Sunday, October 19, 2014

CHAPTER 5 : The School Thing

This isn't a very sketch-able chapter so I'm gonna write (Fair warning - not a good writer :P).

So schooling system in India might be a little different from yours but I'm not sure..we just had to clear exam for every year to move to next year..high school, middle school are just terms most school have classes 1-12...
I attended 2 schools one from nursery school to 1st grade then second school from 2nd -12th grade.Would you believe if I say that the only reason for my school change was because my sister went to that school and my parents thought that would be better for me and easier for them...So every day since 2nd grade I had to wake up at 6 in the morning take a shower get ready and then wait for my school cab. I miss that was driven by a very old man everyone used to call him "uncle" he is a very nice man and tolerant as well..Oh the mess we made in that cab of his..shouting and howling.
My school was a bit different than most schools around is a christian school but students who attend it are of Muslim and Hindu religion and everyday every student say prayer "Our father " and sing carols ( Usually "Nearer my god to thee") and we celebrated every festival irrespective of its religion.Best part was that we used to get a month long holiday around Christmas when other schools only had holidays for like 5-10 days.We were not dived among groups on basis of our beliefs and religion but lived in harmony in school it was fantastic people should learn from that.
 Aside from the festivities and prayers rest of the schooling system wasn't very good...Every year was divided in 5 randomly and then each assigned class of their own where teachers used to come for teaching. For the kids who never went out of the classroom it was very tough they had no idea what was going on in other classes and didn't knew anyone from different class..fortunately I knew people from most of the classroom....In one batch I had a friend who used same cab as me and my sisters to go to school so I knew him and his friend,in one I had my and Apple's cousin (Kriti Kapoor and Jasmine Kiwi you saw them in comics before) so I knew them and their friends and similarly for other batch as well.
I was never the famous kid in my batch but people knew me teachers and student..some for my friendship with Apple, some for being Kriti and Harmony's brother and some for me being me.
Worst were teachers they knew me as "the brother" and expected the same from me as my sisters..they well were nerds..the ideal straight A students studying on scholarships for their outstanding grades and me I was this carefree boy.I never touched my book before I had to (i.e. day before the exam) but I always got through with A's or B's so I never cared but teachers around me and my family were always like "You are a smart kid you should try harder..blah blah" Learning what crap they taught in school was more important for my parents and teachers than my learning something worth while...all my interests were treated like a hobby when I wanted to learn more in those field but you can't do much when you are just a kid...and when you have a cousin in same year of same school (Kriti Kapoor) scoring straight A+ since she could hold a pencil and a sister who also was in same school parents tend to compare you with them...they (My father so not they "he")  made me hate Kriti for better part of my life because for them she was always this perfect kid they wanted to match my matter what I did was never good enough...My mother never compared me,she was always there for me but I know she wanted me to do better for myself.I don't know whether she was right or wrong whether learinng random useless names from history would benefit me..but now my schooling is over I can say I know what I'm supposed to....maths, physics, computer sciences, english etc...
But they don't care the teachers if you know what you're supposed to unless you know the crap they want you to know...You have to be disciplined or they'll punish sit with a girl and rumors start (You won't believe the kinds of rumors that flew about me and Apple ). I remember in 5th grade one teacher asked why we sat together and suddenly one boy said from behind "Mam they're girlfriend boyfriend" we were kids we didn't knew what to do she was red was I..she stood up and went to sit with some other girl..(Next day we sat together again :P).This kind of crap is more appreciated in my school than some nice extra curriculum activities..there were none..except some sports ( I suck at sports), Art class and library class were treated as free time (they shouldn't have),Computer class was for playing solitaire and talking no one cared (they should)..but when random crap was taught everyone was attentive (They shouldn't have)...I've bunked only a very few classes during my school but that's because it didn't mattered where I sat if didn't wanted to study in class I would not. I used to just leave my register open and not write a word and imagine all kinds of things from what if the swings came to life to what would happen if I got lost in school and couldn't find my way back.Teachers hated that and threaten me that they'll complain to my parents but on parents teachers meeting there would be A's and B's on my report card so they couldn't say anything and then they would see my sister standing next to me and go on and on how wonderful student she was...She is remembered fondly in that school and well I an not even remembered who cares about an average student right? But my sister and my cousin are. Every single kid in my family who resides in Delhi goes to the very same school but when you see us (passed out)  and the ones who are still studying there's a huge difference the fight between having fun+ learning useful stuff and learning crap has turned into looking nice+having a bf/gf and learning crap. You'd see little girls running around wearing make up (that's just scary) kids knowing stuff they shouldn't and abusing at the top of their voice like it's something to be proud of..teachers being so self involved that they don't care about anyone..
It's been only an year since I left school but so much has changed in it..
Most of my schoolmates miss school and remember it fondly but..
I wish,
I would have read more (Non school books etc)
I had taken my talents seriously rather than a hobby
Not hated Kriti (Now that we are not in same school anymore and are not compared I kinda like her..she is a cool person)
Done some stuff differently than I did

