Saturday, November 1, 2014

Adventures in Gardening

So have you ever planted a plant??It is amazing...all the dirt and soil and have to mix the fertilizer with soil dirt to fill in a pot/container then dig a hole and then put the little plant in or put in a seed and then water it as necessary...soon the plant grows and then comes flowers and other stuff on it...
Taking care of a plant is what one should be careful with you have to water them but not too much you need to use pesticide but not too much it's a real headache...we usually water when top soil feels a bit's almost winter time now in India..monsoon kind of skipped this time still plants seems fresh and healthy..if you are lucky you might get occasional guests like honey bees, wasps, lizards, spiders, moths and butterflies...sometimes some birds as well..they're always searching for stuff they can fly away with I think for the nests..

They might look similar to other photographs but they're not same :) :)
You ever done anything like gardening??

Neal Kind


  1. I think a lot of people will not be happy with you adding the spider picture to the mix XD
    I plant a lot of tomato plants and zuchini. Sometimes it's just a bit like a miniature jungle, but this year we had over 10 kilos of tomatoes and more than 15 zuchinis :)

    1. WOW 10 kilos that's amazing...well I found the spider between the plants and if you really look at it kinda looks the spider from Harry Potter :P :P
      Mine is more like a terrace garden so plants are in pots therefore the yield isn't as big but still it's so cool when they grow :D :D

  2. I'm a city girl, born and raised in the middle of Copenhagen, so my fingers aren't very green. I do play with the idea of planting tomatoes in my window though xD I love the smell of the tomato plant, and I love the taste of tomatoes, but I'm nervous I'd kill them by accident...
    Anyway, fourth floor, three windows, a lot of sunlight - except, well, Denmark is very cloudy and rainy...

    1. I'm also city born and raise :D :D
      Tomatoes are the easiest plants to grow..they don't need alot of water and I think they'll grow just fine in cloudy weather but not sure...

    2. Tomato plants it is then! (Next spring)

  3. Wow the pictures are great! Did you use a camera or a phone to take pictures? (yeah, I know a phone has a camera, but... you know...)
    And no, I haven't dabbled much in gardening xD the most I must have ever done is weed.

  4. Your plants are stunning - especially the flowers. I wish I had green fingers.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. Hey! Thanks alot ^_^
      You never know you might have green fingers :) :)

  5. Oh wow that's lovely!:) I wish I could plant fruits and veggies in my backyard, but it's way too small!
    Gardening takes a lot of patience;)
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

    1. Thank You :) :)
      Everything requires patience...:D :D
      You can put indoor plants! They're pretty cool too...


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