Monday, October 20, 2014

Is it that time of year already??

Houses are  cleaned, old distant relatives call, gifts are exchanged and merriment is all around...yes this is Diwali week.
So for those who don't know Diwali - Hindu festival of lights, you remember my post about dussehra?? Well if you do then you know how that demon was killed and war was won...Diwali picks up event after is celebrated when Ram returns home after killing Ravana after living in the forrest in exile.It marks the moral victory of good over bad.
A typical Diwali week in my life is like this....
Days before Diwali whole house is scrubbed from roof to floor :P
This time our maid/housekeeper wasn't available so I got stuck with my mother cleaning the house.
Decorative lights are put outside house...and when it's dark and everyone switches their lights on that's something to look at..
The nearest weekend before diwali is reserved for visiting my fathers 2 sisters (1 cousin) with a lot of gifts like a lot, its tradition I don't get why it is  but that's the way it is...sometimes I also have to go when I am free and available.Then they visit you with a lot of doesn't make much sense..I have a deal with my sister that we aren't gonna do all this wierd lame ass gift exchanging but rather go and hangout somewhere cool..I like that.
Then comes meeting business clients and friends and again the gift exchanging....that one I get why :P
Then festival starts 2 days before Diwali night and carries on for 2 days after it's 5 day long..
DAY 1 :Dhanteras (Dhan is hindi for wealth)  normal day...some relative might swing by to exchange Diwali pleasantries. At night there's small ritual kind of thing where my grandpa lights a diya/lamp for the goddess of wealth.
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 DAY 2 : CHOTI DIWALI Day same as Day 1 but at night instead of 1 diya/lamp several are lit (Not sure how many) and firecrackers are lit. Though I haven't lit one in years because am a environment freak and try to do my bit for environment by not using all the pollution creating firecrackers...although I have to admit its alot of fun to burst those loud and smoaky paper covered stuff..
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DAY 3 : DIWALI This is day all the madness builds wake up in morning everyone in my house is already up and preparing for the nights pooja/ we have this big common lobby where there is a single bed firstly you have to change its direction (family have some kind of wierd thing that diwali pooja/ritual will take place at that place :P) and then put some sheets and carpets there for sitting.I help my sister to make a rangoli with color powder.A staging kind of thing is set for the pooja (I'll post the pic on diwali you'll understand then :P :P).Dinner that day has been same for years, the menu never changes. :P :P

Chole Puri and Halwa (Internet)

Rangoli - Internet
All day far off relatives, neighbours and friends call you or visit you to exchange Diwali pleasantry.When all is said and done people go off to light crackers with families and kids on roofs/terrace or road whichever is easily accessible to them. We went to our terrace when we used to light crackers...smoke is all you can see and smell and loud bursting noises is all around you.Sky is full of bursting rockets and sky crackers (sky shots).People drink their fill and gamble away (My uncle does it check out chpater 1 to know about him).And me..well you can find me with my sister watching some movie :P. 

And no it doesn't end here we still have 2 more days to go..

DAY 4 : Annakut (hindi for heaps of grains) - this is day which I kinda look forward to...because basically as name suggests a lot of food is made this day :P :P
Menu is so big you can't even imagine...and my mom cooks all that alone (Applause)..I help here and there but she prefers me being out of the kitchen because I make more mess than help (Acc. to her)..:P :P
Food that is prepared in morning is made in enough quantity that it lasts for the whole day breakfast, lunch and dinner.At dinner usually my fathers cousin sister's family join us...they visit to meet my grandparents.
DAY 5: Bhai dooj - this is my day :P :P
On this day sisters wish for health and wealth of their brothers and do tikka and then gifts are exchanged..well I have like 5-6 sisters (cousins included) and by the end of the day I have a lot of gifts :P.
After my sister does my tikka thingy we visit my mothers family where mom does the same for her brother and rest of the sister as well and all the cousins too (My mom has 4 sisters and 2 brothers - man that's a huge family).
then my fathers sister visits us and do the tikka thing...and then when the day is over you know it's over finally over..

5 days ,tons of celebration ,meeting/speaking to those rare relatives + friends , food ,decorations etc..
It seems fun but when its over all you wanna do is sleep and then sleep and then sleep again and then sleep some more because you are too tired of all the stuff from past 5 days.

This year will be pretty much the same..

for the Non-Indian or Non-Hindi folks some terms might be tough to say but I can't really help :P :P
would love to hear about your diwali :P

Neal Kind.


  1. It sounds like christmas, except not xD

  2. Diwali sounds fun because
    -gift exchange
    but it being five days long is... pretty long xD akhri din p dil bhar jata hoga xD

  3. My friend is also Hindu and she says Diwali is her favourite time of the year! I must admit, I'd love to experience the festival once! <3

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    1. Hey!Sure..just followed you :) :)
      Yeah it is for most HIndu''s like christmas only 5 day long :P

      Neal Kind

    2. Ahah well enjoy your Christmas! :P
      I'm now following you as well! :))

  4. Looks like Christmas :D! Perfect.. candle, gifts, food... Enjoy!


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