Monday, October 13, 2014

CHAPTER 4 : Who Says MEOW???

So here it is another Chapter!
I'm pretty sure I'd have been equally excited had it been a pigeon instead of a cat.. :P
Why shouldn't I be....I mean animals...they're awesome..big fat thin skinny no matter how they look they're all amazing...They can't speak and that is why some people hurt them (Awful right?) .
Anyway here's a pair of kittens for you before you read the comic :) 
Snowey and Sandy

Comic :
PS- The little red and pink guys they're my subconscious (Like they showed in Tom and Jerry) :P :P


Page 1 (Pink haired girl - Apple)

Page 2

Page 3 (right to left 1. Harmony Kind {Sister} 2. Janine Kind {Cousin} 3. Sharene Kind {Cousin})

Page 4

You ever had a pet?? or took care of any wild animal like Catty??
This cat came years after this cat to give birth to two kittens to be frank she looks like Sandy....she was the same color as her.
If you new and don't know the characters...please read the previous chapters.. :) :)

This ain't Catty this is another wild cat her story comes much later
Hope you liked it,

Neal Kind


  1. I've been wanting a pet for ages! T_T

    Great post! I read through some of the other chapters, they're all pretty awesome :) Followed you!


  2. So have I T_T
    This was the closest I ever came to having a pet :P
    But it was fun :)
    Thanks!!Glad you read it :)
    Checking out your blog now!

  3. THIS IS SO SAD! :( I had two cats before, Makaiia and Simba (I still have SimbaBEAR :D), but Makaiia ran away one day and never came back. I keep wondering if she is having lots of adventures by herself or with other cats haha ^-^ My SimbaBear however is very much a house cat, he is lovely and he is a pirate with only one eye. YES, I WILL BECOME A CAT LADY WITH 150 CATS ONE DAY, problem? I loved this post it's so cute :) <3

    1. She just ran away!? :/
      I hope she is having adventures :) pirate,how cool is that! XD
      150 cats!? day I'm going to own a zoo! ^_^

  4. Aww this is really sad. The artwork amazing as always but I feel so bad for you to have lost Snowey and Sandy...Although the mask part did make me laugh! <3

    1. Yeah they just ran away D:
      Thank you :)


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