Friday, October 31, 2014

Side Characters makes a Story not the Lead

Hi! So recently it was suggested that I should make a post about all the characters in it so that it's easy for reader to remember them or new ones to just read up on them...I think it was brilliant!!(Thanks Catalina Blue)...So this post is for that purpose and if you go to the characters page you can find this same post over there as well for future reference! :) :)

Neal Kind : So that's me but you already know that..I like to read but between studies, college, TV Shows, Movies I don't get a lot of time to read...but what I love is to do creative things..unlike other boys I have very little interest in cars, bikes or sports...instead I like to go to historical places like old castles, museums etc or to places like Zoo...(I love animals and gardening). I'm a bit weird I know :P


B Kind : My mother..she is a typical housewife..when I was little she used to help me with my studies (She is the reason why I'm good at maths)..she likes to take care of everyone and a worrier she worries way to much. She is the one person I love no matter what.I don't share a lot with her (especially the bad stuff) because I don't want her to worry about me.She is an amazing cook :) :D

N Kind : My father...he is well a religious nut. He only has time for his family as per his convenience...moreover he doesn't appreciate anything my mother does for him he is basically a male form of his the years have progressed nothing has changed..he talks in a good way when he wants to and is rude when he wants to...I'm not sure I like him..

T Kind : My sister she is a lot like and also unlike me...she is 3 years older than I am...back in 2009 we weren't that close we were this typical teen brother sister pulling pranks, having secretes , arguing etc but she has always been there for me...she knew most of my friends back then (Apple and she were good friends) now with time we've grown close and now we're this typical grown up brother and sister who love each other and would do anything for each other..She is an amazing painter and is very creative..

J Kind : Older daughter of Tony Kind and Neelam Kind i.e. she's my kids she used to be my partner in crime we played together all the time and all kinds of stuff (with barbie and all :P :P).

S Kind : Younger daughter of Tony and Neelam Kind so my cousin...she is basically a jerk kid who is loved by all...I've never liked her because she is rude and has no regards for must have a cousin who everyone thinks is cute except the kids and you who know he/she is just mean she is like that..

Tony Kind :My uncle (father's brother)..we share a lot of similar interests he loves to cook, go out, eat and play games so do I...He has been there for all my good childhood long as I can remember I've had a blast with him :)

Neelam Kind : She thinks she is some super model hot and sexy...she has always been jealous of my mother (almost everyone in the family respects and love her more) and of my and my sister(you'll see why)...I neither liked her nor hated her..she was my aunt that was all there was to it..

Grandpa Kind : He is the reason behind the well being of our family....every one in the society respects him...I like him too...he also has a similar interest to me in food :P :P

Grandma Kind :
I don't know how to describe her...she loves me and all my cousins but she is well a bitch...I hate her you'll find out why in comics sooner or later (Sorry about the language)

Mona Gupta : My aunt (father's sister)..she is alright I have a great time when she visits and plus she brings presents :D :D

V Gupta : Mona Gupta's husband he is also alright....he is a nice man...:)

Kanchan Gupta :  Older daughter of V and Mona Gupta...I've hated her during my schooling but never let it show she scored way too much than me and my family (father) used give me all this lectures praising how good she is and schooling is finished she has changed alot and so have I...I like her now..even enjoy her company :)

P Gupta : Younger sister of Kanchan she is very much similar to S Kind but she isn't very rude or jerk about it...they get along great S and P...dynamics duo....she is lovable :)


Apple Aurora : She was my best friend I was her's..she used to be this tomboy nerdy chick who wanted to achieve something know anything specific please comment...I don't know what else to tell about her here..yeah she is the only girl I've liked...

Koyal Grape :
  She was also tight with Apple like her best friend we both were but Koyal and I never had any real interaction but she was alright...

Saul Chickoo : He was that friend who tells you that he is your best friend and then invades your private life and then when you need his help he is no where to be found...he is a sports freak and can dance really well..

Andy Melon : He is like Saul but he will have your back if you want him too...he is usually the source of all the mischief...he is alright..

Aaron Taco : Fist friend I made at the school..he was my best friend until 9th when his class was changed...I hated the fact he had to go to a different class..

Sheena Scallop : The nerd of our group...never talked alot...usually just stood there observing but she is a real cool person..

Judy Mango : She was like a sister to me at school she and Apple never really got along (you know how it is between girls)...she never spoke to me about that but Apple did..she is very artistic...she is alright..

Young Mulberry : He is that friend who is something on internet but something else in real life...he has basically friended every single girl in our school or in his college and pretends to be a player on internet -_-...I not a big fan of his fake personality...

Jasmine Kiwi : Umm...word I'd like to use is hipster...that's word that defines her the best...she is fun..she is Apple's cousin they're close...during majority of her schooling she didn't had any real friends so she used to hang out with us...she was cool :)

More characters will be added as you meet them :) :)

A long PS -
The likeness and no likeness of a character is based on me back in 2009 that's where my story starts when I began high school..
So for my family you might find some names a little different than comic 1those names just didn't feel right because they were picked randomly from internet so now I'm using their initals as their names or in some cases their nick names :)
for my friends also I'm also using the same initials thing...I've kept initial for every person same as in real life and then named them on some kind of food some cases used a normal 1st name to suit the name or just modified their real name a little :)
I hope none of them find this blog because a lot of them might not like but if they do the fact everything is true doesn't change :P :P

