes him and he's in Hogwarts but still that movie is awesome :D

    2. It's a 2 1/2 hours movie..They crammed in as much as they could without making it look like clunky exposition, I mean the books are humongous! But, yeah it's awesome! In fact, this is my favorite Harry Potter movie of all time! You feel the exact awe Harry's feeling when he sees Hogwarts and all the magical stuff :D

    3. Well yeah except for that little thing where he believes he's a wizard rest of the movie is a total badass! :D


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