If you are still in school life all I have to say to you is that you should learn as much as you want to whether it is relevant to your schooling or not. Don't let anyone tell you that your talent is just your hobby.Don't let anyone's opinion consume you. Friends are important but never be friends with someone who doesn't value your friendship (Trust me after school no one will even speak to you unless they need a favor I have only a couple of friends I still talk to from school rest all went their way as soon as they could). Lastly enjoy being a kid and a teen you only get to be once after that you are an adult for rest of your life their will be time for all the things in college but if you miss your childhood and teen life you are never gonna get it again ( I wasted it and I really wish I would get a second chance but I know I won't ). If you get a little time read some of Ron Clark books on schooling and all they might help you dealing with school :)

Next Chapter will be again in comics because it won't be random like this one but it is important for my story trust me I know :P
ed, edd and eddy

Hope you all are having a great weekend,

Neal Kind


  1. Wow that's kind of tough. I've attended four different schools and each had their plus points and negative points. I started school from the third grade and was a year ahead of my age and I was in a private Islamic school in the States. Being physically smaller resulted in being bullied to some extent and having sensible parents who correctly decided against buying me branded things labelled me as an outcast. More than girlfriend/boyfriend, it used to be how flashy and expensive your things are. After that I came to Pakistan, things really brightened up scholastically. I felt that I actually fit in (or maybe, it was easier to blend in and not be noticed). I'm the smart sort of kid who gets As and stuff, but teachers never had anything to say about me. My brother didn't bring as good as a result, but the teachers love him and they always have something to say about him. I think, more than grades, it's your personality that leaves something behind. Maybe my personality wasn't as sharp as his, but I feel he got more out of school than I ever did.

    1. I don't remember that I was ever bullied...but in my school grade were all that mattered :P :P
      Teacher pointed at me and told each other that boy is her brother and doesn't study as hard she did there were very few who liked me ( Because they knew me for me :P)...well kids are like cats and crows they all like flashy things, flashy and expensive stuff was never a problem when I was kid now it's a miracle if I have even a pen in my bag :P :P

  2. Really great post Neal!
    I've been to so many schools over the past 15 years, mainly because my dad's job requires him to move countries every so often. Before Australia, I lived in Singapore... And my gosh, it was so academically competitive over there. People judged you according to how smart you were, how talented you were... Academic abilities were placed so much higher than hobbies and interests on the hierarchy.
    Thank you so much for your valuable advice:))

    1. Thanks..:)
      Just some personal experience that's all :) :)
      That must be so cool moving from school to school meeting new people...terrifying but cool :) :P

  3. I have to disagree. You write just fine! :D
    And that is so relatable ? Just not the comparing part.
    I miss school. I changed three school's. That changing of schools though taught me so much! Not just in terms of academics but my overall personality.
    But also unlike you mention sometimes you do find friends for life in school :') I found my bff in school.

    I like that sketch. :D
    Great work.

    Sakshi |

    1. Well different people different experiences different circumstances....I like that sketch too :P :P

    2. Haha! :D
      And yeah right. Different situations :)

  4. So glad I'm out of school! (Though I miss university)

    - Felicia
    ( )

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    Michaella from


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