Thursday, October 2, 2014

Okay this is amazing!!

I have over 1000 views , 3 followers (1 is myself so 2 but I'll count 3 :-P), 44 twitter followers, 19 facebook follower all in just around 2 months!!
About my Daily Diaries Comics:
One day I was just going through internet and I found people with comic book blogs and I thought why can't I do that and then forgot about it for a while. Then one day I was just doodling in my diary (Yes I sometimes keep a record of my life in a diary and I don't care if you find that girly or anything for a guy), it hit me I should make comics instead of writing. I might not be a very good writer and I don't even recheck what I write most of the time but one thing I can do is draw so one thing led to another and the idea of daily diary comics turned into something I couldn't put out of my mind. The name was the weirdest bit I just took this name because these comics are on my life so kinda like daily diary therefore DAILY DIARY COMICS (not really original I know :-P).
I hope that someone out there can relate and find these comics entertaining feel free to comment and follow me if you like my blog:)


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