Monday, October 6, 2014

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

So,I have a new Chapter for you, CHAPTER 4 : Who says MEOW??
In Chapter 1 : You met my family, Chapter 2 : You met my friends , Chapter 3 : you met now that you've met everyone important to my we can move on to telling my story... :)
this new chapter may or may not involve a cat but the thing is I'm gonna be a little busy this week so it might take a little time for me to make it sorry about that.. :)
So until then I'm gonna blog about some of not so comic booky days..
Like yesterday for example..Which brings me back to the title An unexpected if you've read the book or seen the movie you know how Bilbo's plans for his journey at the last moment..(FYI-Hobbit is the first movie I liked more than the book).
So as you know couple of days ago it was dussehra and before that for 9 days it was navratri and today it's Eid so it was a very festive week here in India..and we had holidays for like 4-5 days very religious and cultural days. So day before yesterday my mom tells me that we were going on a trip to Vrindavan and Nandgaon.
These are two of the many places where Krishna lived one of the many mainstream in hindu religion (There are like millions of them..pff) so we made plans..We were supposed to wake up around 5 a.m. to get ready and leave...So we got up ,we got ready and we left...

View from my balcony at 5a.m.
 So my dad was driving with my mom in the next seat..while me and my sister were trying to stay awake in the back seat :)
Well we must have been driving for like an hour when my fathers mobile rang...Well one of our far off relative had passed away in the dead of night (may he rest in peace) and his funeral was arranged so we had to go all the way back home...My father left with my grandfather for the funeral...and my mother stuck to daily morning routine while me and sister went back to sleep.

Sunrise that day as seen from my terrace I took it before I slept
 I must have been sleeping for atleast 2 hours when suddenly my mother came and woke me up asked me to get ready all over again..It took a lot of time before I realized what was happening..As it happens our trip was replanned initially we were going with my mothers brothers and sister..but now we were going on our own since they had already left in the morning...Our location changed as well now were going only to Vrindavan and not Nandgaon. So we packed some stuff got ready and left again..This time to reach our destination.
So journey was rather eventful..again me and my sister in the back enjoying music and eating chips and drinking coke.Soon we started watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (It's the best show the best.You should see it if you haven't yet) I've seen it atleast 5 times the whole show but it never gets old :)
We saw like 10 episodes before we got there after 3 hour long drive..
One thing you need to know about Vrindavan is that until a couple of years ago it was a small village but now it has been developing and almost like a little town or a tourist can actually see a lot of foreigners there some are even wearing Indian attire. Since it used to be a village there are a lot of farms and animals all around alot..monkeys,cows,oxes,bulls,dogs,cats,goats,sheep,peacocks etc. and for people who love animals the place is like a wonderland :-P
Monkeys are the ones you need to look out for they punch you, scratch you and bite you and take your stuff away.Second thing is you never take their photograph unless you are sure that you can outrun them which you aren't because their are like a millions of monkeys all around you and monkey sees monkey do.So I didn't even try taking it's photograph but did of some other stuff like this building of no archeological importance it's just fancy.

So entered the town/village/tourist spot and what we found was cars all around was like a scene in some apocalyptic movie where people are just trying to escape the rush was of the people who were leaving after visiting the place they can't stay there since they don't have homes there and hotels and Inn's are all filled on Sundays.We were stuck in traffic and it took us like an hour for a 15 minute drive to my grandmother's place (My moms mom - My mother wanting to meet her was actually one of the reason we remade our plan-She moved there after my grandfather passed away 9-10 years ago and has been living alone there ever since my uncle(her son) visits with his family once twice every week to make sure she has everything thing she needs and is alright). We were so glad we made it to her place where rested for 1-2 hours...So the reason people go there is because there is a very big and famous temple .It closes around noon until 5:30p.m and during this time the whole town shuts down not a single shop is open.So we had nothing to do for 1-2 hours.After we woke up I went along with my sister to the market to buy some dresses for our home temple (Every Indian household has a temple of its own).  
This is ours

For lunch you can't find a single thing that is healthy or even less oily so you have to adjust yeah food is tasty but it'way too heavy.
This is Tiki - made by frying boiled potatoes and served with a gravy of chick pea's and some chutney's

These are Gol Gappe- Well if you ever visit India this is the stuff you need to eat :)
After eating and shopping we went to temple it was way too was like dominoes if one person would fall every single one behind him/her would also fall because it was that crowed and suffocating..and all the sweaty people it was horrible..just horrible...In all that rush and crowd my parents dragged me to two different temples barefoot (YUK!!) and after we were done we returned to grandma's place to collect our stuff and return home...The way back was even worse in terms of rush but I couldn't have cared less...I was siting very comfortably in an air conditioned car listening to music....The way back was not very eventful everyone was tired of the long walks in the rush...and after like 2 hours long drive we entered Delhi my hometown (Capital of India). That is when my sister spotted a balloon seller and we bought balloons (She's 23 incase you are wondering but you are never too old for balloons).
Me with the angry bird balloon :-P
So soon we got home where we had the take out dinner we picked up on our way home where my grandparents (Dad's parents) were waiting for us to return...
It was a very unplanned and unexpected journey but it was also fun..

Hope you enjoyed!
Neal Kind


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