Friday, September 26, 2014

First Love

Chapter 3:First day at High School,First Crush.
You see movies and you expect that when you fall in love world will start moving in slow motion,there would be a gentle breeze which will gently blow her hairs she'll see you across the room and her eyes would sparkle and cheeks would be flushing red and then she'll also fall for you.That is when a violin band appears out of nowhere playing a beautifull melody and there is happily ever after.
In real world it's not so disney but it is beautifull feeling.You can't stop thinking about her,She is your first thought in the morning and last one at night.You do anything to make her happy and just be there for her in whatever way she wants.Finding anything wrong in her is next to impossible and there is always a that wierd feeling in your stomach which makes you feel wierd and good at the same time.
I just think that is something everyone should feel atleast once in his/her lifetime.

Chapter 3 coming soon...


  1. It's nice to know boys feel the same haha

    1. My spellings are so bad in this one >.<
      I can't believe I misspelled beautiful >.<"


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