Friday, November 28, 2014

A Lookback

So I've been blogging since August and haven't given up yet which is weird for me so anyways in past 4 months I've posted what you can call a little of my comics...most of my posts are random :P
So here are all my comics in order if you want to read some older ones :) :

Meet my family
Meet my friends

CHAPTER 3 : First day at high school, First crush .

Meet Apple
CHAPTER 4 : Who Says Meow??
Time when a stray cat lived with us

CHAPTER 5 : The School Thing

CHAPTER 6 : The Angel In My Classroom

Meet Mrs.S

CHAPTER 7 : PS I Hate You

My sister meets Mrs.S

CHAPTER 8 : Truth or Dare

we play a game

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Grateful Blogger Tag

So I've never done anything like this so apologize before hand if it isn't right I mean no disrespect :D
It is thanksgiving in America I guess right? But it is just another normal day out here in India but we don't really need Thanksgiving to be grateful to someone do we...We can just say thanks to people we love for the little things they do for us :D
Catalina Blue from The Emo Wolverine Writes gave me this tag so thank you so very much, who's awesome? you are. :D
Rules :
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. List some major things you are grateful for.
3. Tag ten bloggers.

Thank you notes :
1. Thank you mom and sis for being there for me every single day of my life.
Neal Kind.
2. Thank you internet for bringing this huge wide world into my room.
3. Thank you bit torrent for being there so that I can download any movie and TV show for free :P
4. Thank you to everyone who has ever touched my life..I'm who I'm because of you all.
5. Thank you Computer department in my school you people helped me choose a career.
6. Thank you to all the experiences good or bad,happy or sad or heartbreaking.
7. Thank you Spongebob,Pokemon,Dexters Lab.,Jhonny Bravo,Powerpuff Girls,Flintstones,ScoobyDoo,Dragon Ball z,Treasures of the hidden temple,Asterix for coming to tv a the same time every single day and making my childhood fun :D (Seriously what is up with cartoons these days?)
8. Thank you Ice-cream for being so delicious.
9. Thank you people in metro for being so rude and ignorant if not for you I'd get someplace comfortably.
10. Thank you guy who spreads rumors for making people famous.
11. Thank you to my friends for sharing laughs with me.
12. Thank you Ummmm.... for filling uncomfortable silences.
13. Thank you Harry Potter books for being so awesome.
14. Thank you swear words for making arguments when all other words fail you.
15. Thank you that one teacher who hates you for no apparent reason you taught me to not give a crap what you think.
16. Thank you FRIENDS for being the funniest show ever..thank you Chandler,Ross,Joey,Monica,Phoebe,Rachel,Gunther,Janice..thank you :)
17. Thank you Dc and Marvel comics.
18. Thank you Kardashian's for a creating a mystery for why the hell are you all are famous..(seriously does anyone knows why they are famous?) 
19. Thank you to June from The Journeys of my Beating Heart for being my first ever follower it meant alot :)
20. Thank you all of my regular people make me want to post more :)
21. Thank you anyone who reads my people are awesome :)
22. Thank you watsapp and facebook for making it easy for stalkers to stalk people -_-
23.Thank you text message for being a way to communicate with people you don't wanna have long conversations.
24. Thank you that one odd relative who drops by in years and expects us to remember him/her. :P
25. Thank you all bloggers who don't read post and simply comment "follow each other? blah blah" and don't follow back after you follow them..
26. Thank you sarcasm for not failing me..and making me have a quick witty reply for everything :P

do you want me to go on or are you bored?? o.O o.O :P
Okay it is weird to tag people for a award...Okay if you read this post and want to do this just leave a comment below and I'll tag you (weird I know) :) :)

