Friday, November 21, 2014

CHAPTER 8 : Truth or Dare

Hope you all are well.
Here it is 1st major chapter in my life..
All their replies are very much based upon how they usually did reply...

I remember her saying that as if it was wasn't easy.being there..
and this was pretty much in earlier part of 9th grade...which is why I picked up high school as a point from where I started making my comics...this moment here it influenced me a lot through out high school..from here on story gets real weird..will add humor to comics as usual but the story gets weird.

What is your worst dare ever?
Mine was flirting with a guy...Mrs.S gave it to me.. :P
Remember Mrs.S from last 2 chapters,the hot teacher?

Neal Kind


  1. I love the angel and devil drawings - very, very cute.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. hehe thank you..I actually got the idea from Tom and Jerry...just like jerry's evil and good side were represented by angel and satan jerry I did the same for myself :D

  2. Aha the good ol' truth or dare. I'm actually in year 9 now, but it all seems so long ago. I remember having to ask the most popular guy what colour his underwear was back in year 4. But I remember back then crushes and saying I love you were the worst thing. I love your comics and it's a pity Apple had a boyfriend...

    The Life of Little Me

    1. hahaha did he tell ? :P
      Thank you fo reading my comics :D
      yes it was horrible knowing she had a boyfriend.

  3. That's cheating! You can't say truth and not tell the truth!
    To be honest, I always cheated at truth and dare too... -.-"
    I had never seen this coming, can't wait to see what happens next!

    1. Everyone cheats at truth or dare :P
      I never saw it either :O
      Next chapter isn't very pretty to be frank still trying to figure out how to include humour in it :P

  4. Omg truth or dare! Haha I have so many memories...
    My friends and I play that every so often at lunch,sometimes even in class haha (we are such rebels). And I've gotten some pretty bad dares. Some of them include running around the classroom screaming " I'm singing in the rain", kneeling down and proposing to the teacher, and just saying random stuff to strangers. Once I had to walk to a girl and say to her :" Did you fart, because you blew my mind away." Lolol!She wasn't very pleased...
    Love this post Neal;) I'm sorry about Apple, everyone get rejected at least once in a lifetime...but it does hurt :'(
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Bwhahaha XD I wonder what if she was pleased hearing that XD
      I wasn't rejected :P she was just keeping it a secret from me...and was feeling guilty about it so came clean about it :/
      We used to play in library, librarian hated us :P

  5. I think I'm one of the only people in the world who doesn't like truth or dare at all. Lately though, there's been this new game in my grade that people are playing called, "oreo" which I believe to be worse than truth or dare. Also, I saw that you commented on by blog, and I wanted to give you a trick to follow people when their buttons aren't working. I also mentioned this on the reply on my blog. If you click the tiny two squares beside the button, and then click follow on the pop up window, it should work. This is a nice blog you have here!

    1. Oreo as in the biscuit oreo? weird name :P
      thanks :P never really cared for that square before :P

  6. Oh, and, I have followed you. :-)


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