Hope you all are well!
Thank you,

Neal Kind

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Okay This is Not Happening

So my mid semester exams are coming up...and I am not prepared at all...I was just sitting around thinking that they're from Monday and every consecutive day from then but oh boy surprise surprise!!They are from Saturday!!
This semester I have : Applied Mathematics - III , Data Structures, Circuits & Systems, Computer Graphics, Foundation of Computing(Discrete Maths), Switching Theory.
So I have Applied Mathematics on Saturday I just opened a big book to study what it is all about...I really miss the good old maths days when all you had to do was integrate or differentiate it is all so weird.
I had planned to make the next chapter of my life in this time but now I'll have to study..sigh..the plans sometimes they just fall apart don't they??
Anyway until now you've met my family saw who I like who I don't...met my friends and know that I had a huge crush on my best friend and refused to act on it saying that it wasn't what she needed when it was me who was chapter takes place a little while after when we took care of a cat with babies:) :) and then next was about my how my life was at school :P :P
Read the actual comics here
But now because of these exams it'll be a while before I can make and post the new chapter..sigh..
Until then I don't know what to post about or do...So until then if you any suggestions for me or you want to ask me something please feel free to leave a comment would love to reply :D :D

Neal Kind

Monday, October 27, 2014

Turning an image into 3-D image

Hope you all are well :)
So to turn a basic image into 3-D you don't need to be familiar with a little photoshop...but I am assuming that you are.
If you are not you can always go online and lookup for tutorials,
Some sites that might help :

Moving on to the business of this post 3-D image...have you ever seen an image which you had to look through some special glasses which had red lens in one eye piece and blue in other?
Yeah that's the kind of image I am talking about.

Step 1 : Choose an image.
I'm a crazy batman fan :D :D

Step 2 : Open this image in Photoshop.
Step 3 : Now your image's base layer is locked double click it and then click 'ok' to unlock the layer.Now you can work with the layer as you want to.
Step 4 : Now right click the base layer or layer 0 and then click duplicate layer and then 'ok'.Repeat the step again so that in the end you have three similar layers with different names.
Step 5 :Now that you have 3 layers double click the layer in the middle.
See Advanced Blending? and then Channels in it? R,G,B?Good
Step 6 :Untick either R(red layer) or both G(green layer) and B(blue layer).I am unticking the G and B for this.
Step 7 :Now select the move button in the toolbar at the left hand side and then using either right or left arrow key on your keyboard and then move it 5px in that direction (1 click = 1px) you can choose px distance as your wish.
Topmost icon is for move tool
Step 8 :Once you are done with Step 6 and 7 repeat them with the topmost layer but choosing all the different optiion i.e. if you chose R in step 6 choose G and B in this step and if you used left key then use right key in this step.
PS-amount of layer moved using arrow keys should be same both the layers.
Step 9 :Now you have 3,
1.Bottom Layer - Image you open
2. Middle Layer - R or G and B layers shifted to either left or right
3. Top Layer - Opposite of Middle layer.

Step 10 : Now use crop tool (second last icon in the above image (Step 7) and select the whole canvas and click the right button in the top toolbar.It doesn't matter which layer is selected or if any layer is selected.

Step 11 : Go to File > Save/Save As and then go to format and select wither PNG or JPEG and then click Save/Save As.

And you get your new 3-D images. :) :)
PS - the images I've selected might not be the best ones to do this but these were the ones I could find first so choose an image wisely and not in a hurry like me :P :P
Finished work :

Phineas and Ferb :D

Batman and Catwoman

Ed,Edd and Eddy

Hope you like it and try it :) :)
If you do please do share your work would love to see it :D :D

Neal Kind.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tale of Catalina Blue

So this is the second story..Catalina Blue's story she blogs at The Emo Wolverine Writes .
Okay I know what I did with this story is very silly and wierd but the minute I read that comment I knew what I had to do..and all I could think about was "Tim Burton" I made this in his style...
This is my best work so far...I hope you like it too...

PS- check out Felicia's story as well if you haven't, her story is really fun :) :)
Happy Halloween to one's who celebrate it..

Neal Kind.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Diwali 2k14

So it was Diwali yesterday..and today it's day 4 : day when a lot of food is made :P :P
I just woke up a little while ago had breakfast and now I am blogging..then I think I'll study or atleast pretend to :P
So last three days they were not as eventful as they usually are...day1 I just stayed at home minding my own 2  I went to college (which was almost empty except for me and my friends and a couple of 1st years we hung out in the canteen, it was fun) later in the evening my aunt visited us and then yesterday Day3 the big day the house was decorated and I had to go to my fathers business office gladly I took my book with me to read (da Vinci Code - a must read!no spoilers if you've read it please!) so I read it all evening in the office while my father met a couple of business friends. Later after all the diwali stuff me and sister just sat on terrace watching fireworks and wondering how ignorant people really are that they don't care about pollution..
Anyways here are some of Diwali photographs (A lot of diyas/lamps) :

PS - Avengers Age of Ultron's trailer is out...!!! YAY!!

Neal Kind.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Silly Girl's Thought's Story

Okay I know Halloween is like 8-9 days away and I should post these then but I just can't wait any longer...I had 3 stories..I made 2..(1 person never replied when I asked if she would mind if I made a comic).So 1 is ready and I have started working on the other one...
This one is of Felicia she blogs at A Silly Girls Thoughts (One of my favorite blogs, once you start reading you are hooked).To read her story in her words read the comments here.

the friends are based on the addam's family (Seen that ever?That was one cool cartoon) while the lead is based on disney kind of female..
PS - One of the most hilarious story I've heard until now :P :P
PPS - Sorry if this doesn't do justice to the story :)

Hope you like it.. :) :)
Next time Catalina Blue's story :) :)

Thanks for reading,
Neal Kind