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all who celebrate it :D


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Being Indian

Hi..hope you all are well..
It's starting to get cold around here yay! after months of harsh summer it's really nice to have winters finally :D so my blankets are :P
Take a sip of water...go to washroom if you have to before you start reading this is a very very long post..mostly because I have a cold and don't really want to do anything....and I'm bored really bored...
Okay 26 November is an important date because a couple of years ago India witnessed one of the most horrifying terrorist attack it ever had...Some of them snuck into Mumbai via waterways using a boat and then there reign of terror began...a lot of people died in this attack there wasn't a big bomb blast per say but rather terrorist taking took a lot of effort to eliminate them...a lot of people lost their loved ones...I was in 8th grade back when it happened...I remember getting up to the noise of television at 5 am that morning everyone in my house glued to the took a while before understood what had see a lot of our relatives live in Mumbai where it was happening and as it turns out my uncle Tony (comic 1) was also there at that time..."they wiped blood like it was water from streets" he said as he witnessed it all after it was over...People who lost their lives in this trying to get them out were honored and are still remembered on this day..May they Rest in Peace..
We Indian we are very different than other countries in the world...Only countries we might have something in common are our neighboring ones..Pakistan most probably but we have a very difficult kind of relation between the two countries..I would rather not go into it...
India is part of one of the oldest civilizations Indus Valley civilization...unlike most countries we have 27 states and none two are same..every state has it's tradition and it's own mother tongue it's like having many mini countries in one country..though our national language is Hindi..We take pride in our traditions and our is considerably spicy than most of the cuisines...We gave world the number 0 and there was a time when people from all over the world used to come here for education purposes...We were ruled by a lot of great dynasties in older times most prominent being the Mughals...Every dynasty every ruler left there own mark on our country...Taj Mahal one of the 7 wonders of world was built by Shahajahan from Mughal be frank Taj Mahal is simply majestic though pollution has made it look less brighter sigh still it looks beautiful..We were called "Golden Bird" once upon a time...this what maybe attracted the Britishers to our country soon their trade turned into colonization of India and we were enslaved by took a lot of time for revolution a lot of sacrifices were made and when we were finally free our country was divided in two India and Pakistan..Oh how horrifying stories I hear from older people escaping from one country to another there was a lot of blood took us time to stand up after that now we are in hands of corrupt politicians...
As a group we tend to be crazy...most of people are religious nut I don't really care about it..One of the most different thing in our country is parents have a abnormally huge amount of involvement in their kids life...and we don't go buy our own place usually after growing up...Indian families are usually big..spanning to generations all living together...I live with my parents and grandparents that should give you the idea...Arranged marriages are still in trend which is basically throwing two random people together in a room and asking them to live together as married couple (Not cool bro)... we are ignorant and we believe in all kinds of crap (Older people)...I personally believe couple of generations before ours were simply nuts...they are a misused our natural resources..they had all these crappy beliefs..they started sexual discrimination and female foeticide (killing the unborn girl child for those unaware of the term)...they weren't that open minded I guess which is a nice way of showing they were stupid.
Good thing is we are on our way to development and India is becoming a leading country slowly and steadily but still it is so that is and medication awareness is more that is even better...We have a lot of cool festivals of all religions that is nice...We have a lot of cheerful people...Our cricket team is one of the best at the moment in the world (We are world champions right now)...and there are other alot of beautiful things about India we all like our country in some ways and not like it some these are mine..

If you ever visit India things to do :
1. Eat as much as you can (eg. Gol Gappe, South Indian cuisine (Dosa,Idli,Smabhar,Uthapam,vada wtx),Punjabi cuisine(Chicken Tikka,Butter chicken,Chole Bhature etc), Pav Bhajji etc etc etc). literally eat as much as you can...try as many local cuisines as you me worth it :P
2. Try Indian sweets-Gulab Jamoon, Rasgula, Ras Malai,Jalebi,Kulfi,Kheer etc)
3. See Taj Mahal.
4, See local wildlife.
5. Attend an Indian wedding if you can
6. Visit Museums some are really cool maybe not really cool like they have in Paris but still.
7, Visit historical places and religious places rather than shopping malls...Rajasthan has quite a few stunning Mahals (forts) with really interesting history behind them..Delhi has Red Fort among many...Madhya Pradesh has a lot of historical temples...Punjab has Golden Temple (yes it is made in gold literally)...visit famous a temple maybe...see Himalayas...go to eastern states having tea gardens and all...
8. Watch some Bollywood movies kindly get opinion on which one to watch before watching.
9. Meet  me :P

