Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Okay This is Not Happening

So my mid semester exams are coming up...and I am not prepared at all...I was just sitting around thinking that they're from Monday and every consecutive day from then but oh boy surprise surprise!!They are from Saturday!!
This semester I have : Applied Mathematics - III , Data Structures, Circuits & Systems, Computer Graphics, Foundation of Computing(Discrete Maths), Switching Theory.
So I have Applied Mathematics on Saturday I just opened a big book to study what it is all about...I really miss the good old maths days when all you had to do was integrate or differentiate it is all so weird.
I had planned to make the next chapter of my life in this time but now I'll have to study..sigh..the plans sometimes they just fall apart don't they??
Anyway until now you've met my family saw who I like who I don't...met my friends and know that I had a huge crush on my best friend and refused to act on it saying that it wasn't what she needed when it was me who was chapter takes place a little while after when we took care of a cat with babies:) :) and then next was about my how my life was at school :P :P
Read the actual comics here
But now because of these exams it'll be a while before I can make and post the new chapter..sigh..
Until then I don't know what to post about or do...So until then if you any suggestions for me or you want to ask me something please feel free to leave a comment would love to reply :D :D

Neal Kind


  1. I want to hear more about this girl xD

    1. I met her in 2nd grade she was this typical nerd looking girl big glasses and teeths..a pony tail...she came up to me, gave me a piece of paper and asked if I could draw her something from a book that was open on the desk :) :P
      She had a compulsion to make everyone happy around her and be sure that she didn't hurt no one...that annoyed a lot of people...I mean even her friends and sometimes even me I used to tell her it wasn't her job to make everything alright but she never listened to me...she wished I was a girl so I could go to the washroom with her (I said I had no problem going anyway :P :P)...
      Funny thing is we don't even talk now -_-

    2. Aww, that's a little sad actually...

  2. Sorry about your exams :( Loving your new banner, by the way~

    Vanshi || Upwardss

  3. Yeah so are rest of people in my college :P :P
    Thanks!!Glad you like it ^_^ ^_^

  4. I like the new blog cover- it's really nice.
    And as for the blog suggestion, could you make a sort of introductory post where you introduce all the characters in one go? Kind of like a reference if someone forgets about who was what and stuff.

  5. Hey Thanks!!!
    So you mean a post on a new page or just a simple post link to which I should post with all future comics??
    PS-That's a really good idea thank you very much for that :D :D

  6. What kind of terrifying math classes are you taking?! Weird math should be forbidden. I was already panicking when I had to differentiate (honestly, I panicked so badly once that I walked into a pole).
    Hope everything will turn out fine for you in the end

    1. hahaha..:P :P Differentiation is easy never really had much problem with it but I haven't really practised or attended much classes in college so I have no practice at all..
      We have Z-Transformations, Interpolation, Numeric Solution of Equations, Fourier Series, Difference equation etc...this semester :P


So this is my comment know what to do :D :D