Saturday, November 8, 2014

Examination Hall

So does it happen to you..that you have no idea about what to write in exam??..This term exam might be the worst one I've had..why?because syllabus was too much...and time not so much...So at first I thought exams were a little late but they were sooner than that sucked..
It started with Applied Mathematics then Foundation of Computing System (A good way to say discrete maths) then it was Switching theory and then Circuit & Systems...

- Dear University people...We are in Computer Science depart. we don't need 3/4 subjects above -_- stop adding subjects from Electrical Engineering in our curriculum..-_-
- Dear Teacher in the examination hall..I shall be forever grateful to you if you'd let us help each other and not get in trouble
- Dear Teacher in the examination wasn't that guy/girl borrowing stuff from someone it was you who disturbed the whole class by shouting at him/her...
- Dear Teacher in the examination hall (Yes you again)..Kindly put your mobile phone on silent mode before you enter the room because you have funny ringtone which makes us loose focus and we forget what little we know because we are busy laughing like crazies.
- Dear Teacher in the examination hall (Yeah I'm sick of this too..calling you out like this :P)..kindly flirt with fellow teacher on your time...not in the examination hall
- Dear Teacher (this is getting ridiculous) kindly keep your views to yourself rather than shouting at top of your voice when we are writing our exam..
- Dear Fellow wouldn't hurt if you'd truthfully tell how much have you actually studied -_-
- Dear Canteen People..stop bringing food for teachers in examination hall..they aren't doing a very hard job...they just stay there and do their's the students who are doing all the hard work.
- Dear Question paper maker I know you aren't a sadist so kindly don't make question paper like one...I know you have a heart somewhere in there...
- Dear Teacher (Not you in examination hall :-P) the one who checks paper...What is wrong with you??If I don't write answer the same way as you've crammed from certain book doesn't mean my answer is just means I studied from a different book -_-

2 exams left...Data Structures and Computer Graphics..Only subjects I like this semester..:D :D
What are your favorite and most hated subject??

Neal Kind


  1. Hahaha this post is interesting XD
    Oh well... Like Elizabeth said, you only have 2 exams left to go. After that, you won't have to worry about fellow teachers flirting around in the exam hall haha!:D
    All the best Neal ,for your upcoming exams:)

  2. This is too funny and too true. Wow your teachers sound hilarious and distracting at the same time. Flirting, yelling, ringing their funny ring tones? Bahahaha

    The Life of Little Me

    1. I think irritating is the word for them :P
      Yeah it's like watching some live big brother kind of show while writing an exam...:P

  3. My favorite is maths least favorite is french I had a french exam recently (speaking) and i revised for hours I knew it perfectly it came to the exam and I forget everything and started stuttering and making stuff up it was horrible! Love your blog please help me out and check out mine

    1. I like maths too..but college maths is kinda weird nay pointless :P
      You wouldn't believe answer I write in such cases when I forget an answer :P
      Checking out your blog :D

    2. Haha i did a great one the other day in History ! I forget the name of a place so I just wrote a town that sounded German and said I spelt it wrong and got the mark hahaah x

  4. I feel for you! I hate exams, and I hate that you study everything in the pensum, and then the exam still always covers some tiny part you didn't study.

    - Love, Felicia
    ( )

    1. True Story :P
      You study like 3 units out of 4 and when you attempt questions you see major part of it is from that 1 unit you left :P


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