Okay this was a very big post that I wouldn't even bother re reading it (I don't re read most of my post that is why there are so many mistakes I should really start posting with proper grammer and all but I am really very lazy :P)

So now to make it fun let's do a Q-A you ask me any question if you want to and I'll answer you as truthfully as I can :) (Please don't ask any real names)

Neal Kind

Monday, November 24, 2014

Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur

Hope you are all well :)
I will post next chapter next month...3 comics in this month I think that's more than enough :P
So now back to this post..
Past few months my college has been a playground for a cat family..1 mother and her 3 kittens :D
Now the kittens have grown a little and they are always roaming about in the college halls or in the ground...
We students we share our lunch with them which they are more than glad to eat..they love to eat chips though :P I love sharing my lunch with them (I'm crazy about animals) :D
I have only 1 complaint they won't let us pat and scratch them you might touch their fur if they aren't paying attention I've touched only twice for only a couple of seconds :O

In the meanwhile kindly suggest some new kind of post :P what would you like to read :P
Neal Kind

Friday, November 21, 2014

CHAPTER 8 : Truth or Dare

Hope you all are well.
Here it is 1st major chapter in my life..
All their replies are very much based upon how they usually did reply...

I remember her saying that as if it was wasn't easy.being there..
and this was pretty much in earlier part of 9th grade...which is why I picked up high school as a point from where I started making my comics...this moment here it influenced me a lot through out high school..from here on story gets real weird..will add humor to comics as usual but the story gets weird.

What is your worst dare ever?
Mine was flirting with a guy...Mrs.S gave it to me.. :P
Remember Mrs.S from last 2 chapters,the hot teacher?

Neal Kind

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Okay This Is Important

Hope you all are well and having a great week :)
I just wanted to tell thank you all for reading Daily Diaries and tell that next chapter i.e. CHAPTER 8 : Truth or Dare a major one do come back for me it is...will try to make it as good as possible but with all the coming practical exams in college it might take a couple of days :)
So will post random useless post until then :P
For previous Chapters CLICK HERE
So for now I'll just post some of non-Daily Diary work :)

How To Train Your Dragon 2

Batman Catwoman color

I'm a crazy batman fan I have every single batman issue since 1939

The Hulk (Puny God :P)

The Amazing Spider-man (I'm crazy spider-man fan as well)

Joker and Bat Family

Justice League

Random sketch I made for a friends Birthday Card

Random sketch from the same card

The Joker
PS- Yes I'm a crazy comic book fan (and I am not a nerd) :P

Neal Kind

Sunday, November 16, 2014

CHAPTER 7 : PS I Hate You

Hope you all are well :)
So Mrs.S was beautiful I was at the front with Apple..she was teaching I was watching her..Apple was studying and talking I don't know what in between..typical guy I know :P
You must've read the topic and thought Hate that's a strong word..but it's more of a cartoonish hate you know funny one..the one you say to someone you love just to make a funny point I don't know how else to explain :P
This is when something dreadful happened and everything was going to change...

So N and T Kind they were friends with Mrs.S as it turns out...She taught them as well..N was T's friend she was also school's sports captain...And from that day I was T Kind's brother for Mrs.S though because of that I got all the benefits in her class...still T shouldn't have meddled in our relationship :P XD
T and N were friends with Apple as well...T and Apple used to get together and talk about me I hated that..I never knew what they talked about..

Okay there was something very important in the speech of comic above guess?(I am not gonna tell what it is..I'll just tell whether you're right or wrong :P)(PS-ignore typos and grammatical mistakes :P)

SPOILER ALERT : Next Chapter is life changing do return for it in like days (I don't know how long would it take to make it :P)
As usual would love to hear back from you.

