Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Being Indian

Hi..hope you all are well..
It's starting to get cold around here yay! after months of harsh summer it's really nice to have winters finally :D so my blankets are :P
Take a sip of water...go to washroom if you have to before you start reading this is a very very long post..mostly because I have a cold and don't really want to do anything....and I'm bored really bored...
Okay 26 November is an important date because a couple of years ago India witnessed one of the most horrifying terrorist attack it ever had...Some of them snuck into Mumbai via waterways using a boat and then there reign of terror began...a lot of people died in this attack there wasn't a big bomb blast per say but rather terrorist taking took a lot of effort to eliminate them...a lot of people lost their loved ones...I was in 8th grade back when it happened...I remember getting up to the noise of television at 5 am that morning everyone in my house glued to the took a while before understood what had see a lot of our relatives live in Mumbai where it was happening and as it turns out my uncle Tony (comic 1) was also there at that time..."they wiped blood like it was water from streets" he said as he witnessed it all after it was over...People who lost their lives in this trying to get them out were honored and are still remembered on this day..May they Rest in Peace..
We Indian we are very different than other countries in the world...Only countries we might have something in common are our neighboring ones..Pakistan most probably but we have a very difficult kind of relation between the two countries..I would rather not go into it...
India is part of one of the oldest civilizations Indus Valley civilization...unlike most countries we have 27 states and none two are same..every state has it's tradition and it's own mother tongue it's like having many mini countries in one country..though our national language is Hindi..We take pride in our traditions and our is considerably spicy than most of the cuisines...We gave world the number 0 and there was a time when people from all over the world used to come here for education purposes...We were ruled by a lot of great dynasties in older times most prominent being the Mughals...Every dynasty every ruler left there own mark on our country...Taj Mahal one of the 7 wonders of world was built by Shahajahan from Mughal be frank Taj Mahal is simply majestic though pollution has made it look less brighter sigh still it looks beautiful..We were called "Golden Bird" once upon a time...this what maybe attracted the Britishers to our country soon their trade turned into colonization of India and we were enslaved by took a lot of time for revolution a lot of sacrifices were made and when we were finally free our country was divided in two India and Pakistan..Oh how horrifying stories I hear from older people escaping from one country to another there was a lot of blood took us time to stand up after that now we are in hands of corrupt politicians...
As a group we tend to be crazy...most of people are religious nut I don't really care about it..One of the most different thing in our country is parents have a abnormally huge amount of involvement in their kids life...and we don't go buy our own place usually after growing up...Indian families are usually big..spanning to generations all living together...I live with my parents and grandparents that should give you the idea...Arranged marriages are still in trend which is basically throwing two random people together in a room and asking them to live together as married couple (Not cool bro)... we are ignorant and we believe in all kinds of crap (Older people)...I personally believe couple of generations before ours were simply nuts...they are a misused our natural resources..they had all these crappy beliefs..they started sexual discrimination and female foeticide (killing the unborn girl child for those unaware of the term)...they weren't that open minded I guess which is a nice way of showing they were stupid.
Good thing is we are on our way to development and India is becoming a leading country slowly and steadily but still it is so that is and medication awareness is more that is even better...We have a lot of cool festivals of all religions that is nice...We have a lot of cheerful people...Our cricket team is one of the best at the moment in the world (We are world champions right now)...and there are other alot of beautiful things about India we all like our country in some ways and not like it some these are mine..

If you ever visit India things to do :
1. Eat as much as you can (eg. Gol Gappe, South Indian cuisine (Dosa,Idli,Smabhar,Uthapam,vada wtx),Punjabi cuisine(Chicken Tikka,Butter chicken,Chole Bhature etc), Pav Bhajji etc etc etc). literally eat as much as you can...try as many local cuisines as you me worth it :P
2. Try Indian sweets-Gulab Jamoon, Rasgula, Ras Malai,Jalebi,Kulfi,Kheer etc)
3. See Taj Mahal.
4, See local wildlife.
5. Attend an Indian wedding if you can
6. Visit Museums some are really cool maybe not really cool like they have in Paris but still.
7, Visit historical places and religious places rather than shopping malls...Rajasthan has quite a few stunning Mahals (forts) with really interesting history behind them..Delhi has Red Fort among many...Madhya Pradesh has a lot of historical temples...Punjab has Golden Temple (yes it is made in gold literally)...visit famous a temple maybe...see Himalayas...go to eastern states having tea gardens and all...
8. Watch some Bollywood movies kindly get opinion on which one to watch before watching.
9. Meet  me :P

Okay this was a very big post that I wouldn't even bother re reading it (I don't re read most of my post that is why there are so many mistakes I should really start posting with proper grammer and all but I am really very lazy :P)

So now to make it fun let's do a Q-A you ask me any question if you want to and I'll answer you as truthfully as I can :) (Please don't ask any real names)

Neal Kind


  1. I would love to visit India that would be absolutely incredible x

  2. I would love to visit India too - there is so much history there.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. Yes there is...mostly because there are all kinds of people here :D

  3. I've been in India once, seven years ago. My favorite cousin is Indian, and I haven't seen her since. Wow, the traffic you got there, that's insane! I didn't dare to cross a street, so my cousin had to grab my arm and just say "GO" and then drag me over when she saw it fit xD

    - Love, Felicia
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