Thursday, October 9, 2014

Weekend I need you :)

So it has been a very busy week for me and right now I am exhausted. I worked as a coordinator for a sports meet in our college and now I am working as the decorations team head for a party tomorrow in college..
So I haven't had the time to sketch CHAPTER 4 : Who says MEOW??I also wanted to make some changes in my blog with theme and others as well but I am kind of lost I know how but I don't know what I want ( I know that makes no sense ) I tried so many stuff but something is missing...I can't figure out what..Would love if you have any idea or suggestion :)
PS - forgot to mention 'My Corner' in last post.Check it at top on right side for more details :)
Hope you've been having a better week than me.Here are some of photographs from my terrace garden (Hope they make up for random blah blah above) :)

Brinjal or Eggplant plant ( Bengan in hindi)

Don't know what flower is this if you do please tell me as well

Pink roses (Rose is Gulab in hindi)

Tomatoes I grew (Hindi - Tamatar)

White roses

Jasminum ( Mogra in hindi)

Wild flower which turned out to be Sesame seed plant so next time don't uproot wild plants :)

Orange, Pink, yellow and white rose

Kind of a tulip

Again don't know


Ocimum Sanctum or holy basil (Hindi - tulsi)

Guava tree - this is awkward time for it as all dry leaves haven't fallen yet but new ones have started to come

No idea - all which I don't know where sent by a relative who owns a plant nursery


  1. Oh well.. you had a busy but meaningful week!:) You're blog looks pretty perfect to me at the moment, I currently don't have any suggestions for you...
    You plant vegetables in your garden!! Wow.. I would love to have a garden like that:)
    Beautiful pictures, wonderful post <3

    1. It does?I don't know but I feel there's something missing....
      It's really easy you know having your own garden all you need is some pots and dirt if you don't have a lot of spaces you can put pots under window where they can get enough sunlight...once you put the plant in pot with proper fertilizers all you need to do is water it right and dig a little once every couple of weeks to let the trapped air and water escape :) :)

      Neal Kind

  2. I love that little eggplant! I love this post and your blog is so cute! I followed your blog and it would mean the world if you would follow mine back!

  3. Love the pics of the flowers/plants! I have a suggestion but you don't have to take it.. Maybe opt for a white blog background? If you want to chat with me to discuss blogs topics, shoot me an email ( it would be really fun <3

    Cathy // HELLO, CATHY

    1. Hey!! I emailed you regarding white background..I think that might look cool..:)
      PS - You've got an amazing blog :)

      Neal Kind


So this is my comment know what to do :D :D