Neal Kind

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Chapter 6 : The Angel In My Classroom

So exams are over YAY! (Mini wave of celebration for me)...and in last 2 days well...I've been lying around relaxing..though I have practical exams next week but 1 exam at a time right? :P
In past 2 days while relaxing I started re-reading Harry Potter series I've been wanting to do that ever since I posted that Harry Potter post :D
I also completed Chapter 6 ^_^...
Here you go..

PS - Check out character tab for information on any character... Chapter 1and Chapter 2  are also helpful.

Left to Right : Sheena Scallop,Judy Mango,Young Mulberry,Saul Chickoo Neal Kind (me), N Sharma, Andy Melon

She taught us C/C++ I never liked it before she started teaching.She entered the class and yes I was on the first seat which I usually wasn't..Then she started teaching she didn't knew who I was, I was just another student but that was about to change (Next chapter :P)...Ever since that 1st class she knew who I was and well we were kind of friendly but she also had this strict side which she used when I would not listen it was awesome :P
She is still one of my favourite teacher at she looks stunning...So teaching and beauty two reasons to pay attention in her class needless to say I topped her class :D :P
One more fact about her - She introduced me to my favorite teacher at school :) (That comes later)
So..Thank you Mrs.S :D
You ever liked any of your teacher?? (I know you did :P)

Would love to hear back from you I am always open for suggestion :)

Neal Kind

Monday, November 10, 2014

This is not how I thought it'd be is Apple's birthday today...and I really don't know what to say...I just know I want to say something which I'm gonna regret tomorrow when I'm my usual self and probably will delete this post...
It's funny how two people who wouldn't stay without talking to each other end up just being people who only texts you on your birthdays...we have nothing to say to each other anymore...I play it cool so does she but I know myself and I miss her everyday...she was my best friend for 9 long years you can't just forget that much time and that many things...I miss how it felt to like someone that much...ever since her I haven't really liked anyone...or shared my personal life with anyone since her...regular readers here know more about me already than most of my friends do and I hang out all day with works just fine that way you know we have fun we laugh we do crazy stuff together...sometimes I wonder whether it's her I miss or just myself, the way I used to good it felt to love someone and having it reciprocated...I definitely don't like her anymore I find her rather irritating maybe because she isn't the person she was when we met maybe neither am I...Infact I want to scream at her for everything that happened...Ted Mosby (How I met your mother) said, "Eventually over time we all become our own doppelgangers" how true is that...I read somewhere..that when we loose a part of ourselves or our identity we have only two options 1. to loose it all completely and be all new self  2.Try to find the part you stuck with me...that is what I'm trying to do...just being myself again..because if I don't I'm afraid I'll turn into someone like my father I'd hate for that to happen..that's messed up but true...and you know what...this blog here...this has been a great help...It has been all I could hope for...I can say whatever I want to people over the internet I don't know and not worry about being judged...I never thought I'd have regular reader...yes I have some...and there are blogs I actually look forward to read posts from those are the one I usually comment on...but this here is what really makes me happy people actually reading my comics maybe a handful but knowing there's even a single person who is reading that's more than anything I could ask for...going back to that time remembering all what happened mentioning all your old friends it is really weird...remembering all the time you wasted on someone who doesn't even exist anymore....all the things that matters not..teenage drama and all...I wasted major part of my teenage running after Apple and then later half getting over it...but what now..when all is said and done??
I'm half sure what I've been talking about here....and even less sure what I want to achieve with this post but right now at this moment I know I want to write this...I just do.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Examination Hall

So does it happen to you..that you have no idea about what to write in exam??..This term exam might be the worst one I've had..why?because syllabus was too much...and time not so much...So at first I thought exams were a little late but they were sooner than that sucked..
It started with Applied Mathematics then Foundation of Computing System (A good way to say discrete maths) then it was Switching theory and then Circuit & Systems...

