Friday, October 3, 2014

Did you know I have a special story just for tomorow??

Hi!!Did you know tomorrow is Indian festival of Dussehra?
If you didn't you probably don't know what it is..No need to google about it if you don't just keep reading..
In Indian mythology there was a lord Rama who with his wife(Seeta) and younger half brother(Laxman) went into exile for 14 years on request of his father because one of his step mother asked for it (Yeah one of his step mother..his father was married to 3 women at the same time).They went into a lot of different forests during that period and in one of those forests they encountered a demon (Raksashi) called Surpnakha (not sure if I spelled that write it's too god damn hard to spell) she gets attracted to Rama and tries to entice him into leaving Seeta when her attempts fail she shows her true demon form and tries to kill them all when Laxman(younger brother) stops her and cuts her nose off. She then runs away to her kingdom Lanka (Modern day Sri Lanka) ruled by demon(Raksash) king and her brother Ravan who is believed too be extremely powerful and was the most intelligent but arrogant man you would ever know. On hearing what happened he decided to pay a little visit to the trio to take revenge and leaves there with one of his trusted uncle.On reaching the destination the uncle of Ravan turns himself into the most beautiful deer you can imagine and then started roaming around Seeta's hut.Seeta fell in love with the deer on first sight and asked Rama to go capture that deer for her(Not the violent kind of capture ) Rama then asks Laxman to stand by the hut and not leave until he returned (They were being cautious after the previous encounter with demon).Soon after Rama leaves Laxman and Seeta hear a loud sound of Rama in pain far off in the forest, Seeta feared for the life of her husband and asks Laxman to go check up on him.After a lot of argument (He didn't wanted to defy his elder brother and leave Seeta) Laxman surrenders and agrees to go check up on Rama but on one condition that she wouldn't leave her hut and cross a magical boundary which he made (No one could step inside it from outside,Only way to step over it was from inside). After Laxman leaves Ravan appears and sees the magical line (Laxman Rekha) and decides to change his form into a sadhu (In those days you couldn't refuse a sadhu's request some people still do) he then calls Seeta asking for some food to eat as bhiksha and being sweet and naive Seeta went inside and brought some food for her. The moment Ravan saw Seeta he knew he wanted her and when she just slid the plate of food he told her that she had to come near him to give it to him.As soon as she came near him(The boundary) Ravan grabbed him and took her with her.In the meantime Laxman finds Rama next to dying uncle of Ravan, Rama shot him with an arrow.They realize that something is wrong and hurried back to the empty hut.Rama vows to find his wife back and with his brother sets on a journey that led to a lot of adventres.Soon they cross paths with a vulture who saw Ravan kidnapped Seeta and fought with him to free goddess Seeta and as a result of the battle was seriously injured and died as soon as he told Rama who took Seeta.Then Rama sets on journey to south towards Lanka(Ravan's Kingdom). On their way they met Hanuman who was a devotee of lord Rama and they help hanuman's friend (sugvira) to win his kingdom back and in return he gave Rama his army to march south along with him. Now with a huge formidable  monkey army and monkey god himself Hanuman (He is said to be immortal and the strongest being that ever lived on earth) Rama arrive at Southern coast of India. A huge sea stood between them and Lanka. To find the way Rama turned to gods (Lord Shiva) and prayed nonstop for days finally his prayers were answered.Shiva told them that they should make a bridge across the sea to cross it and they should make it using rocks.He also told him that the rocks would float on the water as long as they wrote Rama's name on each rock and they did.They all crossed the sea and then after inspecting the kingdom attacked Ravana's kingdom.The battle went on for days and on the final day Rama killed Ravana (In his ten head form) and marked the victory of good over bad.The day on which Ravana died is now called as "Vijayadashami" or"Dussehra".
Dussehra is the tenth day of Navratri(sanskrit for nine nights) which signifies different days of the battle and each of the nine days a different goddess (or as we call them devi) is worshiped. during these ten days(9 navrati + 1 dussehra) there are Ramleela's (play based on Rama's life) organised all over the world and on the eve of dussehra a huge Ravan model along with his brother Kumbhkaran and son Indrajit (both of whom played a vital role in the battle) is burned.
So in a nutshell this is dussehra you can open any links for full story and more details..story kinda nice to hear even for those who don't believe in god, frankly I am not much of a believer myself but when I was a little younger I was one of the believer and loved to hear all these stories from my mother and grandfather over and over again..
Therefore on the occasion of this festival I will try to complete and share my most memorable dussehra celebration (It isn't the most adventurous one I had but I like it because it was different than others).
I will try to make it and post it withing next two days..Hopefully I'll complete it in time :)
Happy Duessehra!


  1. Thank you for taking the time to share this wonderful story!
    This seems like a wonderful celebration, happy Dussehra to you too!
    Btw, I read your previous post, congratulations! Your blog is going so well and it's only been 2 months!
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

    1. Hey! you are welcome..I was just reading your post :-P
      It is very well written.. :)
      And thanks.
      Neal Kind :)


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