Monday, October 27, 2014

Turning an image into 3-D image

Hope you all are well :)
So to turn a basic image into 3-D you don't need to be familiar with a little photoshop...but I am assuming that you are.
If you are not you can always go online and lookup for tutorials,
Some sites that might help :

Moving on to the business of this post 3-D image...have you ever seen an image which you had to look through some special glasses which had red lens in one eye piece and blue in other?
Yeah that's the kind of image I am talking about.

Step 1 : Choose an image.
I'm a crazy batman fan :D :D

Step 2 : Open this image in Photoshop.
Step 3 : Now your image's base layer is locked double click it and then click 'ok' to unlock the layer.Now you can work with the layer as you want to.
Step 4 : Now right click the base layer or layer 0 and then click duplicate layer and then 'ok'.Repeat the step again so that in the end you have three similar layers with different names.
Step 5 :Now that you have 3 layers double click the layer in the middle.
See Advanced Blending? and then Channels in it? R,G,B?Good
Step 6 :Untick either R(red layer) or both G(green layer) and B(blue layer).I am unticking the G and B for this.
Step 7 :Now select the move button in the toolbar at the left hand side and then using either right or left arrow key on your keyboard and then move it 5px in that direction (1 click = 1px) you can choose px distance as your wish.
Topmost icon is for move tool
Step 8 :Once you are done with Step 6 and 7 repeat them with the topmost layer but choosing all the different optiion i.e. if you chose R in step 6 choose G and B in this step and if you used left key then use right key in this step.
PS-amount of layer moved using arrow keys should be same both the layers.
Step 9 :Now you have 3,
1.Bottom Layer - Image you open
2. Middle Layer - R or G and B layers shifted to either left or right
3. Top Layer - Opposite of Middle layer.

Step 10 : Now use crop tool (second last icon in the above image (Step 7) and select the whole canvas and click the right button in the top toolbar.It doesn't matter which layer is selected or if any layer is selected.

Step 11 : Go to File > Save/Save As and then go to format and select wither PNG or JPEG and then click Save/Save As.

And you get your new 3-D images. :) :)
PS - the images I've selected might not be the best ones to do this but these were the ones I could find first so choose an image wisely and not in a hurry like me :P :P
Finished work :

Phineas and Ferb :D

Batman and Catwoman

Ed,Edd and Eddy

Hope you like it and try it :) :)
If you do please do share your work would love to see it :D :D

Neal Kind.


  1. Haha, this is pretty cool!! I knew about this, but only with letters, didn't know if would work with characters too. Thanks for sharing! :D

    1. Thanks for reading!!:) :)
      Yeah you can do this with any image or text! :) :)

  2. That's sooo cool :O I didnt knew this at all! Will try soon ^-^


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