- Dear University people...We are in Computer Science depart. we don't need 3/4 subjects above -_- stop adding subjects from Electrical Engineering in our curriculum..-_-
- Dear Teacher in the examination hall..I shall be forever grateful to you if you'd let us help each other and not get in trouble
- Dear Teacher in the examination wasn't that guy/girl borrowing stuff from someone it was you who disturbed the whole class by shouting at him/her...
- Dear Teacher in the examination hall (Yes you again)..Kindly put your mobile phone on silent mode before you enter the room because you have funny ringtone which makes us loose focus and we forget what little we know because we are busy laughing like crazies.
- Dear Teacher in the examination hall (Yeah I'm sick of this too..calling you out like this :P)..kindly flirt with fellow teacher on your time...not in the examination hall
- Dear Teacher (this is getting ridiculous) kindly keep your views to yourself rather than shouting at top of your voice when we are writing our exam..
- Dear Fellow wouldn't hurt if you'd truthfully tell how much have you actually studied -_-
- Dear Canteen People..stop bringing food for teachers in examination hall..they aren't doing a very hard job...they just stay there and do their's the students who are doing all the hard work.
- Dear Question paper maker I know you aren't a sadist so kindly don't make question paper like one...I know you have a heart somewhere in there...
- Dear Teacher (Not you in examination hall :-P) the one who checks paper...What is wrong with you??If I don't write answer the same way as you've crammed from certain book doesn't mean my answer is just means I studied from a different book -_-

2 exams left...Data Structures and Computer Graphics..Only subjects I like this semester..:D :D
What are your favorite and most hated subject??

Neal Kind

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Homemade Potato Chips

So we all love to eat potato chips..right..who doesn' buy a bag of chips open it and before you know it is empty..:P :)
So yesterday...I tried to make some chips at home :D I saw how to do it on internet...:D :D
So all you need is potato and a microwave mostly...(I don't know name of all the utensils and all I just know how to use them :P :P)

How to :
1. Cut potato into slices like chips..I used a special cutter which cuts stuff into thin chips like shape.
2. Spread all the slices/chips on a plate/Microwavable paper (parchment paper?) don't use grill (I used it :P almost burned down the whole microwave and probably the kitchen :P :P)
3. apply a little oil (whichever you prefer) on both side and add flavour to,pepper,honey,garlic paste/powder,onion paste/powdered,chilli flakes, oragano, etc whatever you want to..I made 2 batches one simple salted and one salted with pepper.
4. put the paper in microwave (in my case grill).
5. Microwave it for 3-5 minutes as per required if you use microwave at high voltage it'll burn the chips and they won't taste good so don't try tasting it (personal experience :P :P)
6. try checking in how they are coming along every minute or two just to be sure they won't burn
7. If you use a grill..well the minute you start seeing sparks inside microwave switch it off and don't wait for the sparks to return again and see what is causing me :P
8. When they look crispy take them out and add any extra flavour if you want to else just eat them you deserve them after all the hard work :D
9. If they get burned don't give up try another batch.
10. If that also doesn't comes out right go to a market and buy a bag of chips and pretend you never tried making chips XD

My first batch was bad..:P :P most of them caught fire on grill :P :P...Second batch was alright I checked in on them every minute and flipped them so that they won't get extra baked from one side..So the final product was decent enough and it was so cool to make them at home with a more of those average batches I might even get a good tasting batch...

If you try and have any new tip to share please do I'd love to know about it because I've shared all of mine...
1. No grill use 2. Don't burn Kitchen down 3. Try to check up on them every minute or two 4. don't leave a part un-oiled?(Is that a word?) it'll get burned for sure 5. Try to use a microwavable paper (I think they're called parchment paper)

Neal Kind

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

That Rare Early Morning

Do you often sleep in and wake up late when you don't have anything to do in the morning like on Sundays?? Well one of the perks of being in college is that I can avoid college and skip classes or get classes canceled and sleep as late as I want to...but then one day you have one of those rare morning where you were supposed to be sleeping but you wake up early and then go out in fresh air...and those are the times when nature can really sneak up and surprises you...So this was that kind of morning it was a couple of weeks ago..alot of weeks ago..and this was the view from my balcony in different directions...

Neal Kind