Friday, October 17, 2014

Dig a hole and bury it

So I got 3 Halloween stories which I need till Halloween to complete you can also tell me yours if you want to would be great if you do :) :)

Until then I'll just post some useless stuff like some other sketches or about gardening etc..

This time about gardening.

Dig a hole and bury it (plant not a body :P)
It was 2011 when I first got into gardening it all started with a couple of tomato seeds that came with a ketchup bottle we planted them in a pot and watered it for days until a sweet little sapling came was so weak you could blow it away with your mouth but it grew big and strong with time after a couple of weeks it was big and strong enough.
That tomato plant :)
It was so cool to grow a plant and then one day I saw a gardener walking away with a buttload of plants with and asked my mother if we could buy some and employ him (Which was a mistake -_- ) we called him up and bought ladyfinger, brinjal/eggplant, mint, roses ( red ,white), Ridge Gourd (tori in hindi), Curry Leaf tree (Karri Patta in hindi), some pots and dirt for the pots with fertilizers. What we didn't realized was that gardener was a crook he gave us dirt which was already infected with pests so that we'd have to call him again and buy more stuff to get rid of the pests.
Tomato plants

Bitter Gourd ( Again from the vegetable)

Papaya plants (like 100s of them grew from papaya seeds found in the fruit itself)

eggplant (got infected within 2-3 weeks :/)

Ladyfinger plant ( Got infected in a couple of days -_- )
Ridge Gourd

flower of an onion plant (easy to grow just plant an onion in dirt simply)
So this was my first set of plants they might have been ruined but before that Ridge Gourd blossomed a lot of flowers,actual small bitter gourd grew on bitter gourd plant, roses are still okay (YAY!), onion was uprooted :/ and so was mint plant will tell you in comics why :P, Curry Leaf Tree is also fine still it has grown tall and has started to produce seeds of its own..Curry Leaf tree's leafs can be used as an ingredient in cooking so that's good mom just go to roof to get some of it..even mint leafs when it was alright.

Curry Leaf tree seeds

Curry Leaf tree now :)
PS -Sorry about the bad quality of the photographs some of these are very old :P
PPS - I am crazy  about plants and animal I tend to keep talking until people stop me (usually my sister) :P

Hope you all are well,
Neal Kind.


  1. Wow gardening is a great hobby. The pictures are really nice- except they're a bit too small.
    Literally everybody is a crook nowadays >.>

    1. Yeah it is and only has upsides...:)
      Yeah I kept them small so that they don't pixelate in the post as quality is really bad :P
      Thanks for reading..